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Mendocino County Today: Friday, June 17, 2016

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WARRIORS FANS WERE SHOCKED by the lopsided opening quarter Thursday night which saw the Cleveland Cavaliers ahead by 20 points at the end of that quarter. The Warriors couldn’t buy a basket and the Cavs couldn’t sell one. The Warriors recovered briefly in the second quarter to narrow the lead, but the Cavs continued playing tough and held on to a 16-point lead at the half. The Cavs kept the pressure on during the third quarter as the Warriors recovered again to narrow the Cavs’ lead to nine. But by the end of the game the Warriors had made too many mistakes, committed too many fouls and missed too many shots. Warriors fans went from shocked to shell-shocked as the Cavs won 115-101, evening what had earlier seemed like a series walk-over by the Warriors. Clearly, the momentum has shifted to the Cavs. The frustrated Warriors now return to their home court in Oakland with hope that they haven’t dug themselves into too deep a hole. The Warriors have to recover their poise to make a final push for the championship showdown on Sunday — with new questions about the condition of key player Andre Iguodala’s back.

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Subject: Open Letter To County

There is something puzzling about this extended wait for our ballots to be counted. Polls closed last Tuesday June 7 at 8pm and a little over six hours later there were 11,320 ballots counted. Impressive. Two days later we were told that over 16,525 ballots remained uncounted. Okay. A week has passed, with no updates, no nothing. Please explain: if you can process 11,000 ballots in six hours, why does the remaining 16,000 take more than a week? Whatever the holdup is, let's address and fix it. This is ridiculous.

–Mike Kalantarian, Navarro

* * *


A reader drew our attention to an interesting backup item in the June 7 Board of Supervisors agenda packet. It's a letter signed by Jenine Miller, Behavioral Health Director, County of Mendocino, under Health and Human Services Agency letterhead.

It is dated May 23, 2016 and addressed to Thomas L. Ortner in Yuba City.

Subject: Assurance of performance and transition of adult mental health services

Dear Mr. Ortner:

On March 9, 2016, the Ortner Management Group (OMG) sent the County of Mendocino formal notice of termination of the May 21, 2013, contract between the county and OMG ("contract"), effective June 30, 2016. We have attached a copy of the formal notice of termination dated March 9, 2016, letter for your convenience. The County accepted this notice of termination and the contract will terminate on June 30, 2016. The county appreciates OMG's mental health services, but wants to ensure that OMG will continue to perform its obligations under the contract through the June 30, 2016, termination date. The County and OMG will meet regularly until the contract termination date to discuss the transition plan and ensure OMG continues to comply with regulatory requirements and maintain quality client care.

The County also wants to ensure that OMG will provide the County the necessary and required deliverables. We attach a grid of the deliverables to this letter. This grid reflects which deliverables must be submitted to the County and indicates the required date of delivery. Please contact me within 10 days to discuss the deliverables and delivery dates if you have any questions regarding the grid or anticipate any difficulty in meeting a deliverable deadline. [Ed note: There is nothing in the June 6 agenda packet indicating a written response from OMG.] The County may supplement the deliverables grid if additional required deliverables are identified before June 30, 2016.

The County wants to ensure the deliverables are provided timely and fulfilled. The County is concerned that OMG might not adequately perform its contractual obligations through June 30, 2016, due to the pending termination of the contract. Examples of past-due deliverables include: Mental Health Services Act full expenditure detail reports by programs for fiscal year 2015/16, completed cost reports for fiscal years 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 and full-service partnership care manager job description.

In addition, OMG submitted their monthly reporting statistics late which impacted the Mental Health Plan meeting the reporting requirements to the quality improvement committee meeting.

To alleviate any concerns that OMG might not fully perform its obligations under the contract including providing the deliverables, the county formally requested OMG provide the county prompt written assurances of performance and an acceptable written plan of insurance pursuant to Section 36 of the contract.

