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Mendocino County Today: Friday, June 3, 2016

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The Kunys would like to thank you all for your generous donations! And we want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Danny is recovering. He was knocked down across his back by a tree. His back is bruised from top to bottom, five broken ribs, three cracked vertebrae, a shoulder injury that will need surgery, and a crushed ankle and broken foot that has been put back together with nuts and bolts. He has a long road ahead, but he will heal, thank God! They are worried about pneumonia and working on getting him up with physical therapy. It's hard to walk with one leg and one arm! I want to thank Brittany and Jesse for being here the entire time and being my lifeline to Danny.


Danny has a long road to recovery. The helicopter ride out of the mountains was not covered by Reach or Calstar (they had both). Give what you can to help pay for this, no amount is too small.

(Lisa Hamilton/Doster)

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JUST IN. Sage Mountainfire has returned to her job at the County Animal Shelter. The long-time Shelter manager was at her desk Tuesday and will be working part-time for now.

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LAST MONTH we ran a lengthy two-part series by Tim Stelloh (from 2009) and Bruce McEwen about the false arrest and prosecution of Robert Forest of Fort Bragg and his subsequent attempt to clear his name.

Mr. Forest’s friends, supporters and his attorney have informed us that his case is still open and ongoing because Judge John Behnke refused to expunge Forest’s arrest record even though Assistant DA Paul Sequeira had agreed with Forest’s attorney that the record should be expunged and then-DA Meredith Lintott (who issued a formal legal apology to Forest last year) had dropped the charges saying there was “insufficient evidence.”

Judge Behnke’s ruling has been appealed to the state Court of Appeals where Mr. Forest hopes to finally end his ordeal. Forest supporter Frank Robertson recently wrote: “Apparently, Judge Behnke cannot see the Forest for the trees. Since when does flawed procedure matter more than the truth and overwhelming factual evidence?”

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Sadly, Terry Lyon passed away on May 2 at his home in Fort Bragg after a sudden illness. He was 74 years old. He was a dear friend to many on the coast; a dedicated Buddhist practitioner; committed and talented ceramist, loving and faithful partner for many decades to the late James Cook and a faithful supporter of the Art Center, the Botanical Gardens, Three Jewels Temple and Kumeido - The Little River Zen Center. He will be remembered with joy and fondness and good humor and missed by all his friends. There will a memorial service at Kumeido - The Little River Zen Center on July 17 at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. A formal announcement will go out later this month with directions and details. All are welcome to attend his service and the celebration of his life.

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Without much addoooooo. The Point Arena response to the latest Grand Jury findings is a real CROCK OF SHIT. Mayor (if even he deserves that title) Jim Koogle has operated an unpermitted diesel supply dump in close proximity to a school without a permit, and does not live in Point Arena, and as far as Heatherstone goes, she is still living in that shit heap she calls a house. Oh dear, when does Public Health take precedence over the actions of folks who do not care for anything but their own self interests? Based upon past Point Arena trends, Heatherstone may become the next mayor of the city (if by some chance she survives a dirt nap). I mean, look at Richie Wasserman, council member who the grand jury found fault with some 20 years ago and fined him $15,000. You fire any of them except Scott Ignacio (non dope grower), and they will have the money to go up against the best, Eyster: How the hell does he (Ritchie Wasserman) get an appointment back on the current council? No telling, except that he was lined up for the position by the controlling interests of the in the dope growing friendly crowd of Point Arena. I am not disputing dope growing even though a past mayor was self named Raven Batshit Earlygrow (and for a reason). And I don't even live in the town (so, I suppose I should not comment?). But I have to comment because through Heatherstone and Koogle's actions, Public Health is threatened, and I visit Point Arena often as a south coast resident. Their committed actions against public health and safety are not sanctioned by any health or safety regulatory agency present in California unless Prop 47 applies to them before prosecution; are you offenders listening? They should be stopped at all intersections of common sense. Disincorporation is a solution, but how can the county fix a problem outside of their jurisdiction when they cannot solve any of their own, currently? Take the offenders to the wall, and request Shoemaker to seriously consider his legal exposure; because at this point we are all watching, fire Koogle, prosecute Heatherstone for her unpermitted 7 foot fence, expand the boundaries of city influence, get some new blood into that regime, but if nothing else, Picket and force the sons of bitches out of office by physical means; let's form a vigilante group and force the issue in public. As they stand now, they all are a complete degradation to our meaning as a city/county… We need to rid this vermin from our repertoire and move on with healthy living.

(name withheld, please)

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California Back in Big Oil's Crosshairs as Feds Quietly OK Offshore Fracking…

Mendocino residents:

In case you didn't hear about this, Obama just approved fracking offshore in California - home of the San Andreas faultline. The White House quietly/conveniently signed this legislation on Friday - just before the 3-day Memorial Day weekend. Here on the Mendocino Coast we have worked so hard for so long to protect our Ocean Sanctuary and its extraordinary marine life habitat. We fought the Reagan administration in the 1980s and stopped off-shore drilling here on the Mendocino Coast. The fracking industry has now been given permission to drill offshore in California and they will begin in Santa Barbara.

