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Soulmates in Jive Turkey Jerky

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  1. Rick Weddle December 17, 2016

    The wildly expensive, totally corrupted, erratic processes we still fancifully term ‘elections’ clearly are not expected to result in the selection of candidates with any cognitive abilities whatever,… nor integrity, nor truthfulness,…none of that. We allow these goons to be selected – somehow – and installed at astronomical cost immediately, then we act like we actually trust them enough to take a bigass blank checkbook, the keys to the armory and treasury and nursery, encourage them to operate in secret, then walk away like we did our job, fully expecting our routine Happy Ending. Awakening to the WideAss with The Comb-Over taking the throne then comes as some big shock. Looks hopeless, sure enough. The U.S. Public is still doing not a damned thing but wondering who can stop this tailspin. There are even folks in N. Dakota who’re all upset about the cost of the Uniforms at Standing Rock whose job is Peace Keeping (sic, SIC). Where is the active, organized resistance to the nearly-completed Corporate Insurrection?

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