Section 36 of the contract states:

"Assurance of performance: if at any time the county has good objective cause to believe contractor may not be adequately performing its obligations under this contract or that contractor may fail to complete the services as required by this agreement, county may request from contractor prompt written assurances of performance and a written plan acceptable to county to correct the observed deficiencies in contractor's performance. Contractor shall provide such written assurances and written plan within 30 calendar days of its receipt of County's request and shall thereafter diligently commence and fully perform such written plan. Contractor acknowledges and agrees that any failure to provide such written assurances and written plan within the required time is a material breach under this agreement."

The county requests OMG provide written assurances of performance of its obligations under the contract including providing the required deliverables within 30 days of this letter [i.e., June 23, 2016]. Please also provide a written plan outlining OMG delivery and provision of the deliverables and plan to continue performing services within 30 days of this letter. OMG may provide a written assurances and planned to my attention. The county's sole reason for making this request is to ensure OMG continues to provide mental health and other services and the required deliverables as required and needed through June 30, 2016.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and support through the completion of the contract.

Sincerely, Jenine Millor, Behavioral Health director, County of Mendocino

* * *

Ms. Miller also attached the earlier letter from Mr. Ortner to County CEO Carmel Angelo:

[From Ortner to Mendo, March 9, 2016]: Dear Ms. Angelo, the Ortner Management Group is formally announcing its intention to not renew the Mendocino contract for adult mental health services for next year. OMG will continue to work with its providers and the County to ensure continued services to clients until June 30, 2016. In the mean time we will coordinate with the transition team identified by the County to effect this change over the remaining time of our involvement in Mendocino County. If you have any questions, please contact me at 530-751-9901. Thank you. Sincerely, Thomas L. Ortner, Chief Executive Officer

* * *

The attached "deliverables grid" is three and a half pages of document titles with required format, contact for receipt, and delivery dates. Items to be supplied include: a list of contractors and amount, demographic reports, "full-service partnership documents," a care manager job description, list of all behavioral health clients with care manager and formal documentation for each client, list of all care managers and personal service coordinators, list of all Ortner and subcontractor staff and training completions, list of clients under medication management, individual client charts, access/crisis logs, hospitalization logs, and reports, statistics on frequency of treatment, a list of providers who have been suspended as ineligible for service reimbursement, complete cost report for Ortner and all subcontractors with full backup documentation, general ledgers for all cost reports, open client list broken down by subcontractor for comparison to the County's automated client lists, all outstanding billing issues, and monthly invoices for the last three months of the contract.

This specific and pointed letter and list is dramatic departure from the much more vague earlier transition documents. Finally, the County is getting into the specifics of the transition from Ortner to Redwood Quality Management. Given the date of this letter and the specifics listed, we must conclude that the County's newly hired Health and Human Service Agency director Tammy Moss Chandler and the newly hired (but as yet unidentified) contract manager, have belatedly realized that a vague list of meetings, memorandums, phone calls, and oral discussions is not going to do much good with an outfit like Ortner whose primary "service" is submitting bills and getting paid.

Mr. Ortner and his local representative Mr. Montgomery say they will be "cooperative." But the real test will first be whether they deliver the required plan to deliver the required materials and then provide what the county needs in a timely manner, and whether what they do deliver is anywhere near what it should be. The delivery dates in the "deliverables grid" are all for June or July, so it should not be long before we know how cooperative Ortner will really be.

If, as is likely, the requirements are not met, we at least now have some confidence that the problem will be addressed with more than a few phone calls and donut-meetings.

* * *



I have been denied in the appeal and I am sending out a revised version of the article you published last year. Next week I am going to court for my oldest and have high hopes that my new evidence will turn the tide.

We shall see.

Below is a link to my webpage with the revised story published, along with a few links and a donation button. I have been learning and sharing as much information as I can when I can and I hope to have this story published on a national level.

There are still courts that I can appeal to and I have been getting some legal help as well.

The webpage is

Again, thank you for your support and I hope to send you positive progress soon.

— Lyra Jubb

* * *



A MSP viewer (thank you) just sent us the word from the Board of Trustee meeting Thursday night.

Yes, MSP is breaking this story - but if the past is prologue, the KOZT news desk will announce tomorrow that THEY are breaking the story - just like they how they said they "broke" the superintendent resignation story six days after MSP's post and three days after the Advocate posted it...

