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People Are F*cking Boring


  1. Pat Kittle April 4, 2017

    Sorry, but non-stop outraged obscenities also get boring real fast — even for a fellow atheist such as myself.

    BTW, did George Carlin ever go after the Israel lobby?

    Or did he always stick to safe targets, like psycho televangelists & the nebulous “rich”?

    • Stephen Rosenthal April 4, 2017

      “Sorry, but non-stop outraged obscenities also get boring real fast — even for a fellow atheist such as myself.”

      So does your constant anti-Israel bashing.

      • Pat Kittle April 4, 2017

        Mister Rosenthal:

        I extend to you the same sincere offer I extend to anyone with your discomfort level:

        Show me anything I say that isn’t true, and I will apologize — sincerely.

        One caveat — self-pity doesn’t count, you have to be fact-based.

  2. LouisBedrock April 4, 2017

    I usually agree with good sister Pat Kittle; however, with George Carlin, I must dissent. He’s a genius. His blue words are like spice for his humor.

    Thank you for this, Zack.

    Pat, if we applied the Israel criteria to everyone, we’d have no one to talk to: AIPAC and other parts of the Zionist propaganda machine have done their job well.

  3. Pat Kittle April 4, 2017


    If we’re long-lost siblings, I’m your brother. You are not the only one online who assumes I’m a female, which I don’t lose any sleep over. But I am open to suggestions on how to sound more macho.

    Would more “blue words” help? I always leave the perforated caps on metaphorical spice bottles.

    Anyway, the Zionist propaganda machine is precisely what needs to be confronted.

    Over the last year or two the (((media))) made a huge deal out of an “antisemitic hate crime” epidemic. 100’s of bomb threats to Jewish Centers!! Toppled Jewish tombstones!! When, as is so often the case, the perps turned out to be a Black (!) & a Jew (!) the (((media))) quickly & predictably fell silent.

    These relentless “anti-semitic” hate crime hoaxes are in fact ANTI-GENTILE hate crimes — but they’re never prosecuted as such, and most people never learn who dunnit.

    This stuff is pure comic gold for any self-respecting comedian.

    • LouisBedrock April 4, 2017

      Brother Pat,

      Thanks for the correction–apologies for my presumption.
      Perhaps expanding Pat to Patrick–if Patrick is your full name, would help. I’e never liked Lou or Louie. However I occasionally receive junk mail addressed to Ms. Lois or Louise Bedrock.

      Zionist propaganda machine indeed needs to be confronted. The Palestines didn’t run Auschwitz and should not be punished for it. Move Israel to Bavaria. Banish AIPAC. Hang Alan Dershowitz.

      “Hate crime” is a foolish term–it presumes motive. “Vandalism” is more precise whether it involves defacing a mosque, synagogue, or Shrine of Athena; or a cemetery.

      Have always felt cemeteries are a waste of space. Use cadavers for medical research or burn them.

      • Pat Kittle April 4, 2017


        I don’t much care for my name, but I stick with Pat out of respect for a decision my parents made long ago — though if I have to be named after a Catholic saint I would prefer Frank — his attitude toward critters was about 180 from Patrick’s (as I understand such things).

        I agree about the term “hate crime” — for example, in Germany and many other “free” Western countries we could do hard time in the slammer for merely questioning the official version of the “Holocaust” — and there is PLENTY of evidence with which to question it. What other historical event enjoys such a nasty taboo against being questioned?

        I would not want to criminalize anyone for merely hating me or calling me names, based on anything I am or am perceived to be.

        Also agreed on cemetaries — but burning is very energy-consuming. For legal reasons I’ll probably end up burned myself, but I’d prefer to be buried naked in the redwoods — recycling at its best.

        Regards, Pat

  4. Harvey Reading April 4, 2017

    Well, one thing is for sure. You guys are certainly not boring …

  5. Rick Weddle April 4, 2017

    Over here, we think blue language acts as a kind of socio-sorting-filter arrangement. It screens out those who mistakenly confuse words with content, saving a little Bother. Some of the most boring-sounding, drone-speak characters can have a way of thinking your ass directly off, on zero notice. We don’t need ‘Well-Spoken’ or ‘Nice, Sanitized Language’ NEAR as much as we need a spritz of Truth now and then. I’ve heard children afflicted with cerebral palsy make noises you wouldn’t recognize as coherent language right away. Turns out, they can and do take full part in the mental geographies of Life, and they can bring it to your attention, to share, in such creative, astonishing ways that a full-spectrum, live fucking video camera with the whole set of mics and lights couldn’t catch it.

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