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  1. Pat Kittle July 17, 2017

    Supposedly anti-gun “liberals” seem obsessed with disarming Whites.

    Epidemic Black gun violence seems to escape their notice, much less their obsession.

    Despite their long history of mocking & demonizing White gun owners, “liberals” know it’s one hell of a lot safer (& agenda-serving) to go after the Whites.

    • Harvey Reading July 17, 2017

      Huh? Your comment sounds like puredee racism to me. And, I’m a liberal…and ya know what else. I have plenty of guns and know damned well how to use them. I’ve about had a bellyful of wingnut attitude, too.

      • Pat Kittle July 18, 2017


        You surely realize what a typical liberal would think of you, knowing only that you are a White man (I’m assuming you are one) declaring that you “have plenty of guns and know damned well how to use them.”

        A typical liberal would think you’re a fascist racist redneck whacko wingnut compensating for your small penis. Stuff like that.
        Be that as it may, the word “racism” as it’s commonly used is just about useless.

        Is “racism”…
        1) Unique to Whites (“who have da powa”)?
        2) Or not?
        3) Hatred of, but meaning no harm to, other races?
        4) Dislike of, but not hatred of, other races?
        5) Merely wanting your own race to be safe?
        6) Merely wanting your own race to be safe, even if you’re White?
        7) Respecting & admiring positive qualities in other races, but prefering the company of your own?
        8) Even if you’re White?
        9) Believing there are very real differences among races, beyond what can be seen at a glance?
        10) Believing there is more than one race?
        11) Believing over-population is ecologically catastrophic, and opposing anything/anyone that makes it worse?
        12) Believing Black-on-White crime is truly epidemic — but cynically covered up by the media?
        13) Presenting massive evidence of that?
        — [ ]

        Harvey, these are real concerns. It may be tempting to simply condemn them all as “hate speech which should not protected as free speech” and try to get me censored or banned.

        As for me, I’m 100% with Chomsky on this:
        “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

        • BB Grace July 18, 2017

          You couldn’t pay me to be Harvey. That said, it’s obvious you didn’t read Dr. Anderson’s contribution Mr. Kittle, rather you took, as in stole or cheated, the opportunity to make a soap box about “what a typical liberal” thinks about White folks and guns.

          I’ve never met a typical liberal. Liberal is like Deplorable, or a “Box of Chocolates”.

          There was once an atypical liberal, an esteemed Democrat, Senator of West Virginia for many decades, Robert Byrd, who claimed his being in the KKK for two weeks was an albatross that hung around his neck being he was constantly having to defend the fact he joined the KKK when he was a teenager. People don’t care to know why or how, they just want a reason to condemn you he admitted.

          But his story was a good one, because he explains a long thread woven into the American white male who Senator Byrd and many Southerners know “white trash”, British prisoner’s were dumped in the USA with every intention to be worked to death and they were. Byrd claims when he was a young man he went to work at a shipyard and the workers got wind that the company was going to bring up black workers to lower everyone’s wages or be fired. The KKK attempted to come to the rescue and everyone in town went because no one wanted a pay cut or to lose their job. It took Byrd about two weeks to realize they were all being played by the corporation that was using racism because it made a good story, a good cover for destroying a happy community. Byrd’s research led him to run for office to fight crony racism.

          Crony capitalism and racism go hand in hand. The important thing, as Senator Byrd points out is to not become a victim. When the race card is played as we see it being played since Byrd passed because he would have called out Obama for being a racist, That ain’t no Black boy, he’s a Mulatto that don’t think too good of his Mama to be callin’ himself Black.

          The few posts of yours I’ve read I can tell you have an interest in conspiracy theory. I’m a big fan of conspiracy and not ashamed to say so. I’ll tell you a secret about conspiracy theory, if it makes you angry, it’s poison, a trap, time to do some homework and look through the “other” side of the window.

          Tell you something else, the vast majority of people really don’t care what each other’s races are because it’s irrelevant to getting one’s job done. Can you do the job? That’s what I want to know when I meet a person. Are you a producer, because I’m a producer and I like producers, it’s why I like Trump, he’s the real deal.

          There’s more to each of us than skin color and you know that, so why focus on something that makes you feel like a victim? I’d do a 180 if I were you and find things that make me feel good, strong, content because race isn’t a choice, attitude is.