* * *


Early Thursday, the Sheriff’s Department issued the following notice:

MISSING PERSON - Have you seen Robert Hayden?


He was last seen in the area west of mile marker 80.33 North Highway 101 - Laytonville which is his residence. Robert is 82 years old, 5'9", 165 lbs., thin build, white hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a brown coat, blue stocking cap, dark blue pants and green rubber boots. He hasn't been seen since 6:30 pm last night at his residence in Laytonville. Robert suffers from dementia and he often walks his property, but has never been gone this long. If you have any information on where he might be, please contact our dispatch center immediately at (707) 463-4086.

* * *


UPDATE: Robert Hayden has been found alive and is enroute to Ukiah Valley Medical Center! Thanks to all who kept him in your thoughts and prayers.



The Dude Responsible for the Biggest Humboldt Bust of the Nineties Just Got Arrested Again in Santa Rosa

by Hank Sims

On Friday we turned the dial on the Wayback Machine to June 23, 1998, when the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration busted a Berry Summit grow op that boggled everyone’s mind for a good long while.

What did they find? A whole house given over entirely to an indoor grow operation! Like, every room had weed growing in it! In a brilliant act of deception, the growers bought outdoor play gear and scattered it around the yard to make it seem like someone was living there. Oh, the perfidy! Imagine it!

Well, these things may seem dull today, but when Proposition 215 was only two years old they were pretty much unheard of. A grow house? A grow house? What will they think of next?

If you’re interested, the North Coast Journal archives have a chronicle of the bust here. People talked about it on the street for weeks. It helped that more than 12,000 plants were discovered during the raid — an impressive enough number today, but almost unfathomable two decades ago — and that the main perpetrator ran off into the woods to escape arrest. He lived on the lam for four years before they finally dragged him back in.

That man was Dennis Franklin Hunter, a Willits High School graduate, who was arrested again yesterday when the Santa Rosa Police Department raided two of his companies — Absolute Xtracts and Care By Design, each of which manufacture various marijuana-based creams and extracts and vape juices. According to the Press Democrat, Hunter was arrested and held on $5 million bail.

The cannabinoid community is up in arms about these raids. One reason the cops came down on these businesses, they say, is that they suspected that they were using butane to manufacture their vapes. Company spokespeople are saying that they did not use butane, that they used carbon dioxide instead. There was a rally outside one of the raided locations this morning:

City officials tell the PD that the companies had permits to manufacture “essential oils,” but maintain that nothing in those permits gave them permission to manufacture weed-based products.

Hunter, in the meanwhile, seems to have been leading a full life since his release from the prison sentence he got for his Humboldt bust. In 2011, he was about to be detained at an Arkansas airport when he fled law enforcement by taking off up into the skies, emergency-landing his plane on a rural road shortly thereafter. When cops caught up with him he once again fled into the woods and became the subject of a statewide manhunt.

(Courtesy, LostCoastOutpost)

* * *

A WILLITS READER WRITES: You’re right about Remco. It is interesting that the Burton cabal say they plan a brew pub… in the terms of the trust it is specific that no human beings can sleep/spend the night on the premises due to suspected, real or conceived, environmental contamination. So people can work, drink and eat at the place, no problem, but can’t spend the night…? Don’t plan on a cold one and a sandwich anytime soon at that joint… Look for the mayoral cabal to flip the Willits blight to a new buyer very soon, perhaps even the skunk train…? This is the crookedest deal I’ve seen in over 40 years of watching Willits big shots screwing the public, what fun…

* * *


Good morning,

Below is a press release announcing the merger of REACH Air Medical Services (REACH) and California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR), two of California's preeminent air medical providers. This merger will create the largest network of air ambulance bases in California. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jay Silverberg at (707) 772-6824 or<>.

