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Greetings one and all — if you are sitting comforta­bly then I shall begin... With the summer approaching and The Valley ‘getting its groove on’ as some might say, let’s get straight down to business with the latest Public Service Announcements...

#64. The Vets from the Mendocino Animal Hospi­tal are making their monthly visit to the Valley tomorrow (April 29th) and I urge you to support this wonderful service for your pets’ needs. They will be here for a couple of hours at the AV Farm Supply from 2pm onwards. And while you’re there, maybe show a little support for the Farm Supply itself — remember, buying local makes you feel good. #65. They’re back! Yes, this Saturday (May 1st) sees the return to the parking lot of the Boonville Hotel of the Boonville Farmer’s Market. It runs from 9.45am to noon and for ‘Opening Day’ there will a special spring plant sale. So before you go out to wildly celebrate ‘International Workers’ Day,’ I suggest you do a little produce and plant buying in town. #66. The next day, Sunday, May 2nd, it’s the annual Boontling Classic 5K Footrace. Register from 8:30am for the race that starts at 10am from the Elementary School. I’ll be the Vulture in the Hanging Tree on AV Way exhaustedly watching you run by as I nibble on a few scraps of fresh carrion. Enjoy! #67. And finally a quick reminder that the AV Lending Library, run by the ladies and women of The local Unity Club, is open every Tuesday (1:30-4:30pm) and Saturday (2-4pm) at The Fairgrounds in Boonville. I encourage you to check it out and suggest you do not believe the Chinese Communist Leader Mao Tse-Tung who once stated, “To read too many books is harmful.” One can only assume he’d been drinking a few too many Tsing­tao beers when he uttered that gibberish.

Speaking of drinking beers, I just wanted to give you an update on the Valley bar scene. I should point out, for the umpteenth time (although I haven’t men­tioned this topic for at least two or three weeks), that we still have two buildings in town, The Buckhorn Building and The Boonville Lodge location, either of which would make a perfectly good bar/restaurant. The owners may not wish to have such a place on their property, and that is their prerogative of course, although if such a community-minded venture does not happen soon, I fear that the Valley will inevitably continue along the road to Ghost Town and all local businesses will feel the effect. Hopefully someone is moving behind the scenes to secure the valuable and currently available liquor license from Tom Towey (formerly of the Lodge); someone who has plans to keep it in the Valley by negotiating at either of these buildings or perhaps somewhere else of their choos­ing. If such a venue can be found. It certainly would seem that the biggest obstacle by far is the lack of a building in which to place that license, an issue that many of the Valley’s ‘bar experts and business entre­preneurs’ continue to evaluate, so I am reliably informed. At some point, Tom, who would much pre­fer the license to stay local, will sell to the best offer wherever in the County that may come from, and one cannot blame him. If the license leaves the Valley it may be a long, long time before it comes back. Mean­while, with summer almost upon us, I am keenly aware of many Valley folks who eagerly await the time when someone with the necessary drive and resources, and the Valley’s best interests at heart, steps up and does the ‘right thing.’ After all, a fun night out drink­ing a pint or two of beer, or a couple of glasses of wine, sipping a cocktail, nibbling on some spicy chicken wings or devouring a juicy burger and fries, and enjoying a lively and stimulating conversation with friends and family in a bar setting, is a relatively simple combination that is surely not too much to ask for.

Talking of small businesses in the downtown Boon­ville area, I am delighted to hear that we will soon have a new-and-used bookstore for the biblio­philes amongst us to indulge our tendencies. It will be located between the ‘Pick and Pay’ and ‘Mosswood Market’ in what is known as Tom Town at the space recently vacated by the A.V. Land Trust. New busi­nesswoman Loretta Houck (the very significant other of KZYX&Z’s erudite presenter W Dan) plans to open around May 21st and I encourage you all think twice before going online to Amazon/Powell’s/Google etc. for your book needs and to get down to ‘Laughing Dog Books’ and support Loretta in her new venture.

‘Out on the Town.’ I stopped by The Fairgrounds and took a peek in at The Unity Club’s Annual Wild­flower Show on Saturday afternoon and was informed by the ladies on the door, Sue Davies and Eileen Pronsolino that over 123 people had already visited. I purchased some raffle tickets and walked around, enjoying the company of various Unity Club Members such as Robyn Harper, Miriam Martinez, Alice Bon­ner, Valerie Hannelt, Heather Schoeneman, Barbara Scott, and Gloria Abbott. Unfortunately, I was unable to get to The Cops and Robbers Ball at The Grange later that evening so I have no report as to the goings-on there, but I hope it went well and plenty of money was raised for KZYX, the local public radio station. And finally on the social scene for this past week, I did get into town on Sunday afternoon to visit the monthly Barn Sale. As usual, I was greeted by the idyllic rural Valley scene of bargains galore, burgers on the grill by the Mendoza’s, all sorts of Valley folks paying a visit, and shepherds, sheepdogs, and sheep in the adjacent field getting a good workout in the warm midday sun. All that was missing was a cold beer. Oops, what’s this I see in the cooler? It ended up being a perfect afternoon.

And with that in mind, for the Quote of the Week, let me refer you to the British poet and hymn composer, William Cowper, who wisely observed that, “God made the country and man made the town.” I must say that it certainly seemed as if I was in God’s country when hanging out on Sunday after­noon just north of Boonville.

Well now I think it’s time to take my leave, I have to see a man about a sheep. Be careful out there; stay out of the ditches; think good thoughts; and may your god go with you. One final request, “Let us prey.” Poking and stroking, and as always, humbly yours, Turkey Vulture.

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