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Bird’s Eye View (April 19, 2017)

Here is the latest on AV’s “Big Eight Eateries.” Lauren’s Restaurant continues regular hours of lunch Thursday-Sunday, 11.30am-2.30pm; dinner Tuesday-Saturday, 5-9pm, closed Mondays, with the always special “Natalie’s Sunday Supper” the last Sunday of the month, April 30 4-8pm. Lizbby’s, the Boonville’s new Mexican Restaurant, is open every day except Tuesdays, serving breakfast (on Saturday and Sunday) and lunch from 10am-3pm and dinner from 5-8pm. The Buckhorn re-opened last Wednesday and has been packed every night since. They are open every day at 11am (10am at weekends), closed on Tuesdays. The Boonville Hotel continues with their family-style, prix fixe menu Friday-Sunday. The Q and Aquarelle, formerly Aquarelle Cafe, has also re-opened with a new “Santa Maria BBQ” menu added to previous favorites. Open 4-8pm from Friday-Taco Tuesday. The Redwood Drive-In just keeps on doing what they do, with reliable (6am-8pm every day!). Try the donuts! Stone and Embers has spring hours from Noon to 8pm Friday-Sunday and Noon to 4pm on Monday and Tuesday. Down in the Deep End, The Bewildered Pig is open Wednesday-Sunday, 5:30-9pm.

Quotes of the Week on Traveling: Richard Burton (1925-1984) the Welsh actor nominated seven times for an Academy Award (without ever winning): “Travelers, like poets, are mostly an angry race.” Paul Theroux (1941-?) American travel writer and novelist: “Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” Oscar Wilde (1854-1900): “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on one’s travels!”

Public Service Announcements. #542. For the month of April, the AV Health Center’s Diabetes Workshop is at the Senior Center on Tuesdays in Spanish 10am-Noon and Thursdays in English 1-3pm. To register please call 707-895-3477. #543. Historical theater, in the form of the Mendocino County Museum's Road Show, comes to the AV Grange in Philo this Friday, April 21 at 7:30pm. Step back in time and experience life in Mendocino County during the 19th century through story and song. This year's Museum Road Show tells the true stories of the Frolic shipwreck, and the birth of the lumber industry; schooners and stagecoach lines; the truth about the Mendocino Indian “Wars”; Grace Hudson, her paintings, and her love for the Pomo; and the scandalous and comical tale of the Cattle King of Round Valley and the Fraud Queen of Spiritualism! Advance tickets $18/Adults; $14/Seniors & Students. For more information visit #544. The Vets from the Mendocino Animal Hospital visit the AV Farm Supply on Highway 128, north of Philo tomorrow, Thursday April 20. Best to turn up around 3pm. New customers and their pets are welcome and previous visitors can call 462-8833 and the vets will bring your pet’s charts with them. #545. The 3rd Annual AV Goat Festival is Saturday April 22, 10am-4pm at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, in conjunction with the Wildflower Show. This fun and informative event focuses on “everything goat” — workshops on goat care, as well as cheese, yogurt & kefir making; a tour of Pennyroyal Goat Farm and Creamery; a best dressed goat parade; a berria cook-off (spicy goat stew); music by Joe Blow, and more! #546. The Boonville Farmers Market continues its Winter location and hours for a couple more weeks at The Boonville General Store, Saturdays 11am-1pm. They will move to the summer venue at the Hotel parking lot in May. For more info, call Cindy at 895-2949. #547. Need a burn permit? The Firehouse in Boonville issues them from 11am-3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 895-2020 for more info. #548. The Unity Club AV Lending Library is open Tuesdays 1.30-4.30pm and Saturdays 2-4pm at The Fairgrounds in Boonville. #549. The County Dump is open from 9am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Dump Executive Director, Mike Mannix, rewards good customers with a star but — no dead animals! #550. The Yorkville Master Shepherd reminds us that Kevin Owens Classic sheepdog trial is Saturday, April 29 up on Hulbert Ranch Road, opposite the Yorkville post office. The fascinating battle in a natural setting of pastures and hills features Man and Dog versus the Ornery Sheep. Opening bell at 10am.