Today Bernie Sanders challenged the White House and DNC over this short-sighted, reckless action. Gov. Jerry Brown has approved these new fracking permits. Is Bernie Sanders the only Democrat concerned about the dangerous implications of fracking along California's coastline? *Sanders Challenges White House and DNC Over Fracking*

California Back in Big Oil's Crosshairs as Feds Quietly OK Offshore Fracking

"This move paves the way for offshore fracking permits that were previously frozen and the dumping of toxic wastewater directly into the Pacific Ocean."

I've also included an article (below) on what has happened in Oklahoma since 2010 due to fracking in that state. Oklahoma, not California, is now the earthquake capital of the U.S. and Oklahoma has had an 800% increase in earthquakes since fracking began there with more than 900 earthquakes in 2015. These quakes ranged in size from 3.0 to 5.1 over the last six years. Until 2008, the state averaged one or two a year. Now it's almost three a day. Most geologists connect the spike in earthquakes to the state's oil and gas industry -- and its disposal of massive amounts of water into underground caverns. One geologist CBS News spoke to said no question, something has reactivated fault-lines here. Those fault-lines had been dormant for 300 million years.

Full article:

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Cloverdale is on the list of stops for Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders.


Sanders will start his day Friday with a “Future to Believe In” rally in Fairfield, then arrive at Cloverdale Municipal Airport for a rally at 7:30 p.m. with special guest Susan Sarandon, according to a press release. The event is free and open to the public.

Admission is first come, first served. The public entrance is off of Chrome Iron Road. For security reasons, bags will not be allowed into the rally, nor will weapons, sharp objects, chairs, or signs and banners on sticks.

Free parking is available along Chrome Iron Road and on Airport Road. Carpooling is encouraged.


WHY'S BERNIE coming to Cloverdale tomorrow? Because Laytonville was unavailable. Hell, everyone up here knows that. Gotta feel for the guy. Cloverdale will be 110 in the shade, Friday, and Bern's no kid.

* * *


Santa Rosa to San Rafael $9.50 adult for one way on the SMART train; $8 one way on Golden Gate Transit Bus.

Sonoma County Transit one-way $3.90 for the 40-mile plus trip between Cloverdale and Rohnert Park/Petaluma.

Santa Rosa City Bus, Petaluma Transit and Marin Transit have one-way adult fares of $1.50 and $2 within their service areas.

Altamont Commuter Express $13.75 for 75-mile trip between Stockton and San Jose. From Livermore to San Jose, approximately 40 miles, the fare is $9.

Caltrain’s adult cash fare for the 41-mile trip from San Francisco to Sunnyvale is $7.75.

Capitol Corridor’s adult fare for the 66 miles from Oakland to Davis is $27. The 45-mile trip between Suisun City and Sacramento is $16. The 15-mile trip between Davis and Sacramento is $9.

— source SMART staff research

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Have you ever used a Clipper Card? They will be using them only. No tickets being sold. You have to pre-load your card with $$$. You scan your card when you get on and scan it again when you get off. Your fare is automatically calculated. If you miss the scan out, your card gets charged the maximum for the route. And if there is less than that amount when you get on, you have to make up the difference when you exit. It's that way on GGT anyway. So you would have to both sneak on and off to avoid the fare.

* * *

This train will work. I know it will because I am one of the thousands or tens of thousands of people who commute to Marin. My motorcycle broke down on Friday and I have been taking the car from North Santa Rosa to San Rafael. OH MY GOD THIS SUCKS. I miss my bike so much. Once people have the opportunity to avoid driving in traffic the value goes way up. $19 is too much though. The price will work itself out. Demand will increase and funding additional passenger cars will happen, giving way to additional ridership, bringing ticket prices down. What they need to understand is that if it is not economically feasible to take the train people WILL just sit in traffic.

All the serial haters on this comment board will poo-poo the train no matter what, but I am sure none of them do the commute. So, who cares? Everybody who sits in that three hour line home on a hot Friday afternoon in the summer knows what I am talking about.

* * *

HILLARY CLINTON’S lead has withered to the narrowest of margins over Sen. Bernie Sanders in what is shaping up to be a ballot-box barn burner in Tuesday’s California Democratic primary, a new Field Poll showed Thursday.

Forty-five percent of likely primary voters surveyed said they are siding with Clinton, compared with 43 percent for Sanders, according to the poll. That’s down from the former secretary of state’s 11-point lead in the January Field Poll and six-point lead in April. Her lead over Sanders was 73 to 10 percent when the Field organization conducted its first poll for this presidential campaign cycle in February 2015.

