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CANDIDATE for 5th District supervisor Jim Mastin and Mrs. Mastin pressed the flesh at the Lion's Club fund-raiser over the weekend, as did candidate for judge, Ann Moorman. Ms. Moorman was introduced around by local attorney Geraldine Rose.

DEARLY DEPARTED, now playing at the Philo Grange and directed by Rod Basehore, is a big hit. “Best one I've seen,” enthused Steve Sparks. “The whole cast is just wonderful,” Sparks said. “They get better every time out.” Catch its last two nights this Friday and Saturday at the Grange.

A CALLER ASKED, “This man is shooting his guns all over the place up here. Is it legal?” Up here was a reference to Bell Valley east of Boonville. “This man” is a reference to Cresco Man, a guy who comes up from the city about once a month to shoot up the hills. Cresco Man's the guy who stuck that eyesore container emblazoned with his company logo beside the Ukiah Road. County Planning and Building compelled him to remove it. He's not what anyone might call a welcome addition to the community. Cresco Man, probably inspired by the shoot 'em up Memorial Day graphics played by the draft dodgers dominant at Fox News, appeared over the holiday weekend to shoot up his property, much to the annoyance of his neighbors, not that he cares what his neighbors think. His trailer is less than a thousand feet from the road, and there are inhabited structures nearby. Whether or not he's playing out potentially lethal fantasies illegally close to other people is a matter for law enforcement to determine, which they probably have by now.

TOOK A QUICK look around Laughing Dog Book Store the other morning, and I'm here to tell you it's the real deal, a good selection of books in a very nice space complete with a pleasant and knowledgeable person behind the counter, Loretta Hauck. With the Boonville Lodge back in business before the end of the summer, the old Buckhorn Saloon undergoing a serious re-model in anticipation of a re-open, and the Ice Cream Pump soon revived, all we need now is a bank and a drug store.

COACHES RYAN JONES and Ben Anderson took an inexperienced Panther baseball team into the first-round small school playoffs against a very strong Ferndale nine. “They had us 2-0 after five innings, but.....” But then the roof fell in, and Ferndale romped to a 23-1 victory. Point Arena was next for Ferndale and came up on the short end of an 18-0 rout.

SONY HATCHER of Philo is a darned good painter whose work is on display from May 28th to July 8th at Scharffenberger Cellars. I remember one of her landscapes from a Boonville Fair and remember liking it. Sony's self-taught, too, which makes her all the better. A reception for the artist will be held this Friday the 28th 5:30-7:30pm.

MEADE WILLIAMS, Teen Center Coordinator, clarifies the Teen Center item from last week: “To date, no students have shown up at the Teen Center under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We do have a strict policy that if anyone ever did they would be uninvited. A more accurate account of the teen center’s position is written below. I can’t help but feel a bit frustrated at the quotation marks around words that inaccurately summarize a brief conversation because they only partially represent the situation and invite further misperception. The AV teen center is a drug and alcohol-free space. Open every Friday night from 6 to 10 pm, the Teen Center is always supervised by an adult. Teen Center Rules are posted by the door and were written together by teen and adult board members. There is a rule stating that any incident involving drugs or alcohol will result in being uninvited from the Teen Center gathering place, events and trips and the authorities being contacted. To date, this has never been an issue. The teens mostly play video games, pool, and in general have fun being together. Over the last year I have been repeatedly impressed by the quality of Anderson Valley Teens; the inclusiveness, respect, and brightness with which they interact with each other and the world is a reflection of their community. The Community Coalition presented the campaign “Just Say Hello,” and the Teen Center encourages adults in the community to reach out, say hello, and talk with teens. Please contact a parent/guardian or our local sheriffs if you are concerned that they may be involved in something negative. The Teen Center provides supervision for the Teen Center room and small back parking lot. Students sign in but are free to come and go and the Teen Center can not provide supervision for any student off the premises. Parents are encouraged to set additional rules with their student regarding leaving or staying on the premises and are always welcome to drop by. Community members are always welcome to contact the Teen Center coordinator with any concerns or to volunteer to host an educational or recreational activity. The AV Teen Center knows that it takes a village and appreciates all efforts towards keeping AV youth safe and inspired. The teen center will remain open over the summer and although I stepping down from the position of Teen Center coordinator the caliber of applicants for the position will undoubtedly raise the program to the next level and continue to serve the AV teen population.”

THE LONGHOUSE Coalition Presents Rainbow Beat on the Mountains. Two Free Concerts, Friday, June 5th & Saturday, June 6th, Navarro Store on Highway 128 in Navarro. Performers include renowned SF Blues artist Willie G. headlining the bill on June 5th and the Steven Bates Band and Friends headlining on June 6th from noon to 8pm. For information on Booths & Campsites Contact: 961-5493 or the Navarro Store at 895-9445.

A READER WRITES: In September 2008, I heard that Johnny Winter was headlining the SF Blues Festival on Sunday. I was thinking of going to see him there. Then, I looked at his tour schedule, and saw that on the Friday before, he was going to be playing at “The Navarro Amphitheatre” in Navarro, California. I had never heard of such a place. I called the Navarro General Store Friday about 4pm, and talked to a guy named Dave. He confirmed that Johnny Winter was indeed playing that night from 7-10pm, and I could get a ticket at the store. I Googled a map from Sonoma to Navarro, and got there in two hours. They had a killer BBQ dinner, and then saw The Johnny Winter Band get down for a few hours outside under the Redwoods in the coolest little amphitheatre, with only about a few hundred other lucky fans! I had a great time! Then in April of 2009, I was heading to Fort Bragg and my route took me through Navarro. My girl and I stopped, and I went into the Navarro General Store to get some munchies and some coldies, and Dave was working. I told him that I had been there last year to see Johnny, and I asked him if any other cool shows were coming up? Dig this, on Labor Day, 09-04-09, there was going to be a cool show! The Rick Derringer Band, The Edgar Winter Group, and The Johnny Winter Band. He said Johnny would come out and play some songs with Edgar and his band, and I'm sure Edgar would probably do the same when Johnny performs, and maybe Rick Derringer too, on rhythm guitar and occasional lead riffs, just like the good old days! I tell you, Dave Evans is “The Man.” Thanks Dave for the tickets! What a cool place to see some great outdoor shows! — Steve Covey, Napa.

A CALLER said he was delighted to have spotted a Bald Eagle in Potter Valley, the first one he'd seen after years of carefully noting the area's wild life.

ALAN GRAHAM, aka Captain Fathom, legendary Albion poacher, pot grower, writer, and anarchist, has pleaded guilty to stealing a truck and has been was sentenced to 180 days in the County Jail. The vehicle, we understand, was a rental. The Captain, we further understand, had persuaded an unwitting acquaintance to sign the papers for it as The Captain disappeared down Highway One, with barely a U-Haul for cover.

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