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  1. Jim Updegraff August 18, 2016

    Native Americans and their rights means very little to most Americans.

  2. Rick Weddle August 20, 2016

    I’m thinking First Nations folks (not the Noble Savage lie from Hollywood and DC) and their Rights mean a very great deal more than a lot of North Americans will ever know…sadly. How many among those multitudes gone extinct at the hand of ‘civilization’ were in fact Successful cultures (unlike this one, which needs some prompt, prudent tips!), which maintained stable populations over long periods of time in balance with their resources,…as if they were in fact Intelligent, and not just mouthing the word over and over to convince someone…Going backwards isn’t a real option, timewise, but it might be very well survival-wise to get a clue from folks that did know how to do it…just for drill, simply for the novelty of it…

  3. Rick Weddle August 20, 2016

    Or: A hand-picked delegation from the White House and the Great White *er* Father, commissioned by direct Verbal Order, and by written Letter Order Number____, both issued this date,____, and effective immediately, will take priority travel arrangements and proceed as follows: Go to the Standing Rock people, ask permission to come on to their ground. If granted leave, get down on your knees and beg that these People join us and help us find our way out of the Tarpit we’ve created so enthusiastically of our only planet. Then get your ass back here so we can spread the word and get to work!

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