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Bird’s Eye View (June 21, 2017)

Please remember to keep the windows cracked if you leave pets in your vehicle. if you don't they will die a horrible death.

“Signs that the Apocalypse is Approaching.” The Old Buzzard reports, “So the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival has come and gone for its 12th consecutive year in the Valley. There are many Valley people who attend and enjoy the Festival, myself included in past years. I am aware that the stores selling ice, bottled water, quality coffee, etc, can be busy, as was Mosswood Market before the music started each day, and even Lemons” Market, several miles away in Philo. Furthermore, I am told there were very few negative incidents amongst the 6,000+ revelers and that the clean-up went well. However, Boonville’s eateries and places of libation would say it’s a myth that they benefit much financially from this event. When the Festival owners, Warren and Gretchen Smith, two very pleasant people, first came here back in 2006 seeking local support and met with local small business owners. I remember it vividly because I was there. They assured them that the event would be of great financial benefit. As it turns out, some are now of the opinion that the three-day music extravaganza actually has adverse financial affects on them (as did this year’s Beer Festival, although that is a different story entirely and the Valley as a whole benefits on many fronts from that event). The problem for such businesses is due not only to the Festival being virtually self-contained in terms of food and drink vendors, but also as a result of other out-of-towners, not here for the Festival, being unable to find parking outside the local dining establishments and therefore passing on through without a stop. Furthermore, many locals wish to avoid the crowds and they stayed away, foregoing their usual weekend meal in town. I certainly believe the event has a place here and it puts us “on the map” with many folks possibly re-visiting the Valley at other times as a result of discovering the Valley for the first time at this event. But let’s not pretend that everyone in the Valley has only positive feelings about it. While the Festival can hardly come under the title of the Apocalypse (and if the Apocalypse brings the same sights of young women with bare-midriffs, balancing hula-hoops on their gyrating hips that hypnotically circle around then I can’t wait for it), I would humbly suggest that the Festival organizers perhaps think twice before rejoicing publicly that there were “even more vendors here this year” as if this was a particularly positive thing for everyone. Perhaps a little more sensitivity might be shown by them rather than simply basking in a false notion that the “good vibe” is felt throughout the Valley, by one and all.”Public Service Announcements. #544. The Vets from the Mendocino Animal Hospital have no more visits to the Valley this month. They will be at the AV Farm Supply on Highway 128, north of Philo, twice next month. July 13 and 27. #545. This Saturday, June 24, its the Open Mic night at Lauren’s Restaurant in Boonville. Dinner served 5 to 9 before the Open mic starts at 9 pm. All are welcome. musicians, singers, poets, writers, impressionists, magicians, comedians, exotic dancers, animal callers, etc. No clowns. apparently they would scare any kids who might be there, and no mimes, please. they scare almost everyone else! 895-3869. #546. The Mendocino Bookmobile returns next Tuesday, June 27. Phone 463-4694 for confirmation. Alternate Tuesdays for 45 minutes at: Navarro Store 9am (for just 30 minutes before heading out to Comptche); the Floodgate 12.30pm; Philo 1.30pm; Boonville (Apple Hall) 2.30pm.. #547. The AV Museum is open every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4pm in The Little Red Schoolhouse next to the Elementary School on AV Way, a perfect place to visit when you have a couple of hours to spare on a weekend afternoon. “The Best Little Museum in the West.” #548. The Boonville Farmers Market continues each Saturday from 9.30am-Noon, at the Boonville Hotel parking lot. 895-2949. Here is the menu for the Community lunches and dinners next week in the Senior Center at the Veterans Building in Boonville. $6 donation from seniors for both lunches and dinners and $7 for Non-seniors for lunches and $8 for the dinners. Tomorrow, Thursday, June 22, the lunch, served by Marti Titus and her crew at Noon, will be Fish & Chips followed by Frozen Grasshopper dessert. Then, next Tuesday, June 27, the evening meal served at 6pm, will feature BBQ Ribs with Triple Chocolate for dessert. All meals include vegetables, salad bar, and fruit, plus milk, coffee, tea, and lemonade. Maybe the best value for money all week! There is a continuing Diabetes Workshop on Thursdays from 1-3pm. Hosted by the AV Health Center, to register please call 895-3477. Tuesday and Thursday from 9-9.45am is “Young at Heart Exercise” with Linda Boudoures and Karen DeFalco. Tai Chi is every Tuesday at 11am. Thursdays at 11am-Noon is Kathy’s Easy-stretch Yoga class and the Active Life Club from 10am to 2pm featuring games, crafts, and music. The Senior Center/Community Bus goes to Santa Rosa on the first Wednesday. Best to sign up early at 489-1175. ALL ages are welcome!“Evening Dining in the Valley.” Work continues on the building in the heart of Philo that was the home of Libby’s Restaurant for the past 16 years. A new restaurant is going in there but anymore than that remains a mystery.

“The Big Eight Eateries.” Lauren’s Restaurant sees Libby (of Libby’s Restaurant in Philo fame) as the Guest Chef on Monday evening from 5-9pm, regular hours remain Thursday-Sunday, 11.30am-2.30pm for lunch, and dinner on Tuesday-Saturday, 5-9pm. Lizbby’s, the Mexican Restaurant in downtown Boonville, can be enjoyed Monday to Saturday from 10am-9pm, serving breakfast on Saturday, closed on Sunday. The Buckhorn is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-Midnight, serving weekend brunch each day from 10am-3pm. Open weekdays at 11am and closed on Tuesdays. The Boonville Hotel continues with their family-style, prix fixe menu Thursday thru Monday evenings. For reservations call (707)-895-2210. The Q and Aquarelle has a new “Santa Maria BBQ” menu from 4-8pm from Friday thru Taco Tuesday. The Redwood Drive-In just keeps on doing what they do, with reliable hours, 6am-8pm every day! Stone and Embers in The Madrones is open from Noon to 8pm Friday-Sunday and Noon to 4pm on Monday and Tuesday. In the Deep End, The Bewildered Pig is open Thursday-Saturday, 4:30-5.30pm Happy Hour, Supper served from 5.30-9pm, and then on Sunday 11.30am-7pm.

I’m outta here. Gotta see a man about a sheep. So be careful out there; if you break a leg don’t come running to me; stay out of the ditches; be wary of strangers with more dogs than teeth; show love to your pets, they will be faithful and true to you. I repeat, please remember to keep your windows cracked if you leave them in your vehicle; think good thoughts; Keep the Faith; try to not let life get in the way of living; may your god go with you, and may your dog go with you too. A final request, “Let us prey.” Sometimes poking, often stroking, but almost always humbly yours, Turkey Vulture. Contact me through the Letters at Keep on humming, Hummingbird. Missing the Venerable Pheasant. On the sheep, Grace.

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  1. OlHighlander June 24, 2017

    6000 + people in Boonville and its not a financial benefit..
    This community has really gone to SHIT…. As I drove past the farmers market today,, which I use to have a booth and sell our produce from our farm, until we realized, not many “Locals”, came out to support… An empty farmers market…
    We have a paper thats run by a guy whose like a Mennonite Bill Maher, and a Turkey Vulture, who’s a little Rat on the Mountain.. Everybody judges, showing there ignorance. In this little village with no community…..TRUTH!!!!!

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