Here is the menu for the Senior Center Community lunches and dinners next week at the Boonville Veterans Building. $6 donation from seniors for both lunches and dinners; $7 for Non-seniors for lunches and $8 for the dinners. Tomorrow, Thursday, April 20, the lunch, served by Marti Titus and her crew at Noon, will be Parmesan Cod followed by Strawberry Lemon bars. Next Tuesday, April 25, the 6pm evening meal features Sausage in “Vodka” sauce and the fixin’s with Chocolate Amaretto for dessert. All meals include vegetables, salad bar, and fruit, plus milk, coffee, tea, and lemonade. Best value for money you’ll get all week! Tuesday and Thursday 9-9.45am the Center offers “Young at Heart Exercise” with Linda Boudoures and Karen DeFalco. Tai Chi is Tuesdays at 11am. Thursdays at 11am-Noon is Kathy’s Easy-stretch Yoga class. Also Thursdays, the Active Life Club from 10am to 2pm features games, crafts, and music. The Senior Center/Community Bus goes to Ukiah on Mondays and Santa Rosa on the first Wednesday of the month. Sign up early at 489-1175. ALL ages are welcome at the Senior Center! Topics and Valley events at The Three-Dot Lounge: “Moans, Groans, Good Thoughts, and Rampant (yet surprisingly reliable) Rumors” from my favorite gathering place in the Valley.

…Along with a couple of other 3-Dot regulars, I made my first visit to the “new” Buckhorn last Friday evening. Business was brisk and apparently even more so later. The draft Guinness was excellent and from the reduced menu the spicy wings were at the high standard of the location’s previous “incarnation.” The new owners have made some small but positive changes and plan to introduce their full menu this week. Every community needs such a gathering place and many, many Valley folks are hoping for the success of this establishment.

…Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun. I wish whoever was in charge of this stuff would make their mind up and let’s all move on.

…This week’s 3-Dot discussion point. “Is Yorkville in AV?.” Well technically and traditionally “Yes.” However, geographically there are over ten miles and several significant hills/ravines/small valleys in between “the High Rollers and the rest of us.” It is clearly not physically in the same Valley as Boonville, Philo, and Navarro. So maybe it shouldn’t be part of the Valley. This may a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. I know of several Yorkville folks who believe that they are not included in the overall Valley’s mindset, some of whom are annoyed by that fact and yet some who are quite pleased about this situation.

…From our 3-Dot regular, The Old Buzzard, comes another in his insightful series. “Signs that the Apocalypse is Approaching.” Buzzard reports, “A couple of weeks ago, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, spoke at the Women in the World Summit in New York. These are tricky times for the biggest provider of abortions in America. Last month it had a narrow escape when the government pulled a health-care bill that would have stopped federal funding for family-planning clinics that provide abortions. Now pro-life lawmakers are looking for another opportunity to strip the organization of government cash. If, as expected, Donald Trump approves a bill restoring states’ right to block access to federal grants for family-planning centers that provide abortions, clinics may close. But the big push will be for a new bill that “defunds” Planned Parenthood nationally. Federal money that flows to clinics cannot be used specifically for abortions, which in any case make up only a small part of Planned Parenthood’s services. Preventing poor Americans from getting the rest of the organization’s family-planning services seems a bad way to fight abortion, but as the Apocalypse approaches in a world that seems to be teetering on the edge, perhaps we should not be surprised.”

Strange and disconcerting times, indeed, Buzzard. I’m outtahere. I’ve got see a man about a sheep. So, be careful out there; if you break a leg don’t come running to me; stay out of the ditches; be wary of strangers with more dogs than teeth; show love to your pets, they will be faithful and true, remember to keep your windows cracked if you leave them in your vehicle; think good thoughts; Keep the Faith; try to not let life get in the way of living; may your god go with you, and may your dog go with you too. A final request, “Let us prey.” Sometimes poking, often stroking, humbly yours, Turkey Vulture. Contact me through the Letters or at PS. Keep on humming, Hummingbird. Missing the Venerable Pheasant. On the sheep, Grace.

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