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May Day March

[May 1]

Join us in a march for workers, for the rights of women and the LGBT community, for a livable minimum wage and against racism and the unfair treatment of immigrants. We'll meet in Bainbridge Park (Laurel and Harrison Streets) at 3 P.M. on Monday, May 1, to hear Raul Guardoia of the Service Employees International Union. Then we'll march downtown with signs (yours or ours). When we return, musical entertainment and treats await. Sponsored by Occupy Mendocino and People Power Information: 937-0334

One Comment

  1. Pat Kittle April 30, 2017

    2 utterly absurdly contradictory demands that any SJW should be prepared to make, as self-righteously & arrogantly as possible:

    1) Less CO2!
    2) “Sanctuary” for all immigrants!*

    * (i.e., an open invitation to 7 billion people to move to the most notorious CO2-emitter in history)

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