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Is FBI Director Comey a Secret Patriot?


  1. Jim Updegraff November 1, 2016

    Not a patriot, just another Hoover type heading up the FBI. apparently he does not like Hillary and wants to do a number on her.

  2. BB Grace November 1, 2016

    Are you talking about this?

  3. Larry Livermore November 2, 2016

    The long-haired Trump backer in the first video has also run a several-years-long campaign to free Charles Manson, who he believes was framed. One of his many videos on the subject:

  4. zack anderson November 3, 2016

    Nonsense, Suzie. Hillary’s going down faster than Monica Lewinsky. I’m putting on a blue dress in solidarity with Monica, Thomas Paine and, uh, Clifford Ray.

    • LouisBedrock November 3, 2016

      “The Clintons have amassed an astonishing $231 million in personal wealth since Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001. That’s over $16 million net per year over a 15-year period. They “earned” this money primarily by giving speeches to wealthy corporations, at more than $250,000 per speech…, these fees were not paid because of the brilliant insights and words of wisdom offered by Hillary and Bill. Rather, they were a way of buying influence with two of the most powerful people in the Democratic Party. Thanks to Wikileaks, which published the emails of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, we now know both that the secret speeches Hillary Clinton was giving to Goldman Sachs and other big banking firms as well as to other powerful corporate entities were simply fawning peans to those firms and their executives, and promises to do right by them if she were to become president. We know too that Bill’s fixer and agent was actually hustling up major donations to the Clinton Family Foundation along with simultaneous personal bribes to Bill in the form of absurdly high-priced speaking engagements.”

      Especially interesting and scandalous are the exchanges between John Podesta and Doug Rand, a consultant from Teneo. These e-mails show clearly Rand’s role as a high priced pimp for the Clintons, hooking them up with high roller clients like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Dow and guaranteeing access in return for highly remunerated speeches or generous donations to the criminal Clinton Foundation. The Young Turks, Counterpunch, and Nick Confessore of The NY Times have all done good work reporting on this largely ignored aspect of the Clinton e-mail scandal.

      • LouisBedrock November 3, 2016

        Guy Benson’s article in Townhall, for which BB Grace provides a link above, touches many of the same issues.

    • LouisBedrock November 3, 2016

      This is an excellent article.
      It looks like for once we’re on the same side.

      • BB Grace November 3, 2016

        Hells bells Mr. Bedrock.

    • james marmon November 3, 2016

      Susie, if I had a son, I would put him out of his misery before I would let him attend Berkeley. My oldest daughter is working on her Ph.D. in Education, I worry about her mental state 24/7. Please pray for her.

      James Marmon MSW.

      She did serve our country in Air Force Intelligence, she should be fine.

      • james marmon November 3, 2016

        Sorry for commenting again, I didn’t expect the AVA would post my previous comments. My daughter Rachel is a very accomplished 40 year old woman. After serving our country for 5 years, 4 in Northern Japan, she was offered positions in Washington DC. She turned them down to become a stay at home mother. After my granddaughters were well into school age she returned to College for her master’s in education. She now lives in Georgia and is very much a conservative working on her Ph.D. and working with special needs children. She has a husband who provides well for her and my granddaughters and she is what I call a true feminist.

        Her only mistake was marrying a Marine

  5. Jim Updegraff November 3, 2016

    The U. s has it’s full share of misogynists – keep them bare foot and pregnant. Regardless of rather it is Hillary or some other female the same crap would be thrown at her. As far as U. C. Berkeley I did my undergraduate work there ( finance and a minor in economics) and It was a great help in my work life.

  6. LouisBedrock November 4, 2016

    Neither la estimada Señora de Castro nor the esteemed Mr. Updegraff respond to the charges against Ms. Clinton and her concubine of using their careers in politics to enrich themselves by peddling access to power. Instead, they resort to ad hominem attacks calling Hillary’s critics misogynous–even though several of the Hillary critics are Stein supporters.

    You don’t have to be a misogynist to hate Hillary. I hate Bill, so it’s equal opportunity hatred, independent of gender.

    • LouisBedrock November 4, 2016

      And God created the world in 7 days.
      Eve is guilty of the first sin.
      Jesus’s mother was a virgin.
      Jesus got up and walked around after his death.
      And the Jews are God’s chosen people.

      • Jeff Costello November 4, 2016

        Louis, Ms. deCastro is an A-number one Hillary shill and likely using material coming down the pipe from HRC central. Your comparison to religious believers is apt.

        • LouisBedrock November 4, 2016

          I agree with you Jeff.
          And my efforts to change her are hubristic and foolish.

          Nevertheless, I’ve come to like Susie and wish I could at least inspire her to examine her faith and claims by reading about the abominable actions of the Clintons in places like Haiti and Honduras.

