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Mendocino County Today: Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016

* * *

A LARGE EARTHQUAKE, magnitude 5.6, struck deep in the Pacific about 60 miles west of Ferndale at 8:30 Friday night. People in Fort Bragg to Albion mostly reported it as a quick jolt.

* * *

FROM MendocinoSportsPlus...

The quake was 7.5 miles deep and generated 451 responses (from 41 zip codes) of feeling it. Eureka had 161 reports of "feeling it," Arcata 86, Fortuna 49, McKinleyville 36, Ferndale 28, Bayside 10, Fort Bragg & Rio Dell 9 and Garberville 8.

There were also these doubtful "solo" reports of "feeling it:" Sparks, Nevada (319 miles from the epicenter), Alameda (260 miles away) plus Pleasant Hill (256 miles) and San Francisco (251 miles away).

Unofficially, several people reported "feeling it" on the MCNlisterv:

  • "I felt it, 8 miles from coast as crow JDSF on ridge above Mendocino Woodlands at Old Mill Farm."
  • "Table shook: I Thought it was the dog!"
  • "Felt it in Albion."
  • "Felt it 3 miles out Comptche Rd too."
  • "Dishes shaking in Albion."
  • "Nothing here 2.5 miles up Albion Ridge."

* * *


by Robin Rohr Carter

A life-size Donald Trump cutout on the sidewalk welcomes all to Trump Campaign Headquarters at 461-B N. State Street, open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Headquarters offers campaign buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and yard signs for supporters, as well as camaraderie among old and new friends.

Left to right: Wayne McBride of Ukiah, “The Donald”, Mike Carter of Laytonville, and Greg Colby of Ukiah.
Left to right: Wayne McBride of Ukiah, “The Donald”, Mike Carter of Laytonville, and Greg Colby of Ukiah.

“Ukiah is my home and it is important for people of all political parties to know where they can go to get the facts about our Presidential election,” stated Wayne McBride, the Mendocino County Coordinator for Californians for Trump. McBride, a veteran of the Marine Corps and a retired Captain from the Ukiah Police Department continued, “Many people have asked me to connect with others who also believe that our country is going in the wrong direction. We need a President that will change that direction.”

McBride announced Trump Headquarters would host an Open House for the first debate on September 26th, and staff a booth at the Pumpkin Festival. “The Trump booth at the Redwood Empire Fair was very popular. Our choice for President will define who we are as Americans. We have an opportunity to elect Donald Trump to begin the process of freeing us from the corruption of cronyism, special interests, and a rigged system.”

He concluded, “As Americans, we can't afford to sit this election out. These critical issues cross party lines as we cast our vote toward the support of our Constitution and our individual freedoms. Donald Trump will do that by making America great again.”

* * *

101 HORTENSE no longer sings the wholesome songs of carefree youth. The Mendocino College football team has moved out, much to the relief to their Westside Ukiah neighbors who complained that the twenty or so scholar-athletes made a lot of noise at all hours and their housekeeping seemed non-existent. The fact that the young men were black was quickly seized upon by Hortense's mercenary and demagogic landlord, a Redwood Valley doctor named Gitlin, who said neighborhood complaints were inspired by pure racism. Not true, but inevitable given the times and the history of our fair land. The real issue is unlikely to be addressed: Why is a remote junior college in Mendocino County importing black kids from Florida to play football?

* * *


* * *

CONGRESSMAN HUFFMAN, fresh off getting the Confederate flag banned every place except trailer parks, has announced that he's gotten another three mil out of the feds for a Marin-based boondoggle called the SMART train. It's backers have always passed the project off as a commuter line, but it runs, when and if it runs, from 4th Street in San Rafael to the area of the airport north of Santa Rosa. In other words, from a point where few commuters travel to and from to a point where no one commutes to or from. Along the way, it back doors the populated areas of Marin and Sonoma counties, meaning few people will find it either convenient or affordable; ticket prices are projected at $12-14 for a round trip ticket, meaning zero incentive for commuters to abandon their vehicles. Eventually, SMART will run to the far side — the very far side — of the ferry terminal at Larkspur Landing, meaning its riders will still have a very long hump from the train to the boats. Huffman, natch, says SMART "is a critical service to commuters, to students going to school (sic), and to tourists that are visiting and spending money in our local economy." Commuters will reject it as too expensive and inconvenient, there are no schools along the line, tourists might ride it once.

