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The AVA Recommends

President — Bernie Sanders.

Hillary is simply unthinkable and twice as dangerous as Trump.

US Senator — Kamala Harris.

Very smart, good on the issues, one of those rare Democrats of the elected type who looks out for the interests of ordinary people. Major upgrade from Boxer

Congress — Erin Schrode.

An attractive, well-spoken young woman who says all the right things, but has fallen into bad company as a member of the Democratic Party. Young people will reap the grim harvest of the many rolling catastrophes they'll live to confront so let's elect them early so they can get a running jump at the abyss awaiting her. And she isn't incumbent Jared Huffman, archetypical lib-lab, more lab than lib.

Assembly — Write in Phil Baldwin over Healdsburg's wacky dentist, Jim Wood, the guy who just introducted a bill that would give apartment managers the authority to crack down on marijuana smoke. Smoke, mind you, not the smoker. This is this guy's idea of a political issue.

Judge — Keith Faulder. Smart, principled dude with many years of Mendo-specific experience. Pekin, much younger, much newer to the area, is unwittingly supported by a virtual Who's Who of Coast cranks, crooks, retired judicial flashers, and undesirables generally. Not that his supporters should doom the guy, but add Pekin to the long roster of newcomers who don't realize they've stepped beyond the Green Curtain where you are whatever you say you are, and history starts all over again every day. Not ready for prime time. Faulder.

Prop 50 — No.

A phony measure that would do the opposite of what it claims it would do. It provides one year suspensions for legislators for taking bribes of the cash in brown paper bags type beyond the bribes they all take known as campaign contributions.

Measure U: Yes.

Fort Bragg should not suffer another homeless operation in the middle of town, especially one operated by an aggrandizing cadre of non-profit hustlers.

Measure V: Yes.

Helps get some local control over an arrogantly-run timber apparatus owned by a San Francisco family with a very poor labor relations history and bad taste in art.

Measure W: No.

We don't need another layer of government, especially one dominated by some of the County's most spectacular nutpies.

Supervisor, First District: Carre Brown. She’s been a decent Supervisor, apart from her Potter Valley Water First blindspot. We have no idea why Montana Podva is running, but he does want to house the homeless in heated teepees, so give him credit for thinking outside the box, wayyyyyyy outside the box.


  1. Dick May 25, 2016

    Phil Baldwin. The one who wanted to ban all leaf blowers. Who is the wack job?

  2. james marmon May 25, 2016

    Bernie Sanders???? You have to be freaking kidding. He’s worse than that “it takes a village” Clinton. He and his social worker freak wife want the state to start raising our children at 6 weeks old. That’s his trick, the small print at the bottom of the page, the devils bargain. “I am going to give you all these wonderful things, but in return I get the soul of your first born child.”

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