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Coming Soon To A Town Near You


  1. BB Grace April 18, 2017

    IMO Dr. Anderson, HRC won as neither side supported HRC in the election.

    • BB Grace April 18, 2017

      Update on the vid: Clip from Lauren Southern’s group that begins within the event circle, where everyone had been frisked and anything that could be used as a weapon confiscated before being allowed into the circle. The “organizers” were preparing to take the stage when a siren blasted and the police instructed the people in the circle to GET OUT the same time M-80s were being thrown into the circle. No one knew where to run. Everyone was afraid because they had been disarmed and saw the beatings going on outside the circle as antifa rushed in slamming defenseless people with bricks, putting plastic garbage bags over people’s heads, using skateboards to repeatedly beat others, using sticks to poke and hit people, spraying people in the face with all kinds of chemicals. Some claim the police ran and why they ran for cover and this vid you have is Southern’s group escape from the broken circle.

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