* * *

THE LONG AWAITED suicide barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge is on hold while the Bridge District finds the money to pay for it. The barrier will be a nearly invisible metal mesh net strung beneath the Bridge, prompting additional concerns that thrill seekers will jump for the pure heck of it. But it will definitely save lives.


THE BRIDGE remains a magnet for suicides. During the first half of 2016, 21 persons jumped while another 112 seriously considering a last leap were talked out of it by alert bridge personnel. 88 of those deterred were 34 and younger, another 29 were ages 35 to 59 while 7 were over age 60.

* * *

CHALK ONE UP for Dave Gurney. The persistent Fort Bragg man had complained loud and long that the consent calendar should be up front of the people's business, not last when everyone except the city council has gone home.

09082016 Order of Council Agendas Staff Report

* * *

LARRY LIVERMORE nicely sums up the feeling of non-pot smokers:

I started smoking pot when I was about Bieber’s age. In fact for more than 20 years of my life I would have sworn that marijuana made me smarter, wiser, more moral, and probably even more handsome. In reality, as most people who knew me during that time will happily tell you, it made me an obnoxious dingbat.

That seems to be the effect it has on most of its users. The problem is — a big problem — is that the more stoned you get, the more likely you are to believe the complete opposite.

It’s only logical: why would people spend tons of money and (at least in some jurisdictions) even risk arrest to take a drug that made them look and act dumber than they already were? Unless, of course, one of the chief effects of the drug were to stand reality on its head and translate bleary-eyed dumbfoundedness into a half-assed approximation of cosmic insight and understanding?

Marijuana users hate it when you point out that the “high” they experience is a form of temporary derangement if not clinical insanity. What they’re even less likely to appreciate — or be aware of — is that the derangement isn’t necessarily temporary.

That’s not to say it’s permanent — serious long-term research needs to be done — but the mind-altering effects of marijuana last long after you stop toking down on the joints or bong hits. Days? Weeks? Months? How about years?

I’m not necessarily the ideal guinea pig, but that’s how long it took in my case: somewhere between three or four years before the inverted perceptions of my dope years felt fully restored to their former levels of functionality.

“But wait!” I can hear legions of dopers protest. “Just because you had a problem with marijuana doesn’t mean everybody else does. I mean, look at all the great art and philosophy that came out of the baby boom generation when they started smoking weed en masse in the 1960s!”

To which I can only respond: Yeah, just look at it.

One of the most pernicious impacts of marijuana is the illusion that the universe revolves around the user, and that said user is uniquely qualified to understand and explain this to lesser mortals not under its influence. It’s not hard to see why this could be particularly problematic in the case of a 19 year old, who by dint of age and hormones alone, is already convinced he knows everything.

* * *


(courtesy MendocinoSportsPlus)

* * *


The Ecology Hour – Science Edition, on KZYX, is moving to the second Tuesday of each month. Our program for September 8 will feature Dr. Frederica Bowcutt, professor of Botany at Evergreen State College in Washington and author of “The Tanoak Tree: An Environmental History of a Pacific Coast Hardwood,” published by the Washington University Press, which has released a video trailer for the book.

* * *



Wed., August 31. — A Mendocino Superior Court jury returned from its deliberations this morning with a guilty verdict against Jake Buck Harbour, age 33, of Willits. The jury convicted Harbour of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor. The jury also returned a not guilty verdict on the alternate count of driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol .08 or greater. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 2, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. in Dept. G in the Ukiah courthouse. Any person interested in the final outcome of this particular criminal proceeding is welcome to attend that hearing.

Michael Sheen, actor/doppelganger
Michael Sheen, actor/doppelganger

The prosecutor who presented the People's evidence at trial was Deputy District Attorney Adam Seraphin. The law enforcement agencies who investigated this matter was the California Highway Patrol and the California Department of Justice Crime Laboratory in Eureka. Mendocino County Superior Court Judge Richard Henderson presided over the two-day trial.

