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A Deadly 9/11 Cover-Up

In our latest newsletter, hot off the press — What do the W.R. Grace Company, the Trade Towers, Libby Montana and asbestos have in common? Andrea Peacock weaves the fatal threads together in a brilliant investigation. The terrible bottom line:

“If asbestos-related diseases begin showing up in rescue workers and others exposed at Ground Zero in the next few years, there’s little doctors can do about it. There’s medication to ease the symptoms of asbestosis — in which scar tissue caused by asbestos fibers gradually suffocates victims — but no cure. Those with lung disease can forestall the inevitable decline by taking care of themselves: quit smoking, get plenty of exercise to keep their lung capacity as high as possible. It could take another 30 years for mesothelioma cases to manifest — an asbestos-related lung cancer that kills fast once it hits. The full legacy of that day, for which W.R. Grace now bears some responsibility, will be unfolding for decades. ”

Also in this powerful latest edition: After a mine disaster in western Siberia Russian workers rise up. Boris Kagarlitsky describes the social explosion. Jeffrey Blankfort reviews Quicksand, the book the Israel lobby doesn’t want you to read.

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  1. Cyberwoof June 18, 2010

    Unbelieveable. Cockburn talking about asbestos but he refused ever to talk about the OBVIOUS fact that 9/11 is a now-blatant inside job. This is just the tip of this horrific iceberg. Cockburn has lost credibility with me because he truly refuses to go there. He’s a coward that is standing by while a massive injustice is continuing and what emanates from the big lie. Paul Craig Roberts is someone I respect. I’ll read him.
    I remember the couple days after 9/11 asking an asbestos attorney if the air was really safe, and he shook his head. WHat the heck did all those asbestos lawyers say at that time? NOTHING. They stood by, like cowards.

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