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Amazonian Tribe’s Perspective on Western Culture


  1. BB Grace December 23, 2016

    This would be fake news at it’s nadir, Dr. Anderson; It’s hard for me to watch these exploiters enjoy corrupting this Tribe, employing their ceremonial dress as a national geographic op, to sell the public “What the tribe thinks”.

    The tribe thinks the exploiters should be given a raft ride to a piranha pool, not because they are white, but because they are exploiters.

  2. Zack Anderson December 23, 2016

    It’s not fake news just because it ruffles the madame’s feathers. It’s an excerpt from a story about cultural perspective. Fake news is the NY Times claiming it’s opposed to fake news. Or Clintonites complaining about democracy.

    • BB Grace December 23, 2016

      I agree that ruffled feather have nothing to do with fake news Dr. Anderson; And I agree that MSM, which is what was shown to the Brazil Indians, is culpable for much fake news. WMD in Iraq for example.

      I put the vid in the flat earth category. There is a lot of great fake news to be enjoyed as entertainment. I’m not entertained watching people being exploited fake news or not.

      What was the lesson here? What did we learn? White men are bad? That’s fake news, which is very profitable and why it’s so popular.

      • Harvey Reading December 23, 2016

        That white men (actually all humans) are bad is not so much fake nooze as it is redundancy. We are driven by our authoritarianism and narcissism … which will be the death of the species now that we have ‘advanced’ to possession of the means to accomplish that end.

          • Harvey Reading December 23, 2016

            Cute, but just what are you saying?

            • BB Grace December 23, 2016

              One thing reptilians have in common is the redundant call for the doom of mankind Mr. Reading

              Some of “we” are not driven by authoritarianism and narcissism. Are you? Are the people under the impression of MSM marching to “resist” narcissistic authoritarian Trump? Are the folks who voted with Trump rejecting what they saw as narcissistic authoritarianism in globalism?

              I agree with you that the redundancy is worse than the nooze as news is even surreal these days.

              • Harvey Reading December 24, 2016

                It’s always been so with the nooze. Remember Piltdown Man?

                Reptilians? Do you mean reptiles, like snakes, turtles, and lizards? Reptilian humanoids are a silly notion, a myth.

                Of course you are driven by authoritarianism and narcissism, no matter how much you convince yourselves otherwise. I’m sure that you do your best to convince others of the ‘rightness’ of your beliefs (authoritarian), and then you feel better about yourself (narcissism). Good luck with the eggs. Speaking of which, I believe I’ll whip up an omelette.

                • BB Grace December 24, 2016

                  The missing link continues to be amiss Mr. Reading.

                  Mr. Scaramella made an apropos post on the subject of reptilian (Icke)’s turquoise root, Turkey, though the resource is located in part of Iran’s ancient history which is physically under attack by ISIS (tools) and on the deep dark places of the internet, such as the history log of Wikipedia’s entry for “turquoise”, where new age religion continues to fight for validity (in attempt to shed it’s fake noose skin).

                  In all honesty Mr. Reading, I find self control to be righteous (authority) because as difficult as it is, it is the one path I have the most possibility of success, and that feels good, although when feeling good is shared, well that’s what makes life magical.

                  My favorite omelet is brie with chives cooked slow over a low flame. This morning it’s sliced papaya, banana, chopped dates, shredded coconut with Mendocino honey and lime juice garnished with a slice of unsulphered dehydrated kiwi minced and sprinkled over the top, and some raw almonds for crunch.

                  • BB Grace December 24, 2016

                    Authoritarian narcissism in the age of Obama

        • Harvey Reading December 24, 2016

          Isn’t that woman in the video some right-wing nut case who dreams up lies about voter fraud in the country? As nearly as I can tell she is the same woman who gets mad because because IRS won’t grant nonprofit status for her ridiculous organization (True the Vote) that has the (unstated publicly) goal of making it difficult or impossible for people of color to register to vote. Incidentally, voter fraud is practically nonexistent in the U.S. Election fraud is another topic, but that crime is NOT committed by voters, rather by vote counters and their bosses. Or, am I perhaps missing something in your posting of the video — and here I thought videos had been banned from the comment section.