* * *


During the month of August the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office was made aware of a large marijuana growing operation located in the 13800 Block of Nakomis Road but accessed off of Pratt Ranch Road in Hopland. The garden was located within the exterior boundaries of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indian Rancheria. The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office consulted with representatives from the Federal Government and learned the Federal Government would not be asserting jurisdication in this matter but was not opposed to the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office proceeding with an investigation into the commercial cultivation of marijuana for sale.

Diamond, Murphy
Diamond, Murphy

On 9-2-2016 around 10:00 AM deputies with the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, assisted by the Ukiah Police Department, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Mendocino County Department of Environmental Health, served a search warrant at the location. Hopland Tribal Police did not assist with this operation but were contacted regarding the matter and were provided a copy of the search warrant. At the location 847 marijuana plants were eradicated. Three persons were detained, two of whom were later arrested. Suspect Zachary Diamond, 26, of Hopland, was arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and possession of nunchaku (a prohibited weapon). Suspect Kyle Murphy, 26, of Hopland, was arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale. Bail for both suspects was set at $50,000.

This case investigation is on going. Anyone with information related to this commercial marijuana growing operation is requested to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office tip line at (707)234-2100. Persons can provide tips and remain anonymous.

* * *



…If you refuse for her sake, this night I'll go away forever."

Then the Honorable Jerry Ryley drew himself up in senatorial grandeur.

"Fetch Kathleen to me, here!"

By this time the thing had gotten wind. The dancing ceased and in silence in which you could have heard a pin drop, the schoolmaster — a fine manly fellow, strength in every one of his Californian sinews, but with face as pale as death — led by the hand the girl, pale and flushing, by turns. The throng ranged on the sides of the barn leaving the middle vacant, everyone intensely excited.

Sternly spoke the Honorable Jerry:

"Kathleen! As I have been to thee father and mother both, since thy mother died at thy birth, answer before God: Do ye love this man?"

"I love him, father."

Then frightened at the publicity — and everything — she turned to her lover who took her in his arms before them all and comforted her. It was the most touching thing I ever saw in my life. The betrothal was a fact and licensed when the Honorable Jerry leaped on to the table:

"Play, you devils, play up, can't yez? Haste to the widdin' now! Oup! Dance, what's the matter wid ye all, eh? Dance, I say! Oup."

O, the jigging of the next few minutes and the shouting!

* * *


County Offices Will Be Closed In Observance Of Labor Day

County offices will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2016, in observance of Labor Day, and will resume their normal hours of operation on Tuesday, September 6.

The County wishes residents and visitors alike, a happy and safe Labor Day.

For more information, please contact the Mendocino County Executive Office at (707) 463-4441.

Carmel J. Angelo

Chief Executive Officer

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, September 1&2, 2016

Adkins-Casey, Almond, Beltran, Billy
Adkins-Casey, Almond, Beltran, Billy

BRANDI ADKINS-CASEY, Ukiah. Receiving stolen property, possession of burglary tools, under influence, paraphernalia, probation revocation.

LINDA ALMOND, Ukiah. Under influence, paraphernalia.

JOSE BELTRAN, Redwood Valley. Illegal entry, probation revocation.

ANTHONY BILLY, Hopland. Probation revocation.

Berquist, Booth, Delacruz
Berquist, Booth, Delacruz

CHERIE BERGQUIST, Willits. Probation revocation.

KABEL BOOTH, Willits. Drunk in public.

VICTORIA DELACRUZ, Ukiah. Failure to appear.

Delfortrie, Delgado, Diamond, Galindo
Delfortrie, Delgado, Diamond, Galindo

BRENDAN DELFORTRIE, Laytonville. Pot cultivation, possession for sale.

JOHNY DELGADO, Fort Bragg. Domestic assault, vandalism, probation revocation.

ZACHARY DIAMOND, Hopland. Pot cultivation, possession for sale, nunchaku.

