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Malcolm X says, “Beware of Liberals!”


  1. Rick Weddle November 5, 2016

    Malcolm, like no other American, like not many men, ever, looked directly into your lens without blinking and without pausing, said the Truth, and everyone knew it. Humans will grieve for him always, but the power he delivered wherever he lit sticks with us. Footage of the former Detroit Red speaking the King’s own lingo at the King needs to be required viewing in any self-respecting democratic republic. In schools and libraries, etc.,…
    ‘…I dreamed I saw St. Augustine, alive as you or me…’

    • Bruce McEwen November 6, 2016

      Telling, idn’t it, how you quoted Dylan rather than Malcolm in your encomium.

      “Dylan’s the only saint white folks got,” Alice Walker’s character famously blurted in one of her novels — or was is it a interview?

      I forget the particulars, but it seems you could have quoted Malcolm… instead.

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