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Ligaya Barlow on Bernie Uber Alles



"If Bernie wants his movement to succeed with revolutionary promise, he should have his name placed in nomination at the convention then give a rousing speech on national television. Then he should continue his candidacy as a Green or independent. Sanders-Stein. To be sure he would get the 15% necessary to take part in the debates. This scenario has the following possible outcomes:

1. He could win the general election.

2. He could throw the election to Trump, culminating in a presidential disaster that would end the Republican Party as a national party, and open the way to a multiparty system.

3. He could amass enough electoral votes to throw the issue into the House, whose Republican majority would be put in a position where, if they reject Trump and therefore their own party's electorate, the party is destroyed; if they elect him, the party is destroyed.This will be the first step toward abolishing the electoral college, a progressive victory.

4. Clinton wins, but narrowly and at a price: no mandate or consensus, the likely outcome anyway.

If Bernie wants to avoid the dustbin of history, this is what he must do.
His revolutionary movement must include (a.) The abolishment of the electoral college and (b.) The end of the two party system. Now us the time."

-- Ligaya Barlow



  1. LouisBedrock June 12, 2016

    I couldn’t agree more strongly.

  2. Jim Updegraff June 12, 2016

    Pipe dream.

  3. Stephen Rosenthal June 12, 2016

    It will never happen. Exactly the opposite will occur. Like all the other sellouts, Bernie’s speech will be nothing more than encomiums for she whose turn it is.

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