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Mendocino County Today: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

* * *

TOM WODETZSKI alerts us that the Anderson Valley Land Trust is leading a geologist’s hike through the Floodgate landslide area “to learn about the geology of our watershed, and view photos of the Floodgate slide then and now. This hike will be on July 10th. (Call 895-3150 to RSVP.) I canoed down the Navarro River soon thereafter (spring of 1995 or more likely 1996) and wrote up a report of what I saw, and you ran it on your front page, I believe. I’d like to send an electronic copy of that article to the AVLT and the hike guide. Can you email me that article? And any other you wrote about that slide? If so, that would be greatly appreciated."

UNFORTUNATELY, our electronic archive didn't begin until '96. Eventually we hope to scan in all the issues prior but that's a project we can't afford at this time.

I REMEMBER that slide. I walked in via Floodgate creek off Gschwend Road to have a look for myself. 'Massive" doesn't begin to describe it. It was was so big it blocked the flow of the Rancheria for some time, creating a virtual lake behind it. The whole hillside had come down.

MONTE HULBERT was living on the creek in his ingeniously converted redwood stump at the time. Monte was (and is) a committed and true steward of the land. The access property when he lived there was beautiful and perfectly maintained. When George Gowan succeeded Monte the property was quickly converted to a kind of combination tweaker compound and Museum of Post-Industrial Detritus, since condemned by the County.

* * *

I THINK Steph Curry is the most exciting athlete I've ever seen and the Warriors, when they're playing as a unit, by far the best basketball team I'm ever seen. I also think Draymond ought to get some suspension time. He obviously kicked Adams in the nuts Monday night. Basketball, given the contact the pro refs allow, could devolve into hockey if dangerously flagrant fouls are tolerated. Like everyone else, I love Draymond and the passion he brings to the game, but he went over the line Monday night.

* * *

LAW ENFORCEMENT is looking for a missing man who apparently disappeared under suspicious circumstances near the Covelo area earlier this week.


Timothy Sweeting was last seen Tuesday, and on Thursday, his 1999 white Chevrolet Tahoe was found abandoned at milemarker 32 off Highway 162 near Round Valley, according to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

Sweeting, from New Hampshire, has reportedly been living in Covelo for at least a month. He has also resided in Lake Tahoe in the past.

Anyone with further information on the disappearance of Sweeting, or who saw his vehicle between Tuesday and Thursday, is urged to contact MCSO Detective Luis Espinoza via the tip line at 707-234-2100.

OBJECTIVELY, the entire area east and north of Willits all the way to Eureka is a kind of landlocked Bermuda Triangle where whole neighborhoods of people have been known to vanish. If this kid turns up alive he will have beaten the odds.

* * *

A FEW WORDS in praise of Sue Marcott, who would be and is the estimable and multi-talented Sue Marcott of Yorkville whose father you old timers will remember as the unforgettably vivid Leo Marcott, also of Yorkville, who for years regaled customers of his tiny Yorkville restaurant with much impromptu merriment along with the best tacos ever. So, ever since the revival two years ago of the Yorkville Market by Lisa Walsh, I've been enjoying the Market's oatmeal cookies as dessert for all the other delicious foods on sale there in the most pleasant mercantile circumstances found anywhere in Mendocino County. I'd heard that the modest Ms. Marcott was a talented musician, talented to where she was able to make her way playing professionally before returning to her Yorkville roots. I hadn't known the perfect oatmeal cookies offered at the Market were Sue's creation and, more intriguingly, that Sue had gotten the recipe from Gloria Ross's home economics class at Anderson Valley High School. Will the circle be unbroken! If you haven't stopped in at the Yorkville Market you really should. It's a wonderful place which, all by itself, has put the Y back in Yorkville.

