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  1. Pat Kittle October 18, 2016

    I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, and for many years I’ve never voted for anyone, unless it’s to write in (wilderness defender) Dave Foreman.

    But this year I may vote for Trump — yes, I probably agree with everything you say about him, but…

    …the Israel lobby’s war criminals (& their media) obviously HATE him as they shamelessly hype their servile Hillary-bot.

    UNLIKE Hillary, Trump doesn’t seem rabidly enthusiastic about fighting Israel’s criminal & racist wars — or starting one with Russia. He also refuses to enable endless millions upon millions more humans moving here — as the treasonous Israel lobby demands.

    Plenty good enough reasons to vote for Trump.

    • LouisBedrock October 18, 2016


      What you write makes perfect sense.
      However, both these people are vermin.
      Don’t vote for either one.

      Jill Stein is a worthy candidate and a good human being. Consider giving her your vote.

  2. Pat Kittle October 19, 2016


    I appreciate you agreeing my comment makes “perfect sense,” which includes the following:

    “…UNLIKE Hillary, Trump… also refuses to enable endless millions upon millions more humans moving here — as the treasonous Israel lobby demands….”

    Unfortunately, Jill Stein, despite her “green” pretenses, is an open-borders enthusiast who refuses to honestly discuss the ecological implications of endless millions upon millions more humans moving here.

    David Brower, perhaps the most dedicated & influential conservationist of the last 100 years, had this to say about that:

    “Overpopulation is perhaps the biggest problem facing us, and immigration is part of that problem. It has to be addressed.”
    — [ ]

  3. LouisBedrock October 20, 2016

    Ms. Kittle:

    Ecologists and other scientists agree that an optimum population would be around two billion people–about 1/3 of where we are now.

    What is needed is not only population control and restriction of immigration to the United States, but planned population reduction.

    What our species needs to avoid a Malthusian nightmare is to reign in the power of religions–especially the power of the Catholic Church in South America and Africa, the two continents spurring population growth; and it is essential that people are educated to understand the necessity of family planning and offered incentives to have fewer children.

    No candidate is even discussing these issues. Donald Trump is a misogynistic ignoramus: I doubt he’d support family planning and emancipating poor women from being children factories. I suspect that with Jill Stein there would be more space, a friendlier environment for us to raise these issues.

    Our other problems–pollution, hunger, war, migration of large populations are a product of uncontrolled population growth. Malthus was not wrong.

    While we disagree on Presidential candidates, we agree on the priority of the overpopulation problem.

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