You may also contact Anna Blair, REACH VP of Business Relations & Development at (707) 508-6204 or Thank you for your consideration. Best regards,

Nicole Lee | Social Media & Marketing Coordinator | REACH Headquarters -Santa Rosa, CA

P: 707.303.3654 | C: 530.320.3996 | E:

* * *

REACH, CALSTAR Announce Air Medical Services Merger

Bases in Northern, Central California form Largest Statewide Network

SANTA ROSA, CA – June 16, 2016 - REACH Air Medical Services LLC (“REACH”) and CALIFORNIA SHOCK TRAUMA AIR RESCUE (“CALSTAR”), two of the preeminent air medical ambulance providers in Northern and Central California for three decades, are entering into an agreement that will place CALSTAR within the same corporate holding company as REACH (“REACH Medical Holdings LLC”).

In a joint announcement today, Sean Russell, REACH President, and Lynn Malmstrom, CALSTAR CEO, said the air medical operation of CALSTAR will become a limited liability company (LLC) as part of the terms of the agreement, and will operate under the current CALSTAR brand as CALSTAR Air Medical Services LLC. The parties intend to better serve the community through their united efforts.

The new company will be one of the three firms under REACH Medical Holdings, LLC, a holding corporation (the “Company”) which is part of Air Medical Group Holdings, Inc. (AMGH), one of the largest air medical firms in the United States. Cal-Ore Life Flight, which merged with REACH in 2011, also is a part of the holding company.

CALSTAR Air Medical Services LLC will continue to operate with its own unique brand and flight nurse staffing model. REACH and CALSTAR officials foresee no base closures with the goal being to focus on integration, support and maintaining the services that have made both organizations successful. No other decisions have been made related to services.

Financial terms are not being disclosed at this time. The proceeds of this transaction will go to and fund a new not-for-profit foundation to benefit the public. The mission and activities of this new foundation are still to be determined and will be shared at a later date as they become available.

“Our companies have been competitors for 30 years, built upon similar foundations of high quality services, patient care and loyalty to our communities, to our patients and to our members who rely upon us for safe, reliable air medical transport,” Russell said.

Malmstrom said a team comprised of staff from each company will be appointed to help guide the integration process. “We want to ensure that the resources of both programs are reviewed and utilized in a manner that is reflective of the best practices from our 30-year commitments to community and patient care, to industry-leading employee training and to the safe operations of one of the most modern rotor and fixed-wing fleets in air medical care.”

CALSTAR’s current members will become members of the AirMedCare Network, extending their membership benefits with no out-of-pocket expenses related to transport across 32 states and more than 251 aircraft locations that are part of AMGH.

Malmstrom and two others on his senior executive team – Tad Henderson (COO) and Mark Vincenzini (CFO) – will assist with the integration, but their respective roles will cease within the next 12 months as part of the agreement. Both Russell and Malmstrom told employees today that the goal is to maintain current operations and that no other decisions affecting base locations, staffing and fleet have been made.

* * *

Background on REACH and CALSTAR:

REACH ( has been headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, since its founding in 1987. The company, including Cal-Ore Life Flight, has more than 40 rotor and fixed-wing aircraft at more than 30 bases in California, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado and has bases affiliated with hospitals in Texas, and also assists customers in ground transport programs. Combined with Cal-Ore, the company has approximately 600 employees. In October 2015, REACH was named Program of the Year by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), one of the air medical transport industry’s highest honors. REACH also is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS).

CALSTAR ( was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Hayward, CA and now is headquartered in McClellan, CA. CALSTAR has approximately 225 employees, and 14 rotor and fixed-wing aircraft at nine bases of operation.

* * *


Reach is a for profit outfit, Calstar a nonprofit. So in the merger Calstar abandons somehow its nonprofit status. Reach is owned by Air Medical Group Holdings, Inc., the second largest medical air transport company in the US. Air Medical Group Holdings, Inc is in turn owned by KKR & Co. LP, one of the world’s largest private equity firms. Originally started by Jerome Kohlberg, Henry Kravis and George Roberts, they became infamous for being the main players in the leveraged buyout debacle of the 1980s. Personally, Kohlberg owned the Toll House on Highway 253 for a while though he has sold it and also resigned from the company. Last year he died at 90.