* * *

AND YOU CAN see and taste for yourselves at Taste of Yorkville this very Sunday as Yorkville celebrates local, sustainable, delicious this Memorial Day Sunday! On Sunday, May 29, from Noon to 5 PM, wineries, artists, chefs, craftsfolk, farmers and other community members will offer “tastes” of their labors at the first annual Taste of Yorkville event. Held at the Yorkville Market in bucolic downtown Yorkville, locals and visitors will have a chance to sample, enjoy and purchase the bounty of local purveyors. The event, which is free to the public, is intended to showcase all that is wonderful about Yorkville — wine, food, lodging, art, culture, natural beauty, and diversity. Our community boasts wineries, vineyards, farms and gardens supporting sustainable agriculture and organic growing practices. Info at 707-894-9456

* * *

AT LAST an honor for a truly deserving people. "Plaque honoring Judy Pruden to be dedicated on Thursday, May 26th" 

JudyPrudenRegarded as a major pain in the labonza while she was alive, Ms. Pruden, often alone, fought all her days to make Ukiah look good. Could it look worse? Yes, lots, but thanks to Judy it doesn't.

THE WORD "VISIONARY" always gets a groan out of me, as it probably would have from the late Ms. P. In the presser announcing her plaque, Ms. P is referred to as "local visionary Judy Pruden." Like it takes a mystic to imagine State Street as something other than the four straight miles of greasy-air squalor it is today?

* * *

THE FOLLOWING is what passes for progress toward "affordable housing" in Mendocino County:

"Matters from staff: Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Fund Balance and Potential Uses."

Chief Planner Andrew Gustavson: "There is more money in the fund than I thought. A couple of years ago it was about $34,000. Now we have $65,926.37, so it's been growing, it's a good trend. At some point we will be coming back with modifications to the existing inclusionary housing ordinance, but at this point it is not yet scheduled to come before you, but we do have to address some minor changes to make it consistent with state law."

Commission Chair Madelyn 'The Inevitable' Holtkamp: "I would love you to share what you told me yesterday about there actually will be some affordable housing."

O HELL YES. We'll be able to squeeze, ah, Madeline? Madeline? How many units of low cost housing can we get for $66 thou?"

MADELYN: How the ippty dippty hell would I know? I didn't really say that, but this paper always misquotes me. What I said was, I'm happy to be here with the rest of you thumbsuckers eating jelly donuts and pretending like affordable housing will ever be built anywhere in Mendocino County ever again.

"Yes, we have one project that will be coming before you. RCHDC [Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation] is acting on a proposed senior housing project on the south side of Brush Street, adjacent to the Brush Street Triangle and blah, blah, blah.

ED NOTE: The so-called Brush Street Triangle is owned by a development group lead by the late Ukiah uber-realtor Jack Cox. Mr. Cox’s daughter, Kerri Vau, along with former Ukiah Area Supervisor John Mayfield were constant presences at Ukiah Valley Area Plan meetings. The Cox family and Mayfield, along with one of the Thomas brothers (former pear growers in Ukiah Valley), control the Brush Street Triangle, now slightly less triangular since Cox sold the piece of it mentioned above to the Rural Communities Housing Development Commission based, naturally, in Ukiah. The Cox realty group has made it clear that they’d be happy to sell some of their land in the Brush Street Triangle to any government agency that’s interested because the government pays full market prices. (These people are otherwise opposed to government but come running wherever they can get government money.) The Cox combine stands to make a nice buck off of any "affordable" project in that area and is active behind the scenes trying to get something moving.

* * *



On 5-22-2016, at about 1140 a.m., MCSO Deputies were dispatched to the area of the 81000 block of Highway 271 in Piercy regarding the illegal discharge of a firearm. Upon arrival Deputies were advised by the adult female victim that she was inside her house preparing a meal with a 14 year old female when she heard a gunshot outside her home. When she looked outside she saw S-Bradley Nystrom, 46, of Piercy, standing in front of her house with a shotgun. S-Bradley Nystrom then took a wheelbarrow belonging to the victim, discharged the weapon again and walked to his residence. MCSO Deputies, with assistance from the California Highway Patrol, contacted S-Bradley Nystrom in front of his residence and arrested him without incident. S-Bradley Nystrom was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant, armed robbery, possession of a loaded firearm in a public place and the discharge of a shotgun within 500 yards of an occupied dwelling. He was transported to the Mendocino County jail where he is being held on $75,000 bail.