          Quixotic dreams.

  7. Mike November 4, 2016

    Agents in the new york field office are likely in serious legal trouble.

    There was an initial inquiry made by them of the clinton foundation based on the contents of the clinton cash book and breitbartditcom articles.

    DOJ anticorruption officials briefed by ny field staff found the briefing to be their weirdest ever, and told them to stand down.


  8. Jim Updegraff November 4, 2016

    If you had a financial statement showing net worth of everyone who is elected to Congress and then you looked at their financial statement after say 10 -12 years you almost always would find a substantial increase in their net worth. Sanders is an exception. As for Presidents their big increase in net worth comes after they leave office. Louis, get real – no politician takes a vow of poverty.

    • LouisBedrock November 4, 2016

      $231 million since Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001.

      And what have they given back? NAFTA, GATT, welfare reform, massive exodus of jobs, ruined economies and devastated countries; and dead bodies everywhere.

      It’s no wonder that Hillary gets along so well with Henry Kissinger.

  9. Rick Weddle November 4, 2016

    Both the presumptive candidates now being imposed upon the U.S. Public and therefore the world are jolly Poster Children for corruption, the festering accumulation of wads of wealth in out-of-the-way places…contaminating government at immense cost now and later, said governments delivering ‘service’ that’s nowhere within miles of legitimate. Both wings of the runt-buzzard 2party system are co-perpetrators of fraud, looting, and war crimes (if not directly, then by ‘delegating’ unlawful powers). HRC and the DNC STOLE Bernie’s nomination FROM US and they’ve grinned and paraded like winners, of all things, and folks seem to be lulled into going along with such clearly, manifestly treasonous actions. The main media’s display of ‘observing’ this goat-roping is still calling it all an ‘election.’ Witless, on purpose. Hillary Clinton’s claim to be a freely selected, and lawful candidate for the Democratic Nomination for President is bare-faced, unrepentant thievery, and is belligerence against democratic process, an act of war against the Lawful Authority (Us) of this former democratic republic. I’m not saying this to ‘attack’ Hillary, as some will doubtless claim, I’m just stating her own record. We’re expected to acquiesce, pick one of these weasels and pretend to ‘believe’ they are telling something like the truth…in the exploding face of the all facts to the contrary. I’m wondering what’s Balinese for ‘WTF?!’ I’m also wondering what’s North American for ‘We do not have to put up with this bullshit, ever.’

    • LouisBedrock November 5, 2016

      Thank you, sir..

  10. William Ray November 6, 2016

    Comey doesn’t have to telegraph anything about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation. He could just bring charges if there were any. He stood by and let an anti-Clinton faction in the FBI leak inflammatory innuendo, where he should have had them fired for turning “investigatory matter” into political hay for her political opponent, perhaps the least prepared presidential candidate in recent decades. The “investigation” in the FBI derives from a Peter Schweitzer book about the Clinton Foundation. This author Schweitzer, a radical Right hit man, is intimately involved with John Bannon’s media company Breitbart Group: lo and behold, Bannon is the campaign manager of the Trump candidacy. In other words, a circular misinformation loop between the Trump “source” and their reader-sympathizers in the FBI quoting its campaign manager’s former operative. Does anyone recall Cheney feeding Judith Miller misinformation about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then quoting it as fact? Welcome to black ops in the hands of one of the two presidential organizations, Trump for President, feeding a sympathetic FBI faction. Machiavels didn’t die with the plays of Shakespeare. Such a great bunch of ‘patriots’. And you all snapped at the bait floating on the surface. Good thinking.

    • Mike November 6, 2016

      Al Franken noted to Jake Tapper that there will likely be hearings in his senate judiciary cmt addressing the matter of these rogue agents.

      • William Ray November 6, 2016

        Horse is already out of the barn. And the mutual Weiner family laptop, originally turned over by Huma to the FBI, is not the laptop used examining the Weiner case. That is its successor, which the FBI should have caught long ago knowing their marriage, the newer gadget probably containing a backlog of emails she wrote/received when the original was in use. The only questionable email so far (according to the NY Times) was unclassified at the time (e.g., Clinton to her daughter forwarded by Huma), but on a subject, climate change, needlessly changed later by FBI to classified, lowest level “confidential”. Big deal. A further example of demonizing Mrs. Clinton at any cost and by any pretext. Admittedly her Scorpio secretiveness and suspicion do not help but so far do not constitute criminal behavior. Contrast to Trump who has cheated all his life with a vengeance, aggressed on women of any age starting from nubiles, and compulsively lies, and you have a fair perspective of the bias against her as a woman who did not submit as required. Sadly, her future will be as fair game to kill as her past has been.

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