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, June 16, 2016

Baumeister, Eldredge, Ferrell
Baumeister, Boldton, Eldredge


JOHN BOLTON IV, Willits. Drunk in public, probation revocation. (Frequent flyer.)

MICHAEL ELDREDGE, Ukiah. DUI-drugs, misdemeanor hit&run.

Ferrell, Haley, Hernandez
Ferrell, Haley, Hernandez

LEE FERRELL, Santa Rosa. Brandishing, drunk in public.

ASHLEY HALEY, Ukiah. Failure to appear.

VINCENT HERNANDEZ, Ukiah. Controlled substance, parole violation.

Lawrence, Lykes, Malugani, Nunez
Lawrence, Lykes, Malugani, Nunez

DEBORAH LAWRENCE, Ukiah. Controlled substance, under influence, probation revocation.

SEAN LYKES, Ukiah. Failure to appear.

JUSTIN MALUGANI, Ukiah. Probation revocation.

BEAU NUNEZ, Fort Bragg. Domestic assault, controlled substance.

Pinola, Sommer, Stanberry
Pinola, Sommer, Stanberry

GABRIELLA PINOLA, Ukiah. Assault with deadly weapon not a gun, suspended license.

ABEL SOMMER, Albion. Brandishing, attempt to commit a crime.

JOSEPH STANBERRY, Quincy/Fort Bragg. Fugitive from justice.

*Material witness in the disappearances of Donald “JC” Cavanaugh and David Neily at the likely hands of James Denoyer.

* * *


by Jeff Costello

Conservative writer P.J. O'Rourke, who used to butt heads with Molly Ivins on TV, came on the Tonight show once and explained right wing logic: "If you weren't a liberal when young, you had no heart. If you're not a conservative when older, you have no brain." Tell that to Chomsky... or Molly Ivins' ghost. But part of his statement is true: attaining a conservative brain comes with abandonment of the heart.

O'Rourke wrote for the National Lampoon in the early 70s. It was a viciously funny rag evolved from the Harvard Lampoon, a bastion of privileged WASPs, where they mercilessly ridiculed Jews, Italians, Negroes, and Hispanics. This was not lynch-mob bigotry — these rich white kids had no need to be angry, the world was going to be their oyster, headed as they were for corporate boardrooms, and the law firms who served them — it was just good, solid, upper class snobbery.

The right-wingers I was sparring with on the internet are "former democrats" who "saw the light." The euphemism for this is "enlightened self-interest," which I call "fear of someone taking away one’s toys." One, despite his straight-down-the-alley conservative views, fears and prejudices, claims contempt for Party Loyalists. Must be because the only party he's loyal to went down at Nuremberg. If everyone these people say hate America really hated America, the only Real Americans would be living in an armed compound in Idaho.

One of the biggest points of contention in these discussions has been homosexuality and you guessed it, San Francisco. One of these guys is bent over the very idea of “gay lifestyle” - which he is “repulsed” by - and like so many other “good Americans” across the USA, thoroughly believes that San Francisco is a seething den of iniquity where gay men romp wildly in bath houses and take delight in spreading AIDS, while the ultra-left wing Nancy Pelosi, in cahoots with Barbra Streisand, plots the overthrow of the government and end of the civilized world.

Any attempt to explain that homosexuality is a congenital condition like curly hair, a big nose or artistic talent is met only with silence and further snide remarks about bath houses. Or, as in one case, Barbra Streisand’s nose.

One has already assailed me for suggesting "war hero" Dr. Strangelove McCain has PTSD and tried to turn it into another anti-gay-AIDs rant, even comparing the "dangers" of homosexual behavior to the threat of nuclear war. (Maybe he’s just a repressed old closet queen hiding behind the flag.) Failing to persecute gays, I learn, constitutes “support” for the spread of AIDS. By this logic, my failure to “support the troops” constitutes support for the war, since I also do not persecute them.

This guy, an Orange County republican, did prove himself to be a repressed closet case when he insisted on going into some gory details about gay sexual habits. I hadn't the slightest idea what he was talking about but it became apparent that these were things he wished he could do freely, but his life as an uptight family man and patriotic American would never allow. He was old enough to have accepted his fate but was still angry after all those years.

