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  1. Mike November 5, 2016

    You are an easy mark, lol.

    Of course Breitbart is a more accurate window to the world. White tinted windows always easier to look thru than dark colored ones.

    • Bruce McEwen November 6, 2016

      Your beloved blue ones are less opaque?

    • Bruce McEwen November 6, 2016

      You don’t have to read such slanted journalism, you know; you can get some stuff that’s actually quite fair towards Hillary Clinton if you look around; read Salon, for instance. Now, they probably don’t gush quite to your satisfaction — how could they, or anyone! — but goodness it’s all so wholesome and positively antiseptic about Madam Secretary, with nothing but jeers for the Donald Clown, that you’d be right at home — in your ‘safe space’ — Mike!

      • Mike November 7, 2016

        Hillary “antiseptic”?

        There are only those moments of her drinking her beloved shaken martinis when she is perhaps briefly antiseptic.

  2. Jim Updegraff November 5, 2016

    Much ado over a fish wrapper in the hip pocket of Deadbeat Donnie.

  3. Rob Anderson November 6, 2016

    The AVA prints pro-Trump stuff? Not surprising at all.

    • Mike November 7, 2016

      Starting to like Dr Zack’s corner here.

      A one stop compilation of the cutting edge conspiracy theories.

      Dr Zack has proven to be a great Doc by his spreading laughter therapy.

      • LouisBedrock November 7, 2016

        Conspiracy theories?
        Oh yes, like NAFTA, GATT, the destruction of Yugoslavia, welfare reform, charity fraud, the destruction of Libya, support for coups in the Ukraine and Honduras, and the war in Syria.

        • Mike November 7, 2016

          I was just pondering….

          She and herbert walker and hank k are pretty tight.

          HW and Hank are MJ1 and MJ2, in the know dudes on our visiting aliens, which Hillary has been hot to learn about for some time now.

          I hope they soon finally satisfy her curiousity!

          Maybe the other UFO buff, Podesta, will be awarded the position as our planet’s first emissary to the various alien civilizations in our region?

          • LouisBedrock November 7, 2016

            When Hillary is sworn in, she will relocate the capital to Xenu. My good brother Mike, the Bushes, the Clintons, John Travolta, Tom Cruise,, Hank, HW, Michael Moore, and the Virgin Mary will all be reunited for happily ever after in the alternative realm of Pure Spirit.

          • LouisBedrock November 7, 2016


            Nixon, Reagan, Obama, Bill, two Bushes, Woodrow Wilson–what can Hillary do to us that hasn’t been done by them?

            Whether she serves 8 years or one, I hope we two aging farts survive her and live to argue about the candidates in 2024.

            Over and out for this campaign.

            All the best to you.


          • Mike November 7, 2016

            I will be 74 then and Bernie’s
            Age and since he was okay maybe we too have hope for being here still.

            Momma Hillary will probably make us take castor oil everyday.

            But, if not, at least we can check the fate of past war criminals. If we dare peek into the hell realms.

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