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Cornel West on Blacks and Jill Stein


  1. Betsy Cawn October 13, 2016

    WE all pay (a million ways) and they all play (in America’s sordid reality show), so it turns out that it IS all happening at the zoo!

  2. Rick Weddle October 13, 2016

    You may have noticed how all the usual pundits have been jumping through their nether orifices at the wild swinging (and solid connecting) going on in the carefully corrupted world of Realpolitik. I’m looking forward to some more BigAss surprises in the uncomfy secrets revealed department. And the hilarious thing about all this is that the most damaging things for each of these gasbag ‘candidates’ doesn’t come from Russia, or from saboteurs of the ‘other side’ in this fake election,…it comes from their own pitifully corrupted and perverted emails and twitters or feckless off-gassing. [George III simmering away in the lowest circles, going, ‘I told you so, goddammit!’] Think like a First Responder and vote for Stein for starters…then surround her 40-deep, personally, for her own safety, when they actually count the votes by hand on live feed and she *gasp* wins…?!

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