I imagine a doorman or bouncer outside a conservative gathering of some sort, checking the credentials of all who try and enter...those who fail the test are sent to the "interrogation room..." where, to paraphrase Ambrose Bierce, their eyes are plucked out in order to improve their vision.

It's really impossible communicating with anyone who assumes superior morality and uses self-righteousness as a weapon.

* * *


Omar Mateen had all the proper permits and credentials to purchase the weapons he needed to fulfill his mission-o’-the-day. Do the “authorities” hand out these permits and credentials to folks with psychological pathologies? Of course they do! — Military, police, security contractors, TSA, etc., etc., etc… So, wha’cha gonna do? Create yet another layer/level of legislation and its attendant self-preserving bureaucracy (and psychopathic minions)? Personally, I don’t think that’s at all wise. This is a problem/symptom of a sick society; it can’t be “fixed” by applying more of the disease.

* * *


(From Alternet):

The following is from the final chapter in the new ebook CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files by former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley.


So who killed President Kennedy?

The CIA’s last assassination-related files might help us answer that question. These files constitute a significant body of material — more than 1,100 files containing up to 50,000 pages of material. As we have seen, these are the files of senior officers implicated in the JFK assassination story. My hunch is that this trove of long-secret intelligence files — if declassified in its entirety — will support the notion that the president was ambushed by enemies within his own government…

The qualifier is important — if declassified in its entirety — because it raises a tougher question: Can online civil society force top CIA officials to make public information they obviously would prefer to keep a secret?

That is the fundamental question raised — but not answered — by this book. “Who killed JFK?” is a fascinating and significant question, but I have to admit it can sound like so much banter in a Baby Boomer bar room. The JFK story has no particular urgency in millennial America. I’m talking about a single homicide that happened before most of you were born. But the CIA’s last JFK files raise a contemporary political issue that couldn’t be more timely and relevant for the millennial generation: the role of extreme secrecy in a democratic society…

This veil of secrecy descended on the day Kennedy died, as senior agency officials concealed their ongoing conspiracies to kill Cuban president Fidel Castro and their pre-assassination knowledge of suspected JFK assassin Lee Oswald.

This veil of secrecy impeded the investigations of the assassination by the Warren Commission in 1964, by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison in 1967–1989, by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 1975–1976, by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976–'79, and by the Assassination Records Review Board in 1994–'98. In every investigation relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA concealed information relevant to the JFK story that should have been made public.

In 2016, this veil of secrecy continues to conceal 1,100 files concerning the likes of CIA officials Bill Harvey, Howard Hunt, David Phillips, David Morales, Ann Goodpasture, and George Joannides, as well as the surveillance operations that picked up on Lee Harvey Oswald as he made his way from Moscow to Minsk to Fort Worth to New Orleans to Mexico City to Dallas…

The only check on those senior CIA officials who wish to continue the JFK assassination cover-up in 2016 is online civil society. Online civil society consists of citizens of the United States (and the world) who are empowered by the Internet to find and share information. Thanks to the World Wide Web, all people everywhere now have access to the historical record of JFK’s assassination (via websites like, and and to powerful communications channels (like Facebook and Twitter)…

* * *

Rob Anderson's comment:

See also my review of Gerald Posner's book on the JFK assassination and an excerpt from David Talbot's book: “What Really Happened in Dallas.”

— Rob Anderson, Courtesy Distric5Diary

* * *


Just write an essay…

* * *


Commission celebrates former Executive Director Anne Molgaard’s 16 years of Leadership and welcomes new applicants

The FIRST 5 Mendocino Commission recently lauded its Executive Director, Anne Molgaard with a celebration of 16 years of exemplary dedication to Mendocino County’s children ages 0-5 and to the organization. Ms. Molgaard’s strong dedication to families with young children was mentioned several times in speeches thanking her at the event as well as her unparalleled ability to motivate and encourage new emerging leaders among her staff and AmeriCorps volunteers. Ms. Molgaard became Mendocino County Health and Human Services Chief Operations Officer on May 16th. FIRST 5 Mendocino’s Commission selected Carol Mordhorst to be the interim director until a replacement is hired. Ms. Mordhorst has many years of experience as a former Public Health Director.

