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Where’s The Outrage?

Every Democratic president since FDR has been a prisoner of war. Michelle and the darling girls, as Bruce contends, are being dungeoned presently in the deepest, darkest , dankest levels of the White House catacombs. It is their body doubles who are displayed for public consumption.

The corporados, the feds, the repugs and the tea for brains have learned everything from the Sixties but substance. Liberals continue their four decade back flip from everything connected them but some empty rhetoric(is that redundant or an oxymoron? The Rooster admits to a sumptuous dyslexia.).

He has been an independent, radical, political activ­ist during the 40 years he has lived in Mendoland by way of NJ, NYC, Ebbett’s Field, the Army, NYU, the San Francisco Mime Troupe, the Diggers, Sproule Plaza, Haight St, Candlestick Park, Madrone Canyon, Larkspur.

While he is actively campaigning for the three can­didates he discusses further on, he DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THEM OR THEIR CAMPAIGNS. CAPICE? While some aging, County politicos dis­miss the coming elections w/disdain and yawns, it is the most promising election in three decades or more. As usual the ludicrous Fifth District is up to its eye­balls playing pre-school, sand box politics. The wretched Colfax and Charles (Who?) Peterson are supporting Jim Mastin, a super nice guy whose articulation and grasp of issues is nowhere near as accomplished as Dan Hamburg’s.

Colfax, the current Fifth District Supe, arrived late and sat silently to the rear on Candidates Night at the Philo Grange. No polite greeting to his constituents, none extended in his direction. He might have been a ghost. Half way through the program his Supsterness was seen to skulk from the gathering to pile his vehi­cle w/Mastin signs. The Rooster’s van was parked next to the car from which the anemic wraith (redundant?) of Colfax was doing the transferring while the Rooster was taking a long, clearly audible leak. Probably thought it was Anderson Valley Creek, ’e did.

Norman is running. Why is Norman running? This is an excellent question. Most people believe he is running because he is jealous of Dan and isn‘t getting enough attention sitting on and off his old rocker there in Greater Downtown Elk. Folks need to ask Norman why he is running, ask him emphatically so. Maybe tap softly on his head with a small, smooth stone, a la Malloy or was it, Malone?.

Norman is trying to force a run off. The Rooster firmly believes it to be a serious crime against the obviously superior candidate, his staff and the voters to force yet another frivolous election of any kind. Measure A comes to mind. (You’re next, McCowen.) Filibuster, Norman?

For all you sob sisters out there, this is not a nasty personal attack on poor, old Norman. It is a distinctly a mild, political one, from a writer who does nasty and vicious w/panache and love. It is a purely political attack. There’s a difference, Norman. You’ve been asking for it for a long time now. Dig it.

A number of the new, old timers, myself included, have had differences with Dan over the years. Speak­ing with Dan personally and to members of his suburb campaign staff, in particular, the admirable Doug Mosel, former Measure H co-ordinator, I’m con­vinced of Dan’s credibility, capabilities and commit­ment to the enormously challenging and essential job ahead.

He will bring the high quality and visible leader­ship we’ve sorely missed since the days of the open, friendly Ernie Banker, the young Jim Eddie and the long lamented Ted Galletti. Dan is strong to powerful on primo County issues, in particular, local agriculture and community organizing, development and that 21st Century word, enhancement.

As for sweet Wendy from Mendo, fergit it, a scowling golem (is scowling implied in golem? You see what I mean?), brokered by the inimitable Jared Car­ter and his uber-butcher side kick, La Ma-ril-lyn. Asked about these and other possible associates, she pouted, drew her dark, miniscule self up and lectured the patients assembled in a pissy voice, I’m not here to hear my friends insulted. All we’re interested in is only bringing jobs to this County. So there!

Ah, and what kind of jobs did ye have in mind for our own sweet County, Mistress Wendy? Would ye be telling us about that, eh? The Rooster is recollect­ing these sentences in solitude and assures his reader he is presenting the spirit if not the precise phrasing. I’ll bet, not even Geraldine Rose is going to vote for this par-tic-a-lar, female candidate. Are you, Gerald­ine?

During closing statements Wendy, in high dudg­eon, denounced the AVA for suggesting she could become involved in a massive conflict of interest. This apparently sordid, entirely legitimate allegation the candidate was clearly beyond dignifying with a response. And out she stalked, her little heels tip, tap, tip, tapping determinedly out the door.

David Eyster’s excellent interview in this noble pub­lication made the Rooster wildly interested in learning more. He did learn more, from people who know, and was convinced we have a candidate for DA we’ve been looking for since the great Joe Allen was finally eaten alive by the job. The Rooster is not sug­gesting any other resemblance of Dave to Joe beyond potential stature on Dave’s part.

Dave is supported by Keith Faulder, the man whom, but for some ill smelling strategies and person­alities, should be our current DA. Finally, Dave should drive the dysfunctional incumbent deep into McCovey Cove to win an extra inning game for Matt Cain.

The Rooster is anticipating that Dave will draft the highly functional, human Faulder back into the DA’s office where he belongs. A semblance of justice returns to the DA’s office. How many Counties can say that?

Superior Court judges Dave Nelson and John Behnke support Ann Moorman. That’s more than good enough for this writer, who goes back with Dave and Diane Shugart to the first Hamburg campaign. Ms. Moorman is direct, engaging, articulate and sharp in person. And who is this Calihan character anyway?

The Rooster has only one question for all these can­didates: What are your thoughts and possible intentions regarding the pot commandos who are conducting home invasions against all manner of good, from good, decent County citizens by way of paying for their fascist depredations?

The Rooster is warmly receptive to encourage­ment, appreciation, praise and adulterations(?), even more warmly to jeers, contention, argument, threats and worse — IN PRINT. To quote the former White House trog, Bring it on!

This writer will be printing the first of the numer­ous manuscripts in his Tropic of Aquarius saga, On the Road Again, sometime this summer. His website, Big Bad Red Rooster Publishing, can be accessed at, click on Full Frontal Photos. He lives on the Philo-Greenwood Road. His home town is Philo. He is single, tall and good looking.

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