* * *



Regarding my recent letter recanting my earlier position on Measure V:

I am contacting you this morning to correct information inserted at the bottom of my original email and recant.

I am not a Mendocino County registered voter. My primary residence is in Granite Bay, CA. I own property in Mendocino County (Potter Valley). I own property in Humboldt County (Samoa). My startup company is Simpson Tanoak Products. The company will be located. in Samoa, CA. The company is not expected to be in production until October 2016.

— Bob Simpson

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, May 20-23 (batch 1), 2016

Bodjack, Bourdeaux, Castillo
Bodjack, Bourdeaux, Castillo

KEITH BODJACK, Ukiah. Drunk in public.

JESSE BOURDEAUX, Dos Rios. Gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI causing injury or death.

JOEL CASTILLO, Ukiah. DUI with priors.

Ceja, Cloud, Courtright
Ceja, Cloud, Courtright

RAUL CEJA, Redwood Valley. Drunk in public.


MICHAEL COURTRIGHT*, Portland/Ukiah. Paraphernalia.

Couthren, Criss, Dalzin, Diaz
Couthren, Criss, Dalzin, Diaz

STEVE COUTHREN, Ukiah. Parole violation.

TRAVIS CRISS, Upper Lake. DUI with priors.

CHRISTOPHOR DALZIN, Piercy. Disturbing the Peace.

ALEJANDRO DIAZ, Ukiah. Domestic battery.

Dishman, Green, Kaplan
Dishman, Green, Kaplan

LEWIS DISHMAN, Ukiah. Resisting.

STEVEN GREEN, Ukiah. Suspended license.

TIFFANY KAPLAN, Calpella. DUI, resisting, probation revocation.

Klee, Lopez-Ceja, Lykes
Klee, Lopez-Ceja, Lykes

BRODEREK KLEE, Fort Bragg. Burglary, vehicle theft, petty theft.

MIGUEL LOPEZ-CEJA, Ukiah. Drunk in public.

SEAN LYKES, Fort Bragg. Probation revocation.

Malugani, Matthias, McOsker
Malugani, Matthias, McOsker

JUSTIN MALUGANI, Ukiah. Second degree robbery, resisting.

WANA MATTHIAS, Ukiah. Failure to appear, probation revocation.

JEREMIAH MCOSKER, Ukiah. County parole violation. (Frequent flyer.)

Miles, Morris, Nystrom, Oliver
Miles, Morris, Nystrom, Oliver

JAMES MILES, Ukiah. Mandatory Supervision sentencing.

DENA MORRIS, Redwood Valley. Probation revocation. (Frequent flyer.)

BRADLEY NYSTROM, Garberville. First degree robbery, felon with loaded firearm, suspended license.

JUSTIN OLIVER, Willits. Pot possession for sale, sales.


* * *


by James Kunstler

I hope you’re enjoying these horse latitudes of the political year, when the seas suddenly turn glassy and the Berning sun begins to roast all the diverse and inclusive hands on Hillary’s deck, who wait in anxiety for the first sign of a fresh breeze to push them toward landfall. Meanwhile, full fathom five below the dead calm waters the leviathan Trump waits in his comfortable darkness, circling forward, circling back, solitary, malevolent, content in his bulking grievances, patiently awaiting his moment to rise and smash his rival.

RevenantThings go eerily quiet and still before the California primaries. At this stage, the two major parties have discredited themselves so thoroughly that a necrotic stink wafts around the election of ’16. Who put that road-kill possum in Hillary’s podium? Why does Donald look every week more and more like a lurching Golem? The parties are rudderless. Their leaders range the decks like wailing revenants.

It’s as if the mortal remains of Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan have come from the grave to eat the brains of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Reince Priebus. The rectified essence of every zombie fantasy churned out of Hollywood seeps through the capillaries of the dying political establishment, as it stews and ferments and waits to be loaded on the garbage barge of history.