          • Harvey Reading July 18, 2017

            “You couldn’t pay me to be Harvey.”

            Not to worry, BB, I’m not making you an offer, nor I doubt is anyone else. I’m glad I’m not you, too.

            • BB Grace July 18, 2017

              Mr. Kittle addressed his post to you Mr. Reading. I was assuring Mr. Kittle and you, I was not pretending to be you or answering for you and no one could pay be to act in your behalf.

              • Harvey Reading July 18, 2017

                I’ve been trying for a couple of hours to get a response to Mr. Kittle to post, but WordPress won’t post it. I have sent an email to the webmaster to try to find out why…

          • Harvey Reading July 18, 2017

            “Tell you something else, the vast majority of people really don’t care what each other’s races are because it’s irrelevant to getting one’s job done.”

            Agree totally. It is pure stupidity to be concerned at all about race.

          • Pat Kittle July 19, 2017

            ME? on a “soapbox”?? I raised many valid points — which you ignore. Instead you prattle on from your own soapbox about racist Whitey (“crony racism”).

            You say you don’t care about race, you just want to know if someone can “do the job” — which means you are opposed to affirmative action — which also means the average [sic] “person of color” would passionately call YOU a racist (for starters).

            BTW, what’s with your self-proclaimed producer-ness anyway? You think you’re one-upping me?

            As for your “secret” advice about conspiracies, thanks anyway. I apply the scientific method to conspiracy theories. For example, if we reject the official version of 9-11 we are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.”

            But who’s doing the dismissing? The official version of 9-11 is also a conspiracy theory! The official version would have us believe Muslim terrorists done it. But what if Jewish terrorists done it? The scientific evidence is overwhelming.

            “9-11 – ISRAEL DID IT”:
            — [ ]

            (You’ll likely ignore that too — it is a bit much for the timid.)

            • BB Grace July 19, 2017

              Your points were not valid or even related to Dr. Anderson’s article, but on their own important as poison being fed to us by the globalists, in that your points are not going to help you or anyone I know for that matter, develop a healthy racial perspective.

              My appreciation for races are based on my interest in cultures, which have more in common than not, for example, you will find all races within all religions. I am opposed to affirmative action because it is based on race, thus racist. The average person of color would agree with me and share the same concerns finding themselves even more censored in their opposition to affirmative action because TRUTH is the enemy to MSM and globalism which works to divide us by making issues where they really don’t exist, such as racism. It’s a big fearmongering tool not based in reality.

              I bring up productivity because it takes teamwork to produce and limiting human resource based on race (and politics) is futile.

              I reject the official 9/11 story and many conspiracies born out of the fact we never got the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 9/11 to me was an inside job by Neolibs and cons from both political parties with globalists from many countries.

              I’ve read numerous conspiracies about how Israel did 9/11 and while I have no doubt there were globalists of Israel involved, I don’t find enough evidence it was Israel. Israel has far more active political parties than we do. Israel has more extremists from left and right than any nation, and one reason it fascinates me. Israel under Netanyahu is not globalist, Rabin was.

              My own 9/11 theory is the WTC was a white elephant costing way too much to keep the lights on, wasn’t drawing renters or tourists, and for the sake of the New World Order, it needed to come down, but there was no legal way to demolish the WTC, which had to happen before the globalists passed all their “environmental laws” AKA UN Agenda 21 – 30.

              • Pat Kittle July 19, 2017

                BB Grace:

                If you aren’t hasbara you’re doing a passing impersonation of one.

                I’d like to stick around and help you deal with the bewildering non-sequitur that is your life. But I’m afraid that’s, as they say, beyond my pay grade.

                Sadly I must leave you now. You must find the strength to carry on without me.

                BTW, 9-11 – ISRAEL DID IT:
                — [ ]

                • BB Grace July 19, 2017

                  Mr. Kittle, have you checked out hasbara? Do you seriously see hasbara as a threat? How about the Girl Scouts?

                  Hasbara Fellowships – Homepage

                  “Hasbara Fellowships helped solidify my understanding of Israel’s history and values by providing me with unparalleled narratives and personal experiences.”.

                  Public diplomacy of Israel – Wikipedia
                  Public diplomacy in Israel refers to public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive … Lexicology[edit]. While hasbara literally means “explanation”, its exact import in its current usage is debated.

