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  1. BB Grace June 5, 2016

    I can empathize with Mr. James Bassler, his relatives, Sheriff Allman, and those who experience frustration, even defeat being able to help, or get help for a loved one that obviously needs help. When help’s not available and tragedy occurs the shattered life reflect our own in the pieces.

    So, if we can, we pick up the pieces and work to do something so it won’t happen to anyone else. I understand the book and the solution, Laura’s Law, from that perspective. Where it fails is Aaron Bassler, an adult who refused help, decided to live a life of crime, died a hunted murderer, a criminal labled “mentally ill”.

    Ninty-nine percent of mentally ill do not commit murder so it’s upsetting to see Aaron Bassler representing the mentally ill in Mendocinio County. Now, the mentally ill in Mendocino County face recovery under the Sheriff because of 1 Aaron Bassler?

    Meanwhile, there is a Stepping Up Inniative with $29 Billion in grant money to enable Courts to house, provide services with County government, ending jail terms for frequent flyers. Counties are closing jails and saving millions with the Stepping Up Inniative.

    We’re lucky the Stepping Up Inniative is happening and offering solutions from people like Sheriff Allman and Mr. Bassler, who care, and want to make Mendocino County safe and healthy for all.

    Fort Bragg has a social services building across from 10 mile Court sitting empty
    Willits has a centrally located hospital vacant.

  2. james marmon June 5, 2016


    The Sheriff posted the same story yesterday on facebook. He posted “this is why we need mental health.”

    The AVA, the Sheriff, Sonya Nesch, and both former and current Behavioral Health Advisory Board members are using this very tragic and unfortunate story to convince the public that we need to incarcerate and/or force involuntary treatment to hundreds if not thousands of Mental-cino citizens and travelers.

    “When we hear about crimes committed by people with mental illness, they tend to be big headline-making crimes so they get stuck in people’s heads,” said lead researcher Jillian Peterson, PhD. “The vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent, not criminal and not dangerous.”

    “Between 92 and 96 percent of mental patients don’t have violent tendencies, and studies show the mentally ill are more likely to be the victims of violent crimes themselves than the criminal perpetrators. In fact, histories of substance abuse and other socio-demographic and economic factors are stronger determinants of violent behavior than psychiatric disorders. The contribution of the mentally ill to overall crime rates is an extremely low 3 to 5 percent, a number much lower than that of substance abuse.”

    “Nevertheless, both the media and entertainment industry often depict the mentally ill as violent criminals. According to Mental Health American, 60 percent of characters in prime time television with mental illness were shown to be involved in crime or violence, and news reports overwhelmingly portray the mentally ill as dangerous.”

    “Thanks to the recent headlines highlighting shocking crimes committed by the mentally ill, the common public perception is that random violence is on the rise and that people with mental disorders are especially violence-prone. But most experts agree that such incidents are a statistical rarity. Many also believe that these infractions are not easily predicted or prevented; their relative infrequency makes it difficult to create a profile of individuals prone to such behavior. Individuals diagnosed with mental illness often engage in disturbing behavior without ever coning violent acts. While there may, in many cases, have been “warning signs” before actual violence erupted, they are often clearer in hindsight.

    The Aaron Bassler case is only one case people. Get past the mind manipulation here, it could be you that they come after next, men dressed in white with big giant nets, just like the old days, now that’s real Progressivism.

    Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of AVA groupthink. Do some research folks. Ask questions, think for yourself, and evolve.

    James Marmon
    The Prophet

    P.S. I love you BB Grace.

  3. james marmon June 5, 2016

    “This world . . . belongs to the strong, my friend! The ritual of our existence is based on the strong getting stronger by devouring the weak. We must face up to this. No more than right that it should be this way. We must learn to accept it as a law of the natural world. The rabbits accept their role in the ritual and recognize the wolf is the strong. In defense, the rabbit becomes sly and frightened and elusive and he digs holes and hides when the wolf is about. And he endures, he goes on. He knows his place. He most certainly doesn’t challenge the wolf to combat. Now, would that be wise? Would it?”
    ― Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    • james marmon June 5, 2016

      “frightened and elusive and he digs holes and hides when the wolf is about”

      “He most certainly doesn’t challenge the wolf to combat. Now, would that be wise? Would it?”

      Aaron Bassler couldn’t hide anymore so he challenged the wolf to combat, Rest in Peace Aaron.

  4. james marmon June 5, 2016

    My experience with people incarcerated in jails and prisons, and it is vast, is that many prisoners claim mental illness as a defense to get out of jail, get drugs while in jail, or what’s commonly referred as “to get a softer bed.”

    The movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” deterred a lot of people from doing this in the 70’s but time makes people forget I guess.

    Most these people that the Sheriff claims that are sitting in his jail do not really have a mental illness, but have erroneously been assigned mental health diagnoses by the agents of Big Pharma. It’s all a bunch of bull shit and it will come back to harm them in the end.

  5. Eric Sunswheat June 6, 2016

    When the Bassler incident manhunt was on, what was growing at the murder scene (opium poppies) was kept under wraps, so the myth of marijuana cultivation could be wrongfully be front page headlines coast to coast.

    So pervasive was the law enforcement conspiracy to withheld details of what was being grown, as though it was material to the criminal investigation underway, that later on when the state legislature was wrapping up its punitive draconian measure, for heavy financial penalties involving plastic trash and any amount of stream bed alteration non permit water diversion, that the actual myth of the Bassler marijuana cultivation, was included as back ground text in support of the bill which was signed into law, only for marijuana.

    So Allman’s co-written article and book on Bassler, finally lets us know it was opium poppies, wink wink! Who needs Trump when we got Allman manipulating public thought. He is on radio saying to turn the hose valve off after washing the car!

    Yet we never got a straight answer when he got that hero award for getting his hands burned trying to safe that school teacher that died, whether he had a fire extinquisher in his vehicle at the time of the incident.

    It was investigated by CalFire, but the Sheriff did say that he was no hero, whether out of modesty or the with held facts of the situation, perhaps that will be in another book published for some other political cause.

    Now look at the new half cent 5 year sales tax proposal for Mental Health facility and dedicated training center, currently gaining signatures for a vote of the citizens in November.

    The sales tax initiative, was brought up at Board of Supervisors while Sheriff Allman was out of town in Sacramento, with some of those who had participated with the Sheriff’s hand picked committee to develop said Mental Health facility & training center tax proposal.

    A position paper was mentioned, that I recall believe being said, that contains 4 points that shows the procedural rational for the client flow of mental health jail incarceration treatment or related topics to that effect, and the basis for measure being drafted the way it was. I may be incorrectly summarizing this.

    But then Supervisor McCowen at that time, in open session no less (about one or two months ago), said that Sheriff Allman did not want the position paper released.

    So here you have it, double dealing and withholding of hidden agenda basis for formulating measure way it is, designed to steer and manipulate potential of perhaps more than ten million of sales tax revenue, if the measure appears on the ballot and is voted favorably by Mendocino County voters.

    But because it is Allman and not Trump, the AVA is all for the mental health sales tax measure as is. Next topic.

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