Hillary threw a “hail Mary” after the Oregon debacle, proposing that husband Bill would become some kind of economic czar in her inevitable “turn” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s when you knew her crusade was doomed. It raised such a snickering in the media that the sick tropes of HBO’s Veep show looked like press releases from Proctor & Gamble’s PR office in comparison. Bill did such a great job at repealing the Glass-Steagall Act, maybe this dynamic duo of lawyers (“two for the price of one!”) can work on eliminating the anti-trust laws, the First Amendment, and the writ of habeas corpus — and then America can become a fullblown banana republic.

AhabTrump has evidently been working on that smile of his: the slitty eyes, the weird horizontal lip stretch under that baleen of head-gear, the perfect expression of his white whale-hood. The crew from the ghostly GOP Pequod still doesn’t know what the heck to do about him. They rock above the depths in their flimsy dinghies, harpoons drooping, waiting for the sea to boil below them and their boats to splinter.

That will precede a more general splintering to come of the republic, first by demographics, then by territory. The most exceptional thing about the US has been the rapidity of its rise and now fall in the roll-call of empires. We barely had time to put together a coherent culture that historians of the future (enjoying ratatouille with fresh rat by firelight) could identify, and now it’s all percolating into a dreadful maelstrom in which one catches glimpses of the Kardashians, PT Barnum, Betsy Ross, Davey Crockett, and Eleanor Roosevelt amid the detritus of broken Tupperware and flapping pages of the Affordable Care Act. What a goddamned mess we’ve left to posterity.

Something is in the air that tells me Hillary will be dumped by the convention in Philadelphia in favor of Uncle Joe Biden, bidin’ his time practically next door in Wilmington. Speaking of turns, isn’t it Delaware’s turn for a president? He’ll be a respectable place-holder, and he might even get elected, though the party will dissolve before he’s done, just in time for Texas to secede from the Union and set the tone for California, Oregon, and Washington State. Before you know it, the political map will look like 1861 again.

Donald Trump will be forgotten before Thanksgiving. He will leave a bizarre mental imprint on the life of the nation-that-was, something like a bad acid trip. And then the people of North America may actually have to start grappling with the problems induced by a failed banking system, population overshoot, climate instability, and the lost boundaries of social behavior.

(Support Kunstler’s writing by visiting his Patreon Page:

* * *


* * *


by John Stauber

From the very beginning of his campaign Senator Bernie Sanders intended to support Hillary Clinton, or whoever besides himself might be the Democrats’ nominee for president. I doubt he gave himself more than the tiniest chance, so the idea he would ignite a massive movement and go toe-to-toe with Hillary up to the convention would have been a pipe dream. He signaled his low expectations in the very first debate when he ridiculed concerns about her privatization abuse of government communications and emails with his “no one gives a damn” laugh line. Now the laugh is on him and his most fervent supporters. It’s a sad and recurring phenomena of the progressive grassroots that people did not see clearly at the start what Bernie was and is: a loyal Democrat committed to never being Nader-ized, hated for taking votes away from the Democratic nominee.

Polls show that the vast majority of the millions of Feel The Bern supporters are ready today to support Hillary or anyone else in a MoveOn-directed crusade against the Great Satan, Donald Trump. That leaves sitting on the dock the #BernieOrBust movement, about to see their former hero and leader become a lapdog and cheerleader for the Wall Street militarist he has fought, a candidate so vile and pro-establishment that she has won the support of the Koch Brothers, the Neocons, the mainstream media and many of the richest GOP families.

The Bernie or Busters want to see him run as an independent or throw in with the Greens and Jill Stein. That absolutely ain’t gonna happen, so the dynamic of General Washington morphing into Benedict Arnold will be an interesting one to observe as the Democrats slouch toward Philly. The Sanders campaign has been splintering for weeks, Buzzfeed reports, struggling with the transition from revolutionary leaders to cheerleaders for Hillary. This is a sad and delicate dance that Bernie is performing, and it will have an ugly ending. Think Jesus in the Garden before the crucifixion and resurrection to emerge as the Savior against Trump.