“FIRST 5 Mendocino and Mendocino County has greatly benefitted from Anne’s direction for the past 16 years,” said Lucresha Rentería, FIRST 5 Mendocino Commission Chair. “The hiring of a new Executive Director is an exciting opportunity for professionals in our community. We have a collaborative and healthy commission as well as dynamic and hard-working staff. We look forward to interviewing all qualified applicants to bring a new leader to the organization.”

For those interested in more information about the Executive Director of the Commission, please visit and click on the job description.

Starting June 13th, the FIRST 5 Mendocino commission has begun to accept applications to hire a new Executive Director of the Commission. The Executive Director of the Commission will serve as a resource, administrator, coordinator and advisor to the Commission, with the goal of providing successful outcomes for children and families. Cover letters and resumes will be accepted until 5:00pm on Friday, July 8th, 2016. Please submit information to Jenna Munos via email at, by mail to FIRST 5 Mendocino at 166 East Gobbi Street, Ukiah, CA 95482 or faxed to (707) 462-5570.

For more information on FIRST 5 Mendocino’s programs, call (707) 462-4453 or visit


  1. Craig Stehr June 17, 2016

    Dr. Jill Stein Stands With Beyond Extreme Energy in Response to Wyoming Republican Senator Barasso’s Condemnation of BXE’s Protest Tactics. Here’s the report and video:

  2. BB Grace June 17, 2016


    Thomas Jefferson preserved this quip, writing in a 1799 journal that Adams had said: “A boy of 15 who is not a democrat is good for nothing, and he is no better who is a democrat at 20.”

    The most liberating experience of my life was liberating myself from being a liberal.

    • james marmon June 17, 2016

      Mental-cino County CPS historically discriminates against parents with disabilities. I am a witness. I suppose it will be a lot worse now with the foster care and adoption agency taking over adult mental health services. I think it is a big conflict of interest and it will be challenged in court.

      James Marmon MSW

      • james marmon June 17, 2016

        I guess I’m being negative, I’m sure that the foster care and adoption agency taking over all adult mental health services will do their best to make sure the number of children placed in foster care and put up for adoption decreases, what was I thinking of?

        James Marmon
        The Prophet

        CPS makes their recommendations to the court based on the service providers recommendations to them.

        • james marmon June 17, 2016

          Why mess around trying to fix a broken parent when there might be a nice gay or lesbian couple out there ready to adopt now?

          James Marmon

          The truth hurts.

            • james marmon June 17, 2016

              A really good article Ms. BB Grace, thanks.

              “Generally in the United States, telling the truth about corporate-government tyranny and injustice requires little real risk, and so such truths provide little energy. It is not that there is no value in exposing more truths about the corporatocracy. However, many professional activ­ists and educators have become lazy, pursing only easy, risk-free truths that are not energizing.”

              I may be wasting my time telling the truth about RQMC-HHSA/CPS tyranny, but will continue to do so anyway.

              I like your statement

              “The most liberating experience of my life was liberating myself from being a liberal.”

              I call it Independence Day myself.

              James Marmon
              Born on the 4th of July

              • BB Grace June 17, 2016

                I agree with Dr. Levine:
                “Prevailing psychological theories are not politically neutral. Martin-Baró astutely observed that many mainstream psychological schools of thought—be they psychoanalytic, behavioral, or biochemical—accept the maximization of pleasure as the motivating force for human behavior, the same maximization of pleasure that is assumed by neoclassical economic theorists. This ignores the human need for fairness, social justice, freedom, and autonomy as well as other motivations that would transform society.”

                I find this statement brilliant because it’s true that pleasure is not what motivates everyone. It’s a bad place to start when discussing how to handle mental health.

                Was Aaron Bassler motivated by feeling good or money from harvesting the crop he was watching?

                What motivates a person? For you perhaps social justice? Inspiration motivates me.

  3. Jim Updegraff June 17, 2016

    Sure a lot of pyscho babble today going on today.

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