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Veterans at Standing Rock


  1. Rick Weddle November 30, 2016

    re: standing with Standing Rock…

    A recent note said to ‘…go on to Standing Rock, they’ll support you, Indians are good people…’…

    As Bill the Cat might say, “AAACKKK!!”

    Please do go on, and keep in mind that you will need to stay warm, clothed, sheltered, fed, and provided with reasonable drinking water. If you don’t brang it with you, others will be providing it… Putting the weight of your presence on those needing your help isn’t prescribed. ‘Indians’ and People in general are good people wherever they’re free to be. You may notice that’s the more attractive part of their ‘message’ to us folks of paler persuasions.

  2. james marmon December 2, 2016

    Very extreme weather ahead, currently only 19 degrees.

    “So far, the hundreds of protesters fighting the Dakota Access pipeline have shrugged off the heavy snow, icy winds and frigid temperatures that have swirled around their large encampment on the North Dakota grasslands.

    But if they defy next week’s government deadline to abandon the camp, demonstrators know the real deep freeze lies ahead, when the full weight of the Great Plains winter descends on their community of nylon tents and teepees. Life-threatening wind chills and towering snow drifts could mean the greatest challenge is simple survival.”

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