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  1. BB Grace December 14, 2016

    In the article Greenwald refers to Anonymous Official. Anon Official is a fake Anon site, established in Oct after Obama sold the net to China. It does not surprise any of us that Greenwald would use a fake site and point to MSM news as examples. Snowden and Manning are globalists and as far as I’m concerned, trolls.

    • Harvey Reading December 14, 2016

      Near as I can tell, people choose the propaganda outlets that best reflect their preconceived notions, whether the Post, the Times, etc., or independents. It’s all propaganda and not to be trusted entirely, told as stories driven by whatever the desires and politics are at the moment of the particular segment of the ruling class that controls the particular nooze outlet. You’re better off not taking any of it too seriously, or as absolute truth.

      As far as I’m concerned the two people you called trolls are heroes, and the likes of Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, Trump, et. al. are criminals and should all either be in prison or have been executed according to whatever the International Criminal Court may have judged. So, there you have it.

      • BB Grace December 14, 2016

        I think it’s true Mr. Reading that people pick their propaganda reflecting preconceived notions. All my info heroes are dead.

        “Anonymous Official” is not an official Anon site. I have followed Anon since 2007. Anon is dumping information on Pizza Gate. Greenwald can’t say “Pizza Gate”, just like Mr. McEwen can’t say “Crony Capitalism”, or Mr. Updegraff say, “UN Agenda”.

        Snowden is an inside job and why he gets so much free air time on MSM/PBS.

  2. Mike December 14, 2016

    Everyone is a nearly full time literary artist.

    “Nearly” because we have the no movement deep sleep state.

    Everything we “write” is a reflection of our personal chemistry interacting with others and events, all having their own unique chemical reactions in this seamlessly undivided mix.

    The AVA is a creative writing workshop, some corners exhibiting signs of dementia.

  3. Jim Updegraff December 16, 2016

    “Or Mr. Updegraff say, ” U N Agenda”. BB, how did I get in this discussion and what are you talking about?

  4. Jim Updegraff December 17, 2016

    I agree with the critics that say the U. N. agenda is too little and too late. Climate change is accelerating and recent news is very alarming. Perhaps it is time for me to update my periodic comments on climate change.

    • BB Grace December 17, 2016

      If you get the time Mr. Updegraff, you might enjoy reading what Mr. Jacque Fresco says about the UN Agenda 21, as he didn’t reject it completely but improved on it.

      I hope you like the Venus Project.

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