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The Illusion on the Women’s March

The vacuous "leadership" of Madonna and Ashley Judd versus the ghost of Shirley Chisholm.


  1. BB Grace January 23, 2017

    Like I totally get it Dude. I approve of this message Dude. Man like Dude, you know? Cool Dude.

  2. Pat Kittle January 25, 2017

    The more I see of humanity the more I like dogs.

    • Harvey Reading January 27, 2017

      There are very few people–and no strangers–that I would be prepared to save in an emergency situation before saving my dog.

      • Pat Kittle January 28, 2017

        Dogs are nature’s way of making up for humans.

  3. Jim Updegraff January 27, 2017

    Only time will tell if the women’s march will become an effective opposition. The repeated use of the word “Dude” does confirm my thoughts about BBGrace.

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