—Peter Fimrite (courtesy

As Bernie Sanders attempted a Progressive end run around the Democratic establishment, certain notable liberal voices opposed his every move and utterance: Paul Krugman at The New York Times, Amanda Marcotte at Salon, Joan Walsh at The Nation and the editorial boards of The Times and The Washington Post. Even California Governor Jerry Brown endorsed Clinton. For all their liberal leanings, these folks are more comfortable criticizing the current corrupt political and economic structure than actually changing it. Where you stand depends on where you sit. And they’re all sitting pretty.

—James McEnteer

* * *


The real danger is that people buy in to what Trump is saying. My question to you is: how bad did it have to get before people started voting the way they do? The oligarchs & the government have pushed the country to extremes. I don’t blame Trump supporters, they are attempting to get the country back on the path of Democracy. They aren’t necesserily going at it the right way. Whether you agree with it or not, it’s just a sign of how much things have gotten fucked up. Can you imagine what this campaign would have looked like 40 years ago? It would have been seen as madness on both sides, however, it just reflects the way that BOTH parties have sold out to special interests. It’s the last gasp (with Trump & Bernie supporters) of the electorate to attempt to have some kind of control over what is happening. As near as I can tell, this is our last chance to have a government that responds to the people, instead of the assholes who are currently controlling the government. After this comes only madness.

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ADAM RANDALL of the UDJ reports that as of Wednesday, 58 pot farmers have turned in “Medical Cannabis Activity Registration" cards with the Mendocino Ag Department. The county has offered “priority processing” for local cultivation permit applications to those who voluntarily complete and return the activity registration form by 5pm Friday, though it doesn’t guarantee that a permit will be issued.

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To the Editor:

In a letter to the editor dated May 19, John Sakowicz makes numerous unfounded allegations of financial impropriety on the part of Mendocino County Public Broadcasting (KZYX&Z) station management.

In short, contrary to Mr. Sakowicz’s allegations:

We are required to and have had annual, full, professional, publicly available audits ( No financial improprieties were found.

The former General Manager did not give himself a raise. The Board instigated and authorized a raise in 2013, after nearly five years of dedicated service.

The station has filed its annual 990 tax returns for non-profit corporations, and is not at risk of an IRS examination. They are publicly available on the internet through such independent organizations as Guidestar and Economic Research Institute.

The station was professionally managed by John Coate, Mary Aigner, and Rich Culbertson, all of whom contributed significant time, talent, and energy to our beloved radio station.

Meg Courntey, President; Jane Futcher, Vice-president; Stuart Campbell, Treasurer; Jenness Hartley, Secretary; Ed Keller, Benj Thomas, Clay Eubank, Jonathan Middlebrook, John Azzaro

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting Board of Directors

* * *



Re: Attn: New KZYX Board Members

I keep hearing this message over and over again and I think it's time to clarify some misinformation.

The only person on the "Search Committee" that Stuart Campbell picked was me. PLEASE quit stating otherwise. I was the person who selected all of the initial voting members of the "Search Committee" NOT Stuart. He did NOT hand select the committee, I did. I based it on the KZYX by-laws. The committee members were myself, Benj Thomas (personnel committee chair), Valerie Kim (Staff), Angela DeWitt (programmer), and Jenness Hartley (CAB member). When Jenness joined the board I then asked Tom Melcher to replace her as the CAB representative.

I received a lot of resistance and flack for the individuals I chose on this committee and it was not from Stuart. So if you have a need to be critical, please come from a position of truth.


Clay Eubanks, Yorkville, KZYX Board Member

* * *


Who appointed Beth Lang, Eliane H, Richard H, the three members who wrote letters of recommendation? John Arteaga was asked to be there thinking he was going to become a board member and said so on his intro.

Clay, what happened after the committee met is more disturbing.

Thanks for your help and corrections.

