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Immigrant Rights

[Apr 21]

Immigrant Rights & Protecting Undocumented Individuals

by Antoinette Gonzalez, California-licensed attorney

Friday, April 21st 5:30 pm

Know Your Rights! Join us for a presentation by local attorney, Antoinette Gonzalez, about immigration rights & how best to prepare & protect undocumented individuals. She will also share information about potential immigration remedies & about “What’s Next? - Proposed Immigration Relief.” This presentation will be in both English & Spanish.

Antoinette Gonzalez is a California licensed attorney & a solo practitioner that enjoys legal advocacy in immigration and nationality law. She is currently a Board Member of the Northern CA Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

For more information – please contact Melissa at the Ukiah Library: 467-6434 or

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  1. Pat Kittle April 2, 2017

    Does human over-population mean nothing to you?

    The redwood bio-region does NOT need endless millions more people pouring into it, even if they were all tree-huggers, which is rarely the case anyway.

    PLEASE, show some consideration & respect!

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