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Defund DAPL, Ukiah

[Dec 21]

Defund Dapl Day Of Action (And Holiday Gathering)

When: Wednesday December 21, 2016 12 noon to 3 p.m.

Where: Alex Thomas Plaza in downtown Ukiah

Investments from Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America fuel construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Join us as we keep the pressure on these banks to divest their financial support. If you have an account with one of these banks, this is the ideal time to withdraw your funds and close your account.

We will be led in a prayer, hear inspiring speakers, and then march to the banks carrying a giant black snake (which we will be-head as a ritual to conclude the event). We will share special holiday carols at a bank of our choice.

On November 30th, six people in Ukiah withdrew $36,200 from Wells Fargo and initiated the closing of 11 accounts as part of a #NoDAPL day of action! The following day, Wells Fargo executives agreed to meet with Standing Rock leaders to discuss their grievances. Let's keep the pressure on!

If you plan to withdraw money or close an account, please see our online "Pledge to Divest/Withdraw" at or contact with your name, contact info, and which bank you are divesting from.

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Facts About Wells Fargo's Relationship To DAPL:

* Energy Transfer Partners is the parent company of Dakota Access, LLC, the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Wells Fargo is their financial gatekeeper.  Many banks are invested in ETP, but as ETP’s “administrative agent,” Wells processes all the investments the company receives and helps arrange all of its funding.*

* Energy Transfer Partners is the parent company of Dakota Access, LLC, the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline (this changed on November 23rd when ETP reorganized under the auspices of Sunoco Logistics, one of its subsidiaries).

* Wells Fargo has extended $560+ million in credit lines to companies behind the pipeline — namely Energy Transfer Equity, Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco Logisitcs, Phillips 66 and Marathon. Phillips 66 and Marathon are slated to ship oil on the pipeline. Energy Transfer Equity is the parent company of Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics.

* Wells Fargo, which is owed $42 Billion by the oil and gas industry as of 2015, is among a handful of US banks holding huge amounts of oil and gas debt.

* Wells Fargo is the US’ most scandal-ridden bank of the moment.  From 2011 to ’15, the bank reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in extra profits by opening around two million bogus customer accounts and charging these unknowing customers interest and fees.

* Wells Fargo hosts an annual conference in New York City to arrange meetings between pipeline builders and pipeline financers.

Further Info:'s-banking-dakota-access-pipeline 

— Jenny Burnstad

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