Mary Massey

* * *



I have mental illness. I cannot see a psychiatrist in Mendocino County when I feel know and think I need to. A lot of pharmaceutical medications have horrible side-effects. I have neuropathy in my feet and with the added psychiatric medication which gives me a physical imbalance I’m a wreck. The psychiatrist cannot see me for two months and won’t take five minutes to talk to me on the phone. Psychiatrists don’t come to Mendocino County and open a private practice. I definitely know that it is not OK to have mental illness with the general public. It’s far more easier for most people to live with a street drug dependency or an alcohol addiction embarrassment than a “mentally ill” stamp on themselves. I do feel however that all of us have one major thing in common we have been severely hurt in our lives. For most of us it’s called being or having been traumatized. I do thank the psychiatrists that are here in Mendocino County. But I ask, who is instigating the fact that we don’t have enough psychiatrists working for Mendocino County? I for one despise psychiatric hospitals. They are locked wards that make me feel like a criminal when I am not. I get very angry at this situation and then I get some pretentious crisis worker on the phone who tells me it’s my mental illness that causes me to be angry. Psychiatry is still in it’s infantcy some say. It is basically only a 100-year-old science. It’s hard for me to tell anyone whether or not psychiatrists are helping patients with the pharmaceutical scientists/chemists, who make these medications with drastic side-effects. If a person is having difficult times in their life my first suggestion is to go see a psychotherapist, or go get help to stay clean and sober. If you feel you need more help see a psychiatrist even though you’ll have to wait in line in our county and please be cautious. Some psychiatric medications can have you upset because of their negative side-effects. I lastly and to me most importantly I want to suggest to people with psychiatric problems/ mental illness/ traumatized to try to always see a counselor. A counselor who invests in you. Who really cares about you because some broken minds and hearts can heal. There is a good joke but I don’t remember how to tell it but the gist of the joke is: If you are not ready or willing to heal, you won’t heal until you are ready. And it takes effort and time

Leslie Jo Feldman, Ukiah

* * *


* * *


benefiting the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County

On Saturday, June 18, 2016, Goldeneye Winery will once again host a gourmet winemaker dinner to benefit the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County (CRCMC). This event will pair the craftsmanship of Goldeneye Winemaker, Michael Fay, with the culinary skills of Shannon Hughes, chef and owner of notable Point Arena, CA restaurants Pangaea (1994) and Lorca (2006).

Guests will enjoy a casual reception beginning at 5:30 p.m., followed by a delicious, multi-course meal. Each course will be paired with one of Goldeneye’s notable Pinot Noir’s.

Tickets for the dinner are $150 per person, with 100% of all proceeds going to fund local services provided by the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County free of charge. Inland, valley and coastal residents are invited to come together for an extraordinary meal in support of all community members facing cancer.

Door to door transportation is available from the coast for an additional fee. Select your preferred pick up location and enjoy a worry free ride to and from the event in our eight-passenger van. Seating is limited, so call to reserve yours today.

For event tickets or for more information about the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County and our services, please call either the Coastal office: 707-937-3833, or the Inland office: 707-467-3828, or visit our website:

* * *


Celebrate the special men in your life!

Father's Day, June 18th, is right around the corner!

The Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County offers a wonderful way for you to honor the special men in your life.

For a donation of $25, CRCMC will send a card, with the image above by local photographer Michael Greene, to someone special whom you'd like to acknowledge.

Each card includes the message, "This Father's Day, you have inspired a donation to the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County. Thank you for representing the best of fatherhood!"

Your purchase of this heartfelt gift helps support services that are provided free of charge to those in Mendocino County faced with cancer.

Cards can be purchased online

or by calling or visiting either of our two offices

590 South Dora Street, Ukiah (707-467-3828)

45040 Calpella Street, Mendocino (707-937-3833)

Thank you for your support!

Since 1995, the Cancer Resource Center has been a persistent advocate for those in Mendocino County faced with cancer. For more information about the Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County and our services, please call either our Coastal office (707-937-3833) or our Inland office (707-467-3828) or visit our website at:

* * *


Alert! California poll workers have been told to give all independent voters "provisional" ballots if they want to vote in Democratic Party. That's illegal — and will insure that Sanders voters' ballots end up in the garbage, uncounted. A special bulletin for California voters. And for the rest of you, how this same trickery — shifting voters to provisional ballots which are rarely counted — can steal the White House and Congress for the GOP in November. Here's the 411. If you're registered as an independent voter in California, you have the right to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary. Just ask for the ballot. But look out! Reports out of Orange County are that some poll workers have been told to give "No Party Preference" (NPP), independent voters, PROVISIONAL ballots as opposed to regular ballots. Voter, BEWARE! Do NOT accept a PROVISIONAL BALLOT! They're really "Placebo Ballots" — they give you the satisfaction of feeling like you've voted, without the inconvenience of anyone actually having to count them!

— Greg Palast

* * *

LENA is a loving cat who enjoys being held and could spend all day lounging in your lap. She is mellow and relaxed, but she does enjoy playing with cat toys every now and then. Lena seems to do well around children though we aren't sure how she is around dogs.


TASHA is one of the most gentle, lovable pups you'll ever meet. She's a friendly, mellow dog who is both playful and affectionate. She is looking for new owners who are willing to commit both time and compassion to further training for her. Tasha has lived with children and done well with them, but a meet and greet for any potential canine or kid family members is recommended before adoption. Tasha is 3 years old, weighs 57 pounds, and spayed--thus ready to head home with you today!