Imagine for a moment what might have been. In fact, don’t imagine, just read what I think is the most important analysis so far in this whole Feel The Bern phenomena. It makes clear that if Bernie had had the vision and gonads to step outside the Democratic Party, he could have done something that no one else achieved in his lifetime: jumpstart a legitimate and important mainstream party of the Left in the United States. Here is the article, read it yourself, from The Hill a month ago by Tim Farley and titled Bernie Sanders Is The Third Party Candidate You’ve Been Waiting For.

This is what Bernie might have achieved, something truly important and historic, were he not Bernie, a progressive totally committed to working within the Democratic Party. He is now trying to straddle the dock and the boat, staying in some way true to the movement he ignited, while sailing away with Hillary. It is simply too bad that so many Feel The Bern supporters were so naive at the beginning of this race that they even thought he would refuse to support Hillary.

If there is a pot of gold in this growing pile of poop, it is that maybe the next Bernie won’t be a bait-and-switch job for the Democrats, busted from the beginning. Or if she or he is, maybe the progressive and left followers will learn to see through it and demand better, empowering themselves, and not allowing their movement to be sold out to the candidate of the Kochs, Neocons and Bushes.

(John Stauber is an independent writer, activist and author. His books include Toxic Sludge Is Good for YouMad Cow USA and Weapons of Mass Deception. In 1993 he founded the Center for Media and Democracy to exposed corporate, political and media propaganda campaigns. He retired from the Center in 2008.

* * *


* * *

RE NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE filed with the California AG re KZYX:

Correction, Update:

Section 5812 of the Corporations Code applies to the Articles of Incorporation, not the Bylaws. The controlling statute is Section 5250, which prohibits the Board of Directors from amending the Bylaws to reduce the voting power of the Members.

The Board has asked for three weeks to try to resolve this matter. All legal action is suspended till after June 10.

Dennis O’Brien, Ukiah

* * *


* * *


In all honesty, I don’t think we can say anything for certain about this farce of an election. I do, however, think that Trump could win, especially if the Democratic Party clings with a white-knuckle death-grip to Hillary to the bitter end. And I could see that happening. In the past thirty or so years, the Dems have been a lot more interested in being a compliant junior-partner than they have been in actually winning. And the more obvious this becomes, the more flat-out delusional and co-dependent those clinging to the corpse of the “Hope and Change” cult become. But what I think will really sink the Democratic Party is the very millstone that has been hanging around their collective neck since the 2010 midterms: the “Unaffordable And We Don’t Care” Act, AKA Obamacare. And that’s not because it’s “socialism”, which it isn’t. It’s because it’s another salary-class crony-capitalist scam and corporate welfare which is imposing yet another intolerable burden on the working class. I could see Trump winning on his promise to repeal the ACA with a Republican congress, and that alone!

* * *


* * *



The Superior Court of Mendocino County and the County of Mendocino are pleased to announce that Pamela Markham has been appointed as the next Chief Probation Officer (CPO) for Mendocino County. Ms. Markham will succeed Buck Ganter, who will be retiring in July after serving as CPO since May 2013. She will assume her new duties on July 5th.

Carmel J. Angelo, Mendocino County CEO, stated, "We are very excited to have Ms. Markham joining our executive leadership team as the County's Chief Probation Officer. Her experience and leadership skills will be an asset to the County and will bring a new energy to the Probation Department."

Pamela has a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from Sacramento State University, and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Justice Management from the University of Nevada in Reno. Since February 2014, she has served as Probation Program Manager for the Nevada County Probation Department. Previously, Pamela served as a Deputy Probation Officer and as a Supervising Deputy Probation Officer in Nevada County. She has also served as Adjunct Faculty in Administration of Justice at Yuba Community College. In 2014 she received the Trainer of the Year Award from the Chief Probation Officers of California.

She currently lives in Lakeport with her husband, attorney David Markham, and her four daughters.

Juvenile Court Judge David Riemenschneider, Chair of the CPO Search Committee, stated, “We recognize this is a very important appointment and position to fill for Mendocino County; and after a thorough search process involving many people, I concluded that Pamela Markham is the right person for this job. We are fortunate to have hired someone with her experience and qualifications, and we look forward to many years with her as our Chief Probation Officer.”