SAMMUEL GALINDO, Ukiah. Drunk in public, parole violation.

Hale, Deilner, Hodges
Hale, Deilner, Hodges

ORREN HALE, Willits. Burglary, probation revocation.

DANA HEILNER, Redwood Valley. Shoplifting, possession of smoking/injecting device.

LISA HODGES, Ukiah. Smuggling drugs or booze into jail, probation revocation.

Hopkins, Ireland, Lockhart
Hopkins, Ireland, Lockhart

RAY HOPKINS, Laytonville. Controlled substance.

CASEY IRELAND, Willits. Probation revocation.

VERNON LOCKHART, Willits. Domestic battery.

Morris, Murphy, Polson
Morris, Murphy, Polson

DENA MORRIS, Redwood Valley. Under influence, controlled substance, probation revocation. (Frequent flyer.)

KYLE MURPHY, Hopland. Pot cultivation, possession for sale.

PAIGE POLSON, Laytonville. Pot cultivation, possession for sale.

Sanders, Settles, Shillings
Sanders, Settles, Shillings

THOMAS SANDERS, Ukiah. Drunk in public. (Frequent flyer.)

JUSTIN SETTLES, Ukiah. Failure to appear.

DAYNIECE SHILLINGS, Ukiah. Domestic battery.

Singleton, Steven, Taylor
Singleton, Steven, Taylor

SHANE SINGLETON, Willits. Dirk-dagger, burglary.

MARC STEVEN, Laytonville. Pot cultivation, possession for sale, armed with firearm.

DANIEL TAYLOR, Covelo. County parole violation.

* * *


by Wilfred Owen


Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,

Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,

Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs

And towards our distant rest began to trudge.

Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots

But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;

Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots

Of tired, outstripped Five-Nines that dropped behind.


Gas! Gas! Quick, boys! … An ecstasy of fumbling,

Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time;

But someone still was yelling out and stumbling

And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime…

Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light,

As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.


In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,

He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.


If in some smothering dreams you too could pace

Behind the wagon that we flung him in,

And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,

His hanging face, like a

Devil’s sick of sin;

If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood

Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,

Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud

Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,

My friend, you would not tell with such high zest

To children ardent for some desperate glory,

The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est

Pro patria mori.

* * *


* * *

HILLARY CLINTON'S RECORD as a warmonger is undisputed, having been among the top leaders of the central government agencies and institutions that approve, if not administer, all the wars waged by imperialist America in recent years and decades. These include overt and covert wars, privatized death-squad wars, sanction and embargo wars, and all the Middle East wars as well as the secret wars waged in Latin and Central America. Clinton’s role in the military coup that removed the elected president in Honduras, and her support for the U.S.-backed Egyptian military coup that removed the elected president of that country were par for the imperialist course.

— Jeff Mackler

* * *


* * *


Fundraiser for Courtneys Pumpkin Patch and Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale.

Saturday, October 1, 12:00 - 7 p.m.; Cloverdale Plaza, Cloverdale California

Contacts: Janet Domeniconi (707) 293-7426; Catharine Davis (707) 894-2038

On Saturday, October 1rd from 12-7 p.m. the town of Cloverdale will be hosting their annual Oktoberfest celebration in the Plaza. The Hasenpfeffer’s German Band will kick off the festivities at noon followed by The Charley Baker Band & Family Affair. This community event is a joint fundraiser between Courtney’s Pumpkin Patch, benefitting the Courtney Jade Davis Memorial Scholarship at CHS as well as local cancer patients, and the Kiwanis Club of Cloverdale. Both organizations are 501©(3) non-profit tax-exempt charities.

Bear Republic Brewing Company and Kelley and Young Winery are proud beverage sponsors. The fun-filled day includes delicious German food, a silent auction with over 100 items, including week-end getaway packages, horse back riding trips, coast getaways, spa treatments, canoe trips, wine (a lot of it), wine tasting tours, restaurant gift certificates, golf packages, bay cruises and much more. Other festivities include a pumpkin toss, photo booth where you can have your picture taken with a giant pumpkin, face painting, air brush tattoos, balloon twisting, prizes, games, street vendors, raffles and of course, lots of pumpkins in all sizes, shapes and specialty pumpkins.