* * *

The Ukiah Shelter is currently having two special adoption events, June 1-18. Our Senior Dogs (6+ years old) Event is a chance for you to name your own adoption fee. Our June Special Event is for all dogs 1 year and older: all service fees (spay/neuter, vaccinations, etc) will be waived, and the adoption fee will be only $60. (For both sales, Mendocino County residents pay a $25 license fee.) Call the shelter Adoption Coordinator to find out more about our special events, our dogs and cats of the day, and volunteer, sponsor and foster opportunities. The shelter is located at 298 Plant Road in Ukiah. Check out and bookmark our webpage:

* * *


“Will endorse in this race for November — This paper repeatedly has dinged California Attorney General Kamala Harris for weak follow-through of her promise to crack down on foreclosure fraud, and to go after perpetrators of the mortgage and housing crises. To that end, the Express worries that Harris will be easy on Wall Street as a U.S. senator, especially one with broad party-establishment support. What's her motivation otherwise? Unlike Harris, Rep. Loretta Sanchez is a Northern California outsider, and we're curious to see whether she can challenge the frontrunner on some of these populist issues. We're less inspired by Sanchez' poor-judgment when it comes to comments on American Muslims and other ethnic groups over the years, however, and we have major concerns about her right-leaning policies, especially when it comes to national security. The two candidates appear poised for a runoff in November. This paper will wait to run its final endorsement.”

* * *


I don’t want to vote for Trump. I want to vote for Bernie. But I have reached the point where I feel like voting for Trump against Clinton would be doing my patriotic duty. … If the only way to escape a trap is to gnaw off my leg, I’d like to think I’d have the guts to do it.

— on line comment that sums up the feeling of lots of us Bernie supporters

* * *



I'm voting for Measure W for two reasons: 1. A charter county allows for a cap on retirement benefits unless overridden by voters. The BOS is not permitted to take any action on pension issues. 2. Before going on the ballot, any change in the county pension plan must have an actuarial study that projects costs.

Both of these precedents were set by Orange County, which is a charter county.

John Sakowicz, Ukiah

* * *

MARK SCARAMELLA NOTES: The key word is "allows."

The likelihood that the Measure W proponents will actually consider, much less propose, a pension cap is less than me winning the state lottery. But sure, if one digs deep enough one can find a reason to vote for almost anything.

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY: June 2, 2016

Callen, Cunningham, Garcia
Callen, Cunningham, Garcia

RONALD CALLEN, Covelo. Domestic assault.

SEAN CUNNINGHAM, Elk Grove/Ukiah. Pot sales.

HUGO GARCIA, San Jose/Covelo. DUI.

McOsker, Mithcell, Moreno
McOsker, Mithcell, Moreno

REMO McOSKER, Ukiah. Burglary, probation revocation. (Frequent Flyer)


VERONICA MORENO, Ukiah. Court order violation. (Frequent Flyer)

Munos, Pinola, Vivero, Williams
Munos, Pinola, Vivero, Williams

STEVEN MUNOS, Willits. Failure to appear.

ANTHONY PINOLA, Ukiah. Drunk in public.

FRANK VIVERO, Willits. Parole violation.

TYLER WILLIAMS, Santa Rosa/Leggett. DUI.

* * *


by Jorge Carrera Andrade.

(Translated by Steven Ford Brown)

In the circle of the zero

sleeps the god of numbers,

a small god that creates

worlds from nothing.


An illusion? In myriads

unity multiplies.

Zero: are you nothing or everything?

You give birth to the number.


Numbers in thousands:

infinite hive.

Abstract bees cultivating

their mental honey.


In sand and stars

its transparent circle

conceals an eternal zero

Oh, egg of a numeral!


Magician of mirrors,

god of the number: open for me

your cave of treasures,

your box of riches.


How much hidden wealth!

Even the signs alone

can multiply things:

the Number is like gold!


Birds, fish, insects,

trees, stones, numbers.

Without this small god

nothing in the world could exist.


  1. BB Grace June 3, 2016


    Alert! California poll workers have been told to give all independent voters “provisional” ballots if they want to vote in Democratic Party.


    First: When you employ ther term “independent”, many people confuse American Independent Party, thus many people register to vote “American Independent party”, because they look for the word: “Independent”. The correct term is No Party Preference. NPP

    Second: If you are registered to vote NNP you will not have any presidential candidates on your ballot.

    You are invited by three “private” political parties to request their ballot:

    Democratic Party
    Libertarian Party
    American Independent Party

    Third: Voter Registeration for the June 07 election is closed.

    If you are registered to vote No Party Preference

    You can vote for Bernie, just ask for a Democratic Party ballot.

