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Once An Idiot…


  1. Rick Weddle January 20, 2017

    re: The ‘Go Figure’ department…
    Thanks, again, Dr. Z., this time for a stout shot of JimmyDore. Yep, America is busy settling back in the cushions, watching the lauded ‘peaceful transfer of power’ from Tweedle Dumb to Tweedle Dumber (again). Acting just as if weak-kneed ‘voting’ in this corrupted, unaccountable system is ‘democracy,’ and all the poison mess that follows will be the fault of President ________. Nobody (even us lofty Americans) will be getting away with such half-assed behavior, this time. There’s not that much slack in the Life Support systems any longer. Americans need to apologize to the Bio Sphere while we still can. For past ineptnesses and for this clean, well-lighted doom. Has anyone wondered out loud what happened to OUR power, here in the ranks and files? The only way it could slip away is if we let it… The last ones we’d want to delegate any power whatever to would be a professional ‘politician.’

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