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Corporate Power

[May 20]

Move to Amend Mendocino is presenting a half day workshop on the Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers with David Cobb, who helped develop the timeline. Saturday, May 20, 9-1 at Willits Center for the Arts, 71 East Commercial St., Willits.

The timeline is a graphic presentation of the history of court cases which, over time, have granted corporations increasing "rights," enabling them to grow in power and influence to the point where the voice of We the People is overwhelmed by the voice of giant multinational corporations. Citizens United and more recent cases are the culmination of this continuing history, not the beginning of it!

Understanding this history and the timeline shows why a Constitutional Amendment is needed to Legalize Democracy. (See the timeline on the Move to Amend website at

This is a unique opportunity as this in-depth presentation of the timeline is rarely available. Although it is intuitively obvious to many that the outsize power of giant corporations is a huge problem for democracy, seeing the step by step development of corporate power gives a solid historical and factual grounding to that understanding.

Corporate power is not just a legal problem, it is an issue fundamental to our basic political structure and the United States Constitution. We hope you can join us for this important presentation! Free, with suggested donation of $20. Co-sponsored by WELL (Willits Economic LocaLization).

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