  2. Dave Smith June 3, 2016

    From an old friend, Jeff Cox, about his review of a restaurant in Railroad Square, Santa Rosa…

    Train Wreck of a MealWhen I took the job as restaurant reviewer for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat in 1993, one of my first reviews was of a restaurant called La Gare, a supposedly French restaurant with execrable food, and I gave the place a royal pan. Turned out that it was Sonoma County’s long-standing favorite restaurant—the kind of place you went to with your parents and then your kids. The community flew into a rage. I was vilified. I was pilloried. The phones at the newspaper rang off the hook. They told me they hadn’t had so many critical letters to the editor ever. People threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

    A few days later I was in the editorial offices and met Mike Parman, the editor-in-chief, now deceased. He looked at me in that hard-boiled way of editors-in-chief and said, “You only got one thing wrong, Cox. The service sucks, too.”

    I was elated to know that the editor stood behind me, and that emboldened me to tell the truth as I saw it for the next 1000+ restaurants I reviewed over the next 22 years, until the paper finally fired me from the position. Hey, it was a good run.

    But it makes me sad for the hack reportage that passes for journalism in re Donald Trump. If, as an editor once said, it’s the job of the journalist to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, I see an abject failure to put Mr. Trump into the proper context. This buffoon should have his feet held to the fire of truth and justice. To be objective about Donald Trump is to see his faults for what they are: deep psychological, personal, and social flaws that exhibit chicanery not leadership.

    Why are our media letting us down? I could theorize, but I won’t. I’ll just say that the principles of journalism that drew me into my life’s work seem to have stopped operating.

  3. LouisBedrock June 3, 2016

    “The recent publication (by Brazil’s largest newspaper, Folha de São Paulo) of transcripts from secret conversations that took place in March, just weeks before the impeachment vote, has done for Brazil what the intercepted phone call between Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt did for Ukraine: it provided proof that the removal of the elected president was a coup.

    The call — between Romero Jucá, who was a senator at the time and is currently the planning minister in the new Michel Temer government, and former oil executive Sergio Machado — lays bare “a national pact” to remove Rousseff and install Temer as president. Jucá reveals that not only opposition politicians but also the military and the Supreme Court were conspirators in the coup. …

    For the U.S. government, which was uncomfortable with the leftist trend, the surge to the right has been welcome news since Washington has long viewed Central and South America as its strategic “backyard” with compliant states accepting U.S. hegemony and granting American companies easy access to natural resources.

    As former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger put it, if America could not control its own backyard, it could hardly hope “to achieve a successful order elsewhere in the world.”

    Key to this reclamation of Latin America is the repossession of Venezuela after the death of populist leader Hugo Chavez in 2013. Chavez’ successor, Nicolás Maduro, is not considered nearly the skilled political leader that Chavez was but Maduro did continue the run of Bolivarian Revolution victories, albeit by a narrow margin over Henrique Capriles, Washington’s choice.

    Though some 150 international monitors observed the election and an audit of more than half the vote tally found no problems, the United States refused to recognize the election results, the only country to do so. Since then, political pressure on the Maduro government has continued, often cheered on by the U.S. news media and made worse by the drop in world oil prices that contributed to an economic crisis.

    President Maduro recently declared a state of emergency, accusing the U.S. of conspiring with right-wing groups in Venezuela to overthrow his government. Maduro said, “Washington is activating measures at the request of Venezuela’s fascist right.”

    But Venezuela’s leftist government has hardly been alone in facing hostility from Washington. On June 28, 2009, Honduras’ democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya was seized at gunpoint by hooded soldiers and forced onto a plane that, after refueling at the U.S. military base of Palmerola, took him to Costa Rica.”

    (Ted Snyder, CONSORTIUM)

    …if you read the New York Times, The Washington Post, and follow the U.S. press, they’re cheerleading for the fall of Dilma Rousseff, for the ouster of President Maduro in Venezuela, for the jailing of ex-President Cristina Kirchner in Buenos Aires, and basically cheerleading fort a swing to the right in this hemisphere which of course will make it easier for U.S. capital to find a compliant labor movement and move their plants and their enterprises into South America which will further impoverish the U.S. working class…

    (Gerald Horne, “Leid Stories” of June 2nd)

  4. Rick Weddle June 3, 2016

    re: ‘…definition of leadership…’

    Hooooeee! Yeah, the old definition-of-leadership ritual. According to my limited, lay-person’s understanding, the general idea as well as the Constitutional arrangement of ‘our’ democratic republic was for a modest cadre of Public Servants to carry out the menial tasks ordered by, and under the guidance provided by, the Leadership of an informed Sovereign Electorate. This official arrangement was initially described as the Best Goddamned System of Government Yet. It stands to Reason, supported by All the Evidence, that the performance of ‘public servants’ which falls short of or exceeds that described by Law and a handful of sense needs ending. It gets to be a survival kind of operation.

    How the leadership qualities of a prospective fuhrer came into the equation is Everybody’s Guess. We’re still getting bills for this.

    • BB Grace June 3, 2016

      Really well said.

  5. james marmon June 3, 2016


    Thanks for having the courage to share your story Leslie Jo Feldman.

