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Fake News at Work

It's probably corporate advertisers not the CIA behind it, but still.


  1. Jeff Costello January 4, 2017

    Envelope, or Ahn-velope. Ed Murrow spinning.

  2. BB Grace January 5, 2017


    MSM headlines right now is, “Chicago 4 torture a disabled white Trump supporter”.

    Now it could be due to the open censorship of the right on MSM as one must subscribe to sites or lose them, but this “news” is not on any “right” site, so as you see in scripted news vid you employed as an example is usually by corporations, which I can see as “fake”, but it’s not the same as me pointing out today’s headlines being FAKE, CIA fake news, as the viral video MSM is showing of the torture appears to be ad-lib scripted to evoke fear and appease hate. Sensational news is usually fake news, and we find many false flags, which is what this appears to be on headlines today.

    No one gets hurt in the news you suggest is fake news. People get killed over fake news and why it’s no joke.

  3. Nate Collins January 6, 2017

    The lady who innovated and said a childs smile instead of a childs happiness was the definite highlight, hope for humanity!!! Innovation is the number one stated enemy of the fundamentalists. Innovate people innovate!!!

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