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Rock Slide – Highway 101, North of Leggett


  1. Jim Armstrong April 28, 2017

    Didn’t Bedrock chide me for posting this here the day before?

    • LouisBedrock April 28, 2017

      Absolutely not, young Armstrong.
      I thought your video was amazing.
      If you want to sue Dr. Zack for posting it without giving you credit, I will serve as a witness–for a small cut.

      • Jim Armstrong April 28, 2017

        “…young Armstrong.”

        • LouisBedrock April 28, 2017

          I think we’re about the same age–in my case 72.
          But it sounds nice, doesn’t it?

          • Jim Armstrong April 28, 2017

            “But it sounds nice, doesn’t it?”
            I am 75, old enough to think it was not meant to.

            • LouisBedrock April 29, 2017

              I wrote it in jest with no intention to offend.
              If it has offended you, I regret it.
              I’m impressed with the video you and Zack have publicized.

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