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Is Hillary A Closet Trump Supporter?


  1. Rick Weddle December 20, 2016

    re: Hillary a closet Trump supporter…

    Closet? Look at the televised action leading up to the 2016 travesty we keep hearing was an ‘election.’ Wall St. Hill and her deep-establishment minions, in all their infinitesimal aggregate wisdom, purposely lent legitimacy to Trump’s run in order to scare voters into voting ‘Democrat.’ Smooth move. HRC et al specifically encouraged the media (not that they needed goading) into posing and adoring Trump as the zany candidate for GOP’s run at the White House. Hill and the DNC burglars STOLE Bernie’s nomination FROM US and HANDED the obviously fake ‘election’ to the sad gasbag with the silly hair. Now, we’re blessed with a ‘President’ who, so far, has not WON shit. Ever. If America sits still for this, we’ll deserve the fallout.

  2. Mike December 20, 2016


    The AVA is holding out on us, and the poor Sheriff.

    They built a psych facility in the Anderson Valley somewhere and have a vibrant art/rehab program.

    Which the doc here supervises. With this AVA section devoted to news analysis by recovering patients (mostly meth inspired visions).

  3. Jim Updegraff December 26, 2016

    Clinton is for the history books – time to move on to the present.

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