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Herbicide Rally & Protest

[Jul 19] Forest Actions in Ukiah

RALLY 9:00am
To enforce Measure V
Board of Supervisors,
Low Gap Rd., Ukiah

PROTEST 11:00 am
Mendocino Redwood Company's Herbicide Use & Dead-end Forestry
MRC Log Deck
North State St. and Hensley Cr. Rd., Ukiah

Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC) has poisoned thousands of acres of "unwanted" trees in Mendocino and Humboldt County with Imazapyr, leaving the trees dead standing. MRC uses Glyphosate, (Roundup), and Triclopyr (Garlon) to kill vegetation. Speak out against MRC's continued herbicide use, leaving more dead standing trees after Measure V's Voter Mandate said: STOP! Demand an end to Mendocino Redwood Company's destructive overcutting of Mendocino County's last remaining redwoods. Stop MRC's overcutting of Mendocino County's last remaining redwoods. Say "hogwash" to "greenwash!" Contact: Lara 707-357-5365 Redwood Nation EF! and coalition members

Citizens voted in June to declare the intentional leaving of dead standing trees a Public Nuisance by a whopping two thirds majority. Dead and dying tanoaks create ladder fuels, an extreme fire danger, while living tanoaks make acorns, a traditional food of the Pomo. Acorns are required by wildlife. Mendocino Redwood Company kills about a million tanoak trees a year by notching the trees and injecting herbicide. MRC uses Imazapyr, a broad-spectrum herbicide banned in Europe since 2003. "Hack and Squirt" saves MRC big bucks compared to manual removal. Herbicide workers are primarily Spanish-speaking Latino people.

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