          • Harvey Reading December 24, 2016

            By the way, Ms. Grace, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or whatever … I tend to forget about the holidays any more.

            • BB Grace December 25, 2016

              *****Mr. Reading***** Happy Chrismukkah!

              I respect Catherine Engelbrecht and True to Vote, which is open to everyone. Nader’s Public Citizen was far more radical and I did that for decades; How I’m an election officer today. I like politics. I wish more folks did so there would be healthy debates rather than outrage, blame and insults as if it meant more than “I don’t like them”.

              When I posted the video of Catherine Engelbrecht’s congressional hearing I thought it would appear as a link. I apologize for breaking the comment section rules. Banning appears to be a popular USA pastime and if that’s my fate on the AVA for being an offender, I continue to wish you and the AVA a Merry Christmukkah with better times ahead in 2017.

  3. Jim Updegraff December 23, 2016

    BB: I am in 100% agreement with you.

    • BB Grace December 23, 2016

      I appreciate that Mr. Updegraff.

      I’ll tell you why. I was a runaway in Jan ’72 from Hawaii to San Diego where I learned working at McDonalds didn’t pay rent. I made my way being baptized by many Christian organizations, and at least a dozen times by Christ is the Answer a gospel group I spent a few weeks with in Phoenix. They were very interesting speaking in tongues, and watching people under the influence of Jesus, who I prayed and prayed to give me those gifts, but he never did, and why the repeated baptisms (or maybe I looked good in a wet tee shirt?).

      I met an indigenous girl about my age at one of the revivals and we became friends and she invited me to come to her home, where she taught me how to make tortillas. I met her family and some friends who belonged to what is known as the Native American Church. They had a place in the North Mountains where I was able to study for several months. I came with no ideas other than knowing I needed shelter and a way to sustain my life. I guess I became a trimigrant but not marijuana.

      When the season ended I had inherited a new perspective of the world, one which ironically Carlos Castaneda wrote about in “A Separate Reality”, as seeing people as luminous eggs.

      For me, this is true and I believe for the elders of the Brazil Indians this is also true, based on their answers, which is the same as Native American Church, which has many races. Race is not an issue. Are you living a genuine life? Are you for real? How vibrant are the luminous energies of many colors emanating from you? Are they nurturing, embracing life and resonating with what is beautiful, productive, healthy or are they corrupt? Sick?

      I see your egg laminating brightly all the way to the Mendocino Coast Mr. Updegraff.

  4. Mark Scaramella December 24, 2016

    In “Madam Blavatsky’s Baboon,” Peter Washington’s fine book about the New Age and its founding theosophist, Washington describes an incident in England where a group of new agers led by a mildly famous soccer player/ecologist named David Icke dressed themselves up in turquoise Star Trek jumpsuits and proclaimed that “love and wisdom resonate to the same frequency as the color turquoise.” (In England the purple plague is known as “the Turquoise Torpor.”) The British press had a field day making fun of the Turquoisians (Icke called his group “the Truth Vibrations”) and their goofy precepts, pointing out that 76% of the public surveyed felt that they had “gone bonkers” and were “obviously nuts.” But Washington pointed out that what the press and the public overlooked was something Mr. Icke new quite well: that there were some 24% of the population that was so enamored of the Turquoisians’ notions that they happily sent them some big donations. And so it has always been, all the way back to Madam Blavatsky and her sneering stuffed ape she kept dressed up like Charles Darwin.

  5. Nate Collins December 28, 2016

    “We feel pain when we kill an animal so you could imagine the pain we feel if we kill a human.”

  6. Nate Collins December 29, 2016

    Its been awhile since I read peoples reactions, some real backwoods perspectives here, eh? Honestly we deserve a Disclaimer: “don’t read the d- bag comments, it takes away from the experience.”

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