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My Roller Derby Date

After Roller Derby in Eureka, after lots of sushi and sake in Arcata, after she drove home to Trinidad at 11pm I walked around the corner to the Arcata Hotel where I found a No Vacancy sign, oops, I had not really thought this out.

I sat in the car wondering if I was drunk or how drunk I was, I didn't feel very drunk, maybe sake isn't very strong or all that wasabi balanced it out? What to do? Where to go? I called the Roller Derby girl from Mendo Mayhem and she said they were all leaving the hotel in Eureka heading for the titty bar at the edge of town. She invited me to join but I told her I felt somewhat marooned in Arcata on account of the drinking.

"We have a taxi and a designated driver," she said.

I sat in my car pondering the options: I could drive North to one of the motels off Guintoli Lane or maybe try to find a friend who was up? I drove across town to David and Anne's house thinking I'm not sure what? A crash pad? A mat in the back yard? I was very prepared with sleeping foam and bag. The house was dark, I got out and walked the perimeter, it was now past 11:30pm.

I drove on to Eureka passing many motels, I didn't feel inebriated at all. When I got near the Tip Top club I thought, "Really?" I hesitated and missed the turn then doubled back, okay I did want to see what those derby girls were up to there. As I got out of the car four women bounced out of the club jabbering nonstop.

"Carmen?" I said. They were leaving because there was no alcohol served or maybe they were just ready to go on to the bigger after-party at the popular dive bar The Shanty. They were talking about the strippers' tits, their tits, and all the tits that got near them during their lap dances. One went off to pee in the bushes and a couple more were puffing on a pipe in the parking lot.

Carmen invited me on to The Shanty and I thought hmmm, maybe, but I had already had a fun time with the hot chick who had gone to Roller Derby with me and it was time to drive that sometimes long-seeming hour home. Since the antenna had come off in the car wash earlier I listened to Brazilian music and books on CD and was happy, though groggy and bed-heady, to wake up in my bed this morning.

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