Pamela Markham stated, “I am honored to be chosen as the next Chief Probation Officer; and I am excited to work with the Court, the Board of Supervisors, community justice partners and community based organizations in Mendocino County, as well as the staff members at the Probation Department. I look forward to filling Chief Ganter’s shoes and continuing to implement evidence based practices to promote public safety by reducing recidivism.”

For more information contact:

Judge David Riemenschneider, Superior Court of California, County of Mendocino, 100 N. State Street, Ukiah, CA 95482, (707) 463-4662

Heidi Dunham, Human Resources Director, County of Mendocino. 501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA 95482, (707) 234-6600

* * *

POINTS OF DEPARTURE: Gallery Route One’s Annual Artist Members Exhibition June 24 - July 31

Point Reyes Station, CA – Points of Departure: Gallery Route One’s Annual Artist Members Exhibition

June 24 - July 31 Reception: Sunday, June 26, 3-5 PM Salon: Sunday, July 31, 4-5 PM, An informal discussion with the exhibiting artists.

GRO ARTISTS Mimi Abers, Johanna Baruch, Marna G. Clarke, Mary Mountcastle Eubank, Kellie Flint, Tim Graveson, Madeline Nieto Hope, Steven Hurwitz, Geraldine LiaBraaten, Linda MacDonald, Diana Marto, t.c. moore, Zea Morvitz, Dorothy Nissen, Dennis M. Peterson, Andrew Romanoff, Igor Sazevich, Marj Burgstahler Stone, Will Thoms, Vickisa, and Betty Woolfolk.

GRO is proud to announce its Annual Artist Members Exhibition featuring artwork by the organization’s 21 Artist Members. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and mixed media work.

Points of Departure emphasizes the variety of art that results from each artist's unique point of view, concept or idea. Visit the gallery and discover for yourself the many courses of action 21 artists have taken, transforming man-made, natural and recycled materials into engaging works of art.

Gallery Route One is known for:

The Box Show, now in its 17th year. A fun and quirky fundraiser and exhibition with something for everyone, attracting over 6000 visitors each year.

The Latino Photography Project, teaches photography to adult and student Latinos in the West Marin community. Now in its 12th year.

GRO's Artists in the Schools Program, provides artists and poets to local schools to enhance science and environmental programs and elective art classes.

Project Space Exhibitions, features guest artists year-round via "With the Earth", a series focused on environmental issues; "Far From Home", a series focused on issues of diaspora and immigration; and many other community-oriented and social justice themed exhibitions.

GRO is a destination gallery, chosen for many years by the North Bay Bohemian readers poll as the Best Art Gallery in Marin, and by Marin Magazine as one of the 100 best places in Marin. We are hopeful that you will choose to honor us with a feature about our annual members' exhibition.

Visit our FaceBook page .

* * *


Saturday, June 11

10:00am to 1:00pm

Join Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens Gardener and Master Gardener, Mario Abreu for a hands-on workshop and lecture on propagating local native plants, heathers, fuchsias, dahlias, and more. Learn basic techniques of seed collection and processing, cloning plants by cutting and division, and how to grow them for planting. Each participant will construct their own mini greenhouse to grow plants provided in this workshop. Bring scissors, hand pruners, and lots of questions! Visit

for more information. Class size is limited; sign up by phoning in your payment at 707-964-4352 ext. 16 or reserve your spot in person at The Garden Store at MCBG.

