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The Neighbor’s Lawn Sign


NOW IT'S TIME to make up your mind

the primary's over, so's your lawn sign

You were feeling the Bern

Now you know it's her turn—

put up a sign for Jill Stein


Jill’ll cut the funding for war

There’s so much that we need it for

Health and education,

Public transportation,

All those aging bridges to restore...


Now you might say, Listen Fred

Clinton ain’t that far ahead

And every vote for Jill

is a vote away from Hill

We might get the Donald instead.


Relax —Clinton wins in a landslide

Wall Street is all in on her side

And the Pentagon, too

and the SEIU

And NGOs underwriting pride


And millions of women know the truth

in the privacy of the voting booth (so called)

they'll raise their voice

for freedom of choice—

an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth


So relax… And don't forget


Qadaffi was killed at her command

Obama could not stay her hand

And what a merry laugh

she had with the chiefs of staff

Watching Libya disband


Syria was next on her list

A threat to Bibi’s right to exist

The neocon queen

was keen to intervene

But Russia helped Assad resist


In their old Cold War that never dies

Putin is Stalin in disguise

And noble Ukraine

Is Republican Spain

And Soros is progressive and wise


And let's not forgive the DNC

Stealing votes from decent Bernie

Putting in the fix

for the nominatrix

In the name of “Democracy.”


Pass on their lesser-evil line!

We know we can't win this time

But we gotta start somewhere

And she’s already there

So put up a sign for Jill Stein


Let's break out of our bind

let's get the Green Party defined

Whether you own or lease

The issue is Peace!

Put up a sign for Jill Stein

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  1. LouisBedrock August 7, 2016

    Well written.
    Well said,

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