In the spirit of this unique community, we hope you will be able to join the festivities.

* * *


Garberville. Why not come to Humboldt? You can live in the bushes near Garberville or Redway, have free garbage service and get free meals. Then you sit around all day long by the Shell station or at the Town Square and score drugs from the many drug dealers making their rounds. You don't even have to hustle to find drugs, they find you. When you need something, go steal it from a local store. Take so many drugs that you run down the middle of the street in nothing but red pajama bottoms screaming" Leave me alone". Between the growers and the transients, it's a real shit-show down here in Sohum.

* * *


* * *


I have lived in both Mendocino and Humboldt for over 30 years, back and forth. Mendocino is corrupt also and of course as both courts treat you better with a more expensive lawyer…but Mendocino actually puts away violent criminals. Humboldt is very weak, has been for all this time even before Gallegos (and he was the weakest). Mendocino will bust you for weed if you have a violent incident and all they have is the greenhouse they will eradicate it. Humboldt looks the other way on weed - even if you have a domestic violence event and a large visible garden of weed plants. It’s bizarre! And it’s why it keeps getting worse here. IMO of course. I don’t love cops but people need regulation.

* * *


Expand your mind and your garden

Follow the links below for more info:

WORKSHOP: Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs SEPTEMBER 11 with Master Herbalist Karin Uphoff 10:00am to 12:00pm | call The Garden Store to sign up 707-964-4352 ext. 16

September Pet Adoption Day


Mendocino Coast Humane Society will be at MCBG with a bunch of adorable adoptable animals! The mobile adoption van will be in the Gardens' main parking lot from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

FREE Public Awareness Lecture on Mosquitos

SEPTEMBER 17 with U.C. Researcher and Lecturer, Jan Washburn 10:00am to 11:30am in the Gardens Meeting Room Monthly Walks... All walks meet on the Plaza at MCBG | Free with Gardens admission

Natural History/Collections Walks

The 1st Monday of each month at 1:30pm (April–October) Upcoming Walks: September 5, October 3

Bird Watching with Mendocino Coast Audubon Society Join the experts from our local Mendocino Coast chapter of the Audubon Society and learn more about our avian friends. - Beginning Birding Walk: The 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00am - Early Bird Walks: The 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8:00am (Apr–Oct) Coming soon...

October Workshop ~ Details to be determined... stay tuned

Mushroom Fest Mushroom Walk Monday, November 7 at 1:30 pm

Monday Mushroom Walk Each Monday, November 21 through December 19 at 1:30 pm

WORKSHOP: Mushroom ID for Beginners This workshop is offered on three Saturdays: Nov 26, Dec 10, or Dec 17 from 10:00am to 3:30pm (Lecture 10–1:30pm; Lunch 1:30–2:00pm; Field ID Walk 2:00–3:30pm)

* * *

WHICH BRINGS US to the NFL’s real scandal — one Trump and Kaepernick’s many other critics either didn’t even notice or chose to ignore. It was less than a year ago that Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake came out with a brutal, headline-making report that the military paid sports teams millions to promote the war machine. Eighteen NFL teams cashed in, banking checks in exchange for putting on what appeared to be “from the heart” salutes to hometown heroes and the like. The New England Patriots, for example, made $700,000 for pretending to be, well, patriots.

— Harry Siegel


  1. Craig Stehr September 3, 2016

    Garberville. Visited twice when Andy Caffrey asked me to assist his attempts to become district 2 congressional representative. Aside from the rather impossible politics involved, I did live there. Enjoyed immensely a friendship with Paul Encimer, and hung out at his (and Kathy Epling’s, RIP) book store, located first in Redway, and then later next to the G’ville laundromat. The natural food store is first rate, and community events across from it at the town square were a whole lot o’ fun. Also, regularly walked a circular route past the airport, over the high hill, and back through Redway, a 20 mile walk which was quite informative, as I met all of the residents one would ordinarily not come in contact with, particularly in Briceland. Returning to G’ville was always a shock, akin to reentering the twilight zone. Renewed my driver’s license in the business park there…still have Andy’s p.o. box address on it, which is how I get to stay in travel hostels in San Francisco (i.e. having out of the area ID). Maybe one day I’ll hop on the Grey Dog and visit the north coast again. It’s tempting. I like adventure. Craig Louis Stehr (

  2. Jim Updegraff September 3, 2016

    SMART: funny name for a stupid idea for a train headed to failure.