* * *



Luke is happiest when he is out exploring the world. This big dog enjoys walks and roaming in the yard. He needs an active family who will include him in outings and adventures and make sure he gets daily exercise as well as oodles of love. Luke is smart and friendly and will make a loyal family member. He would do great with another friendly dog or older kids. He is a big boy at 74 pounds and needs room inside and outside to stretch his legs! Luke is about 2-1/2 years old. To speak with the shelter Adoption Coorindator, call 707-467-6453. To see all of the dog and cat guests currently at Plant Road, check out the shelter's website:

* * *



Daisy is an orange and white kitten, about 7 months old. While she loves other cats, she can still be a bit skittish around people. She would most likely benefit from a multi-cat home with a family who is feline-experienced. If you have a loving home and are willing to give Daisy the love and commitment she needs please stop by the Ukiah Shelter today! Daisy is ready to go home with you. To speak with the shelter Adoption Coordinator, call 707-467-6453. To see all of the dog and cat guests currently at Plant Road, check out the shelter's website:


  1. BB Grace May 24, 2016

    RE: Online Comment/ Trump could win

    I read a headline yesterday that 32% Americans polled claimed they would leave the USA if Trump won.

    • Lazarus May 24, 2016

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! one of the three great lies…
      As always,

    • Bruce McEwen May 24, 2016

      You gotta love it, Baby — Love it or leave it!

    • Bruce McEwen May 24, 2016

      Where they gonna go? Greece is out of the question, citizens fleeing in droves; Turkey, too. Germany has taken in more than Merkle’s country can handle, and Italy is “fed up.” Europe is overflowing with refugees — do you think they’ll extend political asylum and amnesty to the richest brats in the world?

      Laz put it in a nutshell:

      Empty promises and idle threats… but don’t ya kinda wish maybe they would? I sure do. Plus I hear international airline tickets are selling briskly, but what about when the tourist season ends?

      My friends at the State Dept. were all run off by Condie Rice, in her “Diversity in the State Department” pogrom aimed at anybody in the foreigen service who wasn’t a cheerleader for Georgy-Porgy, so I can’t ascertain it, but my guess would be that Europe has over-extended its work visas.

      Maybe these folks who shudder under the prospect of a President Trump, would like to move to Kenya? No? How about Somalia? Iraq, maybe? They still love rich Americans in these countries, but bring lots of money, cause they don’t love you for your great big beautiful heart, Buddy; it’s your wallet!

    • George Hollister May 24, 2016

      Hillary would definitely have to leave, not sure of the rest.

      • BB Grace May 24, 2016

        Hillary wins expect 33% increase in immigration.

  2. james marmon May 24, 2016

    RE: PAMELA MARKHAM Chief Probation Officer.


    I know her husband David, nice to see a family oriented person take this position. I don’t think she is part of the Schraeder cult, but that might change. It depends on how far she will go to fit in.

    • james marmon May 24, 2016

      It’s going to be interesting how the Schareder cult will handle cases where the probationer is also parent.

      Yummy, more kids.

      • james marmon May 24, 2016

        It is customary that probationers access and participate in a Mental Health assessment and treatment. Good luck.

        • james marmon May 24, 2016

          I recommend that any parent who becomes involved with adult probation and who may be ordered to be evaluated by the Schraeder cult, that you place your child in a legal guardianship with a close friend or relative before such evaluation. Do not let this group near your child.

          • james marmon May 24, 2016

            I also like to refer to this cult as the “Trinity” gang because of the inner circle’s association with one another and former Trinity Group Home, they all worked there, Schraeder, Lowery, and so on and so on. Some of original bunch have moved on but the Schraeder/Lowery collaborative keeps things operating smoothly.

            They rule.

  3. Bruce McEwen May 24, 2016

    “What priceless insolence! But wait a minute, hold your [chihuahuas], that isn’t the worst. A rumseller over here on Jackson Street filched the pockets of a poor fellow, wrecked his constitution, blighted all his hopes for time and eternity, unstrung his nervous system, and drove him into delirium tremens; and when his poor victim was dying, I’m blessed if he didn’t come to me and say, ‘Reverend [Eversohl], I’ll ask you to step round and pray for so-and-so’s soul. I’m worried about him’. Can you believe it?”

    Scene in San Francisco, circa 1849, Robt. Lewis Taylor

  4. John Sakowicz May 24, 2016

    Dennis O’Brien — If your lawsuit is to remove Werner Erhard clone, Stuart Campbell, from the KZYX Board, then good luck and God bless you, bro!

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