                  What advantage was 9/11 to Israel?

        • Harvey Reading July 18, 2017

          Naw, Pat, you are confusing liberals with pseudoliberals, yuppies who support the Clintons and Obama and the corrupt DNC. I’m a Working Class liberal, one who grew up during a time when the Democratic party actually did a little for working people. The putrid gathering of wealth to which it has regressed sickens me.

          Back to guns for a bit. I lived for 52 years in California, where I was born. In that whole time, no one ever even came close to trying to take my guns from me. Not once. I felt, and feel, no threat whatever in that regard, excepting the threat from gun nuts and their so-called militias. Also during that time I purchased, in a totally legal manner, a rifle, a shotgun, and handguns. I never had any interest in purchasing one of those piece-of-crap AR-15s, but I could have done so, with the full blessing of the law (I don’t like guns with a lot of junk, like grips, magazines, etc. projecting from them, just waiting to hang up on a branch or article of clothing, nor do I care for the wind-susceptibility of the tiny (roughly 0.22-in.) bullet they shoot. They are assault weapons, for close-up work, and for that I can do better with a double-action revolver, that won’t jam on me). Some of the guns I own have been with me since childhood, one has been around since before I was born.

          Since moving east, I have bought two more guns, both long guns, a Savage .17HMR and a Marlin .22 semiauto. The former is a pleasure to shoot. Plenty accurate out to 100+ yards, though, like the .223, extremely susceptible to wind. I mean, it’s just a necked-down .22 Magnum after all. When I bought it, the cartridges were pretty cheap (about $12 for a box of 50) and came in a plastic box that kept each cartridge separate from its mates, necessary because the plastic tip of the bullet is relatively fragile and can be damaged easily by jostling and jiggling in a box. The used boxes are wonderful for carrying .22LR cartridges, much better than the pasteboard boxes such are sold in, which simply disintegrate, and quickly, when carried around in a coat pocket. The .22LR was a replacement for my ancient Savage 6a., also a semiauto, probably the most accurate (out to about 60-75 yards) gun I have ever shot. The detent ball had popped out of the bolt handle a few years back. I found a replacement handle on the Internet but also noted that the available parts list was short. After installing the new handle, I retired the old gun, realizing that something else would probably be breaking soon. The Marlin is nice, and much shorter than the Savage, making it much easier to handle. And it shoots OK. I have little use for semiauto pistols, excepting totally short-range, easy-to-carry .380s, and my old Ruger Standard .22LR ($49.95 new in 1970). I feel safer with double-action revolvers, and I figure that if a person can’t hit a target shooting double action with fewer than six shots, then that person needs to find a new line of business. Don’t shoot much any more because nut cases buying all that can be produced have driven the costs out of site. Enough of that. To underscore my earlier statement, no one has ever tried to take my firearm away from me.

          I am very much admiring and enjoying the current self-destruction of both right wings of the wealth party. My only disappointment is that the party that actually has a platform with the potential to help working people continues its love affair with democraps and the yuppies.

          I’m all for free speech, including the right of neonazis and anyone else to speak their minds–and be responded to kind, but when a group, any group, crosses the line into physical violence against others, then they’d better be prepared to pay the price. The only exception would make to that is if open rebellion breaks out, but that’s a different issue To me, the biggest traitors in the country are Working Class Republicans. I’ve been around them all my life. They blather on and on with their support of right-wing policies that benefit only the wealthy, too stupid, yes, stupid, to see that by doing so they are cutting their own throats.

          As to racism, I have heard your specious arguments since childhood. They’re nothing but camouflage to dress up putrid racism in a respectable suit of clothing. I would suggest a history book that I read a few years back. It was used as a textbook in a Wyoming junior college. It is African Americans on the American Frontier, by Monroe Lee Burlington and Roger D. Hardway. Among other subjects, it depicts clearly how white settlers forced African Americans to live in specific parts of towns, barring them from living among the mighty whites. This unbridled racism, my friend, is why we have ghettos to this day, all the camouflage draped around the subject by wingnuts notwithstanding. Take a look at the Codes, Covenants, and Regulations for the upper-class neighborhood of El Dorado Hills, east of Folsom. As of 2001, they still contained language that prevented sales to non-whites. Though the sections have been illegal for decades, they remain on the books…

          • Pat Kittle July 19, 2017


            It sure takes a lot of guns to make you “feel safer”!

