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Wildlife Management

[May 20]

Woodlands Wildlife will be giving a free presentation on Humane Exclusion--how to get and keep wildlife out of our gardens, crawlspaces, attics, walls and homes in a humane way (i.e. without using poisons or traps). The program will be at the Mendocino Middle School library on Little Lake Road in Mendocino from 1-2:30 pm, Saturday May 20. This is a program for adults, and no live animals (except humans) will be present. FREE--we aren't selling anything, this is a true public service program.

Please forward this to your neighbors and friends.

Last spring a woman let her dog out in the yard at night to do it's business and the dog ran straight at a mama raccoon and her two youngsters who were busy looking for worms in the garden. A great argument followed and the woman ran out to try to rescue her dog. In the process she was bitten by either the raccoon or the dog, then there was a trip to the emergency room that involved stitches and rabies shots. We have many new residents in the area who are not familiar with appropriate interaction with their wild neighbors. This program will cover how to interact appropriately with them, how to avoid interacting with them, how to exclude them from our gardens and home spaces, and how to get them out of our walls, crawl spaces, attics, etc. All local species will be addressed--bats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, deer, mountain lions, weasels, mice, rats, etc. Trapping is not only cruel, it is illegal, and this time of year trapping will involve leaving a den or nest of babies to starve (noisily) to death.

To all of you who have an immediate problem--keep in mind that as the babies grow up, mothers will move them to a new, clean home. If you can just wait a few days or weeks, the problem may solve itself. Otherwise--this program is for you.

Ronnie James, Mendocino Coast,

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