  3. Bill Pilgrim September 3, 2016

    Wilfred Owen follow-up:

    “These fought in any case,
    and some believing,
    pro domo, in any case…
    Some quick to arm,
    some for adventure,
    some from fear of weakness,
    some from fear of censure,
    some for love of slaughter, in imagination,
    learning later…

    Died some, pro patria,
    non “dulce” non “et decor”…
    walked eye deep in hell
    believing in old men’s lies, then unbelieving
    came home, home to a lie,
    home to many deceits,
    home to old lies and new infamy;
    usury age-old and age-thick
    and liars in public places…

    There died a myriad,
    And of the best, among them,
    For an old bitch gone in the teeth,
    For a botched civilization…”

    • LouisBedrock September 3, 2016

      Amazing poem.
      Never saw it before.

      • LouisBedrock September 3, 2016

        “1915 Owen enlisted in the British Army. His first experiences of active service at Serre and St. Quentin in January-April 1917 led to shell-shock and his return to Britain. Whilst he was undergoing treatment at the Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh, he met one of his literary heroes, Siegfried Sassoon, who provided him with guidance, and encouragement to bring his war experiences into his poetry.

        When Owen returned to the Western Front, after more than a year away, he took part in the breaking of the Hindenburg Line at Joncourt (October 1918) for which he was awarded the Military Cross in recognition of his courage and leadership. He was killed on 4 November 1918 during the battle to cross the Sambre-Oise canal at Ors.”

        One of many writers, artists, and intellectuals killed during that insane orgy of mass murder spawned by Europe’s demented inbred monarchies and aristocracies and known as World War I.

        17 million dead. 20 million wounded.
        A fucking horror show!

        Screw patriotism.

        • Bruce McEwen September 3, 2016

          I just finished reading Siegfried Sassoon’s Memoirs of an Infantry Officer which proved full as a bloated corpse with some of the blackest humor you could ever imagine. I got this book, a Folio Society hardback in a slim box, at the Hospice of Ukiah charity shop. The story ends with our hero, the protagonist, having survived three incredibly horrific battles, Ypres, Somme,and the Hindenberg line — he describes walking around in the bunkers, stepping over dead bodies for weeks — everyone so used to it they didn’t bother with burial details… Anyway, recovering from wounds in London he decided to start protesting the war, and I won’t ruin a good story for those who want to read it, but it’s pretty fantastic how they coerced him into going back to the front where he was inevitably killed and sown under the ubiquitous mud.

      • Bill Pilgrim September 3, 2016

        The lines are from “Hugh Selwyn Mauberly.”

        • LouisBedrock September 3, 2016

          Thanks Bill.

  4. LouisBedrock September 3, 2016

    Nonsense: that’s pure McEwen.

    • Bruce McEwen September 3, 2016

      Yes, but it’s my ancestor, Arthur McEwen, (See Sagebrush Anthology, wherein my great-grandfather’s Uncle Art has a few fictional pieces,like the one where Mark Twain comes to Mendocino County to open a newspaper, “The Typographical Howitzer,” or look up his editorials when Editor of the The San Francisco Examiner…)

  5. Jim Updegraff September 3, 2016

    Pop Warner Football – Football for kids age 5-15 with teams by age and weight. A class action suit has been filed in California by two parents whose sons suffered brain damage because of concussions. It’s clear that helmets can not prevent concussions and concussions cause CTP. Also, it should be clear that it is highly unlikely a helmet can be devised to prevent concussions.It now is apparent parents who allow their kids are guilty of child abuse.

    Football fans enjoy the mayhem and violence while you can, in the not too distant future football will b outlawed.

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