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The Hilarious Agony of DNC Defeat

Who needs coffee, when we have neo-liberal tears?


  1. Pat Kittle November 9, 2016

    Oh the humanity!


  2. Jim Updegraff November 9, 2016

    So a psychopath wins and the misogynists are happy. Who cares?

  3. Jim Updegraff November 9, 2016

    Hillary had more votes but Deadbeat Donnie got the elector votes. Once again we have a President elected with a minority of the popular votes. Also, she is crying because the misogynists won the election.

    • Harvey Reading November 13, 2016

      I’m not quite sure how a bare majority of the popular vote really means anything significant (assuming the figures are even close to accurate).

      It is obvious that there were a large number of the ever-declining percentage of voting people who voted against the she-monster, for very valid reasons. If Clinton was so great, so much loved by all, then why did she not win in a landslide? Same reasoning applies to the hoopla that arose over the Gore fiasco against Bush 2. The democrapic party stopped representing the Working Class decades ago. The Clintons epitomize the disdain in which that party is held by many common people, including me. For what it’s worth, I voted for Jill Stein.

  4. Delmar Bolshie November 13, 2016

    Every time democracy results in an outcome seen by the ruling cabal as undesirable, anywhere, the process of “regime change” happens. Geewhiz! What a coincidence!

    Wanna bet what comes next?

    The election in America is a process that ends with inauguration – and that remains more than a month away. And the actual election, the homonucleus of the matter, happens when the electors’ votes are counted and certified as accepted. This has not yet happened. Their votes may not be carved in stone…are not, in fact, set.

    Expect the worst – “color revolution” – the methods of cultural marxism applied by a corrupt Fascist gang that have no intention whatsoever of giving up power… None at all.

    Power concedes nothing except to power. Ever.

    Pax fellas and gals, the dear country is headed into a process that’s liable to produce a map like I. Panarin sketched…

    Look him up on wiki… What a pity… I better start learning Chinese, or maybe Russian…

    You don’t think so? I hope you;re right.

    • BB Grace November 13, 2016

      Igor’s map is in effect with NAFTA trade deals.

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