            As for my “putrid racism” — I asked honest relevant questions about “racism.” Like BB, you didn’t answer any of them, you just played your tired ol’ RaceCard. It’s so amusingly predictable — you people dredge up events from a century ago as if they are current events. But current events are actually about 180 from Robert Byrd’s childhood. Today, Whites (& others) are overwhelmingly the victims of rampant Black criminality of all kinds:

            The evidence (just at one website) is overwhelming:
            — [ ]
            (Some “privilege”!)

            You can say Evil Whitey deserves it, but at least be honest about it — Whites (non-Jewish Whites anyway) are hardly “privileged” and haven’t been since before the vast majority of people alive today were a twinkle in their parents’ eyes.

            • Harvey Reading July 19, 2017

              Nothing to do with feeling safer. That’s a conclusion entirely dreamed up by you. Good lord, you sound just like the man my mom’s sister married. He was a little nuttier, as he aged, but not by much. Fortunately, he’s long dead and buried now. And, the drivel you peddle sounds just like that of his son, with whom I have nothing to do.

              • Harvey Reading July 19, 2017

                By the way, Pat the “honest, relevant questions” you raise are about as valid as an expired credit card.

              • Pat Kittle July 19, 2017

                You say, “Nothing to do with feeling safer. That’s a conclusion entirely dreamed up by you.”

                Not so fast there, buckaroo:

                “…I feel safer with double-action revolvers…”

                Ring a bell??

                • Harvey Reading July 20, 2017

                  Jeezuz, you even “reason” just like that nut my mom’s sister married. I feel safer because, unlike some semiautos, the double action revolver (those with the firing pin in the hammer, specifically Smith&Wesson) won’t fire if dropped or jarred. Even if cocked, the trigger has to be held down until the firing pin hits the primer. That is pretty common knowledge. I know that’s a little deep for a guy like you, but deal with it.

  2. james marmon July 17, 2017

    Foreigner – Dirty White Boy

    “Hey, baby, if you’re feelin’ down
    I know what’s good for you all day, all day
    Are you worried what your friends’ll see?
    And will it ruin your reputation lovin’ me?

    ‘Cause I’m a dirty white boy
    Yeah, a dirty white boy
    A dirty white boy

    I don’t drive no big black car
    I don’t like no Hollywood movie stars
    You want me to be true to you
    I don’t give a damn what I do to you

    I’m just a dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy

    I’m a dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy, yeah
    Dirty white boy
    A dirty white boy

    I’ve been in trouble since I don’t know when
    I’m in trouble now and I know somehow I’ll find trouble again
    I’m a loner, but I’m never alone
    Every night I get one step closer to the danger zone

    ‘Cause I’m a dirty white boy
    Yeah, dirty white boy
    I’m a dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy

    C’mon c’mon boy
    White boy
    I’m a dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy

    I’m a dirty white boy
    Yeah I’m a dirty white boy
    Dirty white boy, yeah”

    Writer(s): Michael L. Jones, Louis A. Grammatico

    • Pat Kittle July 18, 2017

      “White boy” is every bit as much a racist slur as “nigger.”

      But so what, right? In the bizarro world of political correctness it’s only White people who can be freely slandered.

      And if that’s not ridiculous enough, we’re supposed to call that “White privilege”!

  3. BB Grace July 17, 2017

    I give credit to Pat Kittle for triggering my curiosity to read “Under siege by Liberals”, which Dr. Anderson’s title doesn’t reflect what I got from the story, “Yellow cake” will never mean the same to me again and for that alone worth the read. Thank you. I might have titled it, “Rural USA under siege”, because I see similarities in Mendo and rural USA, with Colorado and legalization of marijuana.

  4. Sue Sponte July 18, 2017

    Brings to mind the saga of Westport and Kenny Rogers.

    • BB Grace July 19, 2017

      Bingo. It would not surprise me to see Mr. Rogers become an internationally known political martyr very soon.

  5. Jim Updegraff July 20, 2017

    Harvey, it is a waste of time to argue with racists like Kittle. The country would be better off if no one owned a gun.

  6. Jim Updegraff July 20, 2017

    Guns are phallic symbolism for the male gun owners. They get it off shooting Bambi.

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