    By the looks of things untreated mental illness is going to become a crime in Mendocino County moving forward. The AVA, Sheriff, Sonya Nesch, the ER Doctors, and the foster care and adoption agency taking over mental health want everyone drugged or locked up. They don’t care about the terrible side effects of these medications have on one’s body and mind. They are
    selfish pigs.

    “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”
    ― Oscar Wilde

    Sonya Nesch is living out her dreams now, she is one of the most cunning and deceitful women I have ever encountered, and I’ve been married to a few. Once she completes her planned Mental Health Jail, and Laura’s law is fully implemented, the round-up will begin. The right to refuse treatment will not apply in Mental-cino.

    • james marmon June 3, 2016

      The foster care and adoption agency that is taking over providing mental health services to the adult population is already upset that Ortner might be holding out on two or three hundred clients they have been caring for. It could be that these people don’t want their records transferred to this basically unknown and unproven entity. I think you still have to sign a release of information agreement (ROI). Maybe not in Mental-cino.

      With Ortner, everyone knew who they were, they had been treating our clientele in their facilities for many years. The clients trusted them. It wasn’t a “freak out” moment when they took over. With the foster family and adoption agency taking over now, it is a “freak out” moment.

      Ortner was run out of town because they refused to violate LPS Act commitment laws and/or force involuntary treatment on the citizens of Mental-cino County.

    • BB Grace June 3, 2016

      Mr. Marmon, Wooley, Phantom, whoever you are today:

      While I may not agree with Nesch and those who support the Sheriff’s Inniative for reasons I’ve elaborated and willing to elaborate more if need be, I don’t appreciate the name calling of Necsh, Schreader, Angelo and women in general. It offends me. I find it misogynistic and repulsive.

      Keep telling yourself all this isn’t about YOU and revenge.

      • james marmon June 3, 2016

        I’m like Donald Trump, “I love women.” Please be careful with the spelling of Woolley. My dad used to say “they knocked the “L” of me again.”

        Furthermore, my education and training in Social Work was based on the feminist perspective. A very valuable education, but not anything I’m proud of.

        James Marmon
        The Prophet

        In religion, a prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people. The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.

        • BB Grace June 3, 2016

          I apologise for misspelling your name Woolley.

          I don’t accept your excuse for being offensive by slandering women in positions of leadership for being women.

          Furthermore, it reflects poorly on you, not them.

          • james marmon June 3, 2016

            Ms. Grace, don’t try to put that label on me. I have never said anything about the evil deeds of the infamous sewing circle members being practiced by women, nor has it ever crossed my mind, until today. I spoke of their evil deeds only. Thanks for refocusing me.

            I have 2 daughters and 3 granddaughter and I want the very best for them, but I do not want them to become haters and harm men, other women, and children with their hatred for men. Men are not bad BB Grace, and don’t you and others try to teach my grandchildren differently, my daughters will go to war against you and your kind.

            I’m almost thankful that my son died when he did, This is not a very good world for a young man to grow up in anymore. In my neighborhood I see young men who are becoming warriors preparing for what’s to come. The young man helping me get my 64 chevy running told me “its a tough world out there right now.” He just got out of jail a few months ago, I don’t suspect he will be free much longer.

            You’re right, its time to stand up for men too. Find these guys living wage paying jobs, where they can support their families. Not jobs at Burger King so that their wives have to work too. Some women want to stay home and raise their children, but that is not acceptable in today’s world.

            From now on Camille Schraeder and her First 5 partners will be in charge of raising our children and teach them we are only sperm donors and our wives are only surrogate hosts for the embryo. The feminist perspective has destroyed America, and the American family.

            Thanks again Ms. BB Grace.

            James Marmon
            The Prophet.

            • james marmon June 3, 2016

              That offer of marriage is still open.

            • BB Grace June 3, 2016

              Mr. Marmon,

              Whatever good you do for yourself and anyone is most welcome.

  6. Alice Chouteau June 3, 2016

    Thanks to Laurie York, for pertient info on fracking along our coast. The Obama legacy is forever tarnished. The links provided are appreciated too. Please keep us up to speed on the best venues for taking action against such an ill-advised plan.

    • Stephen Rosenthal June 3, 2016

      Obama’s legacy was forever tarnished when he appointed Wall Street lackey Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury.

      • LouisBedrock June 3, 2016

        And venture capitalist nitwit Arnie Duncan as Secretary of Education.
        Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State worked out well too, didn’t it?

        • Stephen Rosenthal June 3, 2016


          The reason I cited Geithner is that, if I recall correctly, he was the first appointee of Hope and Change’s administration, thus tarnishing his legacy from day one. Frankly, most of his appointments have been rotten to the core and complete sellouts to the 1%. His environmental policies, the latest of which is let’s frack offshore California, have been nothing short of calamitous.

          • LouisBedrock June 3, 2016


            I agree 100%.

            And let’s not forget his gift to insurance and pharmaceutical companies,
            the risibly named Affordable Care Act.

  7. Rick Weddle June 3, 2016

    re: Obama legacy…

    Please let us memorialize, in a prominent place and manner, the expanded use of drone attacks, especially in Pakistan. These have been backshelfed as statistics, the many victims remembered, if at all, with euphemisms like ‘collateral damage,’ or ‘civilian casualties.’

    These are murders. Homicides. Unlawful killings. War crimes. Each of them. We neglect to remember these many by their names, by any real figure of their true numbers, or even by the pound. Because of the extra-judicial nature of the killings, because there’ve been near 7,000 strikes, the drone program is in Hot Competition for Biggest ISIS Recruiter. You don’t need a rocket scientist to figure this shit out. And it’s a good thing; they’re over working on the ‘UnThinkable’ again. Yeah, we’ll be thanking Obama for as long as we last.

  8. james marmon June 3, 2016

    My favorite class and instructor at Sac State, Herb Kuthins, author Making us Crazy. His class taught me how to use the DSM properly when assessing clients and assigning provisional diagnoses and the dangers of labeling.

    According to Professors Herb Kutchins and Stuart A. Kirk, authors of Making Us Crazy, “Far too often, the psychiatric bible has been making us crazy—when we are just human.” The “bitter medicine” is that DSM has “attempted to medicalize too many human troubles.”

    Kutchins and Kirk further state that people “may gain false comfort from a diagnostic psychiatric manual that encourages belief in the illusion that the harshness, brutality, and pain in their lives and in their communities can be explained by a psychiatric label and eradicated by a pill. Certainly, there are plenty of problems that we all have and a myriad of peculiar ways that we struggle…to cope with them. But could life be any different?”

  9. james marmon June 3, 2016

    I am getting so ready to take on the AVA, Sheriff, Sonya Nesch, the Emergency Room doctors, and Camille Schraeder. I may need to call up some old friends, but I will get it done.

    The DSM—Psychiatry’s Billing Bible

    “The DSM is driven not by science, but instead caters to the pharmaceutical industry. With its expanding list of “mental disorders”—voted into existence, not discovered as in real medicine—for each of these a psychiatric drug can be prescribed and insurance companies billed. That big formula spells big profits for psychiatrists and drug companies. And this has been exposed more recently with a U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation into the APA itself and the fact that about 56% of its $12 million-a-year income derives from drug makers.”

    No Scientific Validity

    “As the diagnoses completely lack scientific criteria, anyone can be labeled mentally ill, and subjected to dangerous and life-threatening treatments based solely on opinion. The scientific validity of the DSM has come under increasing attack from medical professionals and scientific experts such as Herb Kutchins of California State University and Stuart A. Kirk of UCLA, and authors of Making Us Crazy: The Psychiatric Bible and the Creation of Mental Disorders, determined that “…there is ample reason to conclude that the latest versions of DSM as a clinical tool are unreliable and therefore of questionable validity as a classification system.”

  10. Eric Sunswheat June 3, 2016

    A new copy of Leslie Korn’s 2016 book for clinical psychiatric caseworkers, on nutritional essentials for mental health, written to replace unsubstantiated science fraud big pharma mind bending emotional straitjacket prescription brain poisoning drugs, will be returned to the Ukiah Branch of the Mendocino County Public Library, for someone else to check out, in just a few days.

    • BB Grace June 4, 2016

      Mr. Sunswheat,

      I wholeheartedly agree with you that proper nutrition is vital for good mental health. I appreciate your stressing this. One of the things that bothered me at Mental Health Board meetings are the bowls of junk food.

      Unlike many illnesses that a blood test can support a diagnosis, there is no test for mental illness. It’s a guessing game. What harm is there promoting good nutrition as relief from symptoms?

      The pharmecuetical-insurance-social service grant racket’s bottom line.

      They have way too much power escaping election debates while destroying communities in the name of helping them.

      • james marmon June 4, 2016

        Don’t be fooled by Sonya Nesch, the ER doctors and other ER staff she has assembled. They represent big Pharma.

        Research Reveals Nutrition Improves Mental Health Better Than Prescription Medication

        “Medical doctors from around the world have admitted that they learned little to nothing about nutrition during medical school. Dr. Rucklidge herself, was hesitant to believe that nutrition alone could benefit patients because she was taught that nutrition was trivial when it came to the treatment of mental illness. However, she has been conducting research over the past decade and has found that “nutrition is a safe and viable way to avoid, treat and lessen mental illness.”

  11. Betsy Cawn June 4, 2016

    Look up “Obstinate Defiance Disorder” — and watch what you say! Also, the General Affective Functioning test — by any stretch of the imagination the Lake and Mendocino County Boards of Supervisors and their Administrative lieutenants qualify as goofy on a good day.

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