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Mendo Justice Failed Vargas

Judge Ronald Brown has put his stamp of approval on child rapists in Fort Bragg and beyond. He has sent a message to all victims of child rape to shut up and take it like a big boy/girl. The arrogance and ignorance of law enforcement is criminal itself.

To those of you who have stated that Judge Brown is a hanging judge, you are correct, and I apologize for doubting. You cannot receive justice from law enforcement. They are here for the pedophiles. They did not bother to check serial child rapist Darrell McNeill’s two computers for child porn. Great job Sgt. Van Patten, you deserve a gold medal for your work on behalf of pedophiles.

We must end the silence. We must protect children in any way possible. We thank you Aaron for protecting your Josie – so beautiful and precious. We stand with you Aaron. We miss your presence and you will always have us in love.

Linda Vargas
Aaron’s Grandmother


  1. Billie Lynch June 22, 2010


  2. Cheryl Schelle June 22, 2010

    I am so sorry for you and your family at this time and my thoughts and prayers are with you, but especially with Aaron. I have followed this story from across the country. I have heard many, many victims saying things like “I would have done the same thing!” But they speak from deep emotion and outrage. It is not a fact that they would do the same thing. Only Aaron did what Aaron did, and that makes him truly stand out among victims, thereby earning him the status of HERO.

    If the Fort Bragg police department had done their job, they could have prevented so much tragedy, pain, and suffering to so many in the community.

    It all could have been prevented. Well now thanks to Aaron, it has been.

    I am so sorry that he is being punished for that.

  3. Kathy Long June 22, 2010

    Mendo Justice? Haven’t seen it lately. Murderers of the innocent and pedophiles get a free pass in Fort Bragg, CA. Take out a child molester though or ask for justice for an innocent murder victim and they start to get pissed. Lesson learned? It ain’t what you do, it’s who ya know in Fort Bragg!

  4. Diane Mraz June 22, 2010

    Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow thanks for your honest heartfelt letter

  5. Shari June 22, 2010

    Short and sweet and direct to the point. Shame on you Judge Brown I have lost all faith in the legal system. Especially Mendocino County what a joke. Can’t wait for the reelection to send him packing. Judge Brown did allow the Justice system to fail Aaron and every other Child that has endured this horrible injustice. Rape is a crime! Who is protecting our children? Not the Justice System. We the people have no rights, they have been taken away. It’s really sad.

    • Charles U. Farley June 25, 2010

      I agree, rape is a crime…so is tax evasion, poaching, speeding and in the state of Missouri, buying yellow margarine. In America, however, we govern by the rule of law, one of which is do not murder people, under any circumstances. Aaron murdered someone. Yes, the events that supposedly (if true) happened in the past that brought him to this point are horrifying and tragic, please look up at the previous sentence where you don’t murder under any circumstance. I’m pretty sure either GP contaminated the drinking water or you mouth breathers over on the coast are now feeling the effects of Remco’s hexavalent chromium, because as a group, you are the stupidest bunch of yokels that I have ever had the missfortune of sharing air with. Please, the next time you cash your welfare check, run down to the Purity, grab a six pack and a carton, head to the beach and reflect upon your life and tally up all of the time that you have intentionally or un-intentionally committed a crime, or wronged someone. Unless you are able to say that you have never crossed that line, no matter how insignificant the crime is or was, you are (by virtue of your support for vigilante justice) next in line for a lead slug in the stomach. The problem with your emotional responses to sentencing is that you don’t provide any guidlines as to what crimes are punishable by a slow death in a trailer and which are subject to incarceration and trial by jury. I understand that the emotions involved with a case like this are an 11 on a scale of 5, however, the thoughtless ramblings against a fair ruling judge, a law enforcement officer responding to a murder, and the legal process in general have left me with the conclusion that I now have to avoid the mendocino coast for fear of a reduction in IQ points and the ability to utilize my nostrils for anything other than a place to park my index finger or a dime bag. That being said, I’m off to Missouri to mow down anyone at the Pick and Pay who even looks at a tub of Margarine….justified? In your minds it is…wish me luck.

  6. Eric esko jalonen June 23, 2010

    Bravo to Aaron and his family for making this such a international Outrage. I live in Parry sound , Ontario. Canada and was sexually abused as a kid for 5 yr by a teacher. He was eventually charged after many reports slid under the rug. In 1978 he got11 months for pleading guilty to abusing 6 boys.
    In Jan 2010 he got 2 yrs in jail for pleadn again, this time to 10 boys, after I started a lawsuit and was in the press.
    So yes justice in Canada is the same in the states. That being there is no justice.
    My thots and prayerS are w you Aaron.

    Eric esko jalonen

    • Kenneth Bull December 5, 2012

      Why are you harassing good people with law suits?

    • Tom July 17, 2019

      Kenneth Walter Bull, OCT
      Registration Number: 287506 /  Issued: Mar 24, 1980 / Status Suspended – Interim
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  7. Lee Como June 24, 2010

    I am so outraged about Aaron that I can hardly sleep at night. First of all Ronald Brown sentenced a 11 year old child to to 9 years and to San Quentin prison. Aaron was actually killed by Darrell McNeill, His his emotional development was arrested. Any professional psychologist would agree that Aaron’s emotional age would still be in the teens at most. Had he been a 32 year old normal adult he would have waited for Darrell to attempt to rape him or his daughter and killed him in the act (no crime). His act demontrated his immaturity probably along with a desire to go to prison to “atone” for his juvenile “guilt”. I feel like my little brother is in San Quentin.

    It is my opinion that Darrell McNeill had cover with the FBPD and that is the reason he told all the victims the police could not or would not help them. Darrell was right. For Darrell to destroy the lives of 12 young sons of Fort Bragg with such impunity there has to be a larger story. There had to be other “fishing buddies”, “big brothers”, “scout leaders” and most likely they would be in Darrell’s church, social organizations and, God forbid, in law enforcement and criminal justice. With 12 victims there should be a Federal civil rights investigation and at the least charges brought against the police department for criminal negligence.

    Judge Brown said he wanted to send a message and he did by sending an emotional juvenile to San Quentin. Lets send a message to the Judge Brown and the incredibly corrupt justice system, that we stand with the 12 wonderful young boys of Fort Bragg that were raped, dehumanized and virtually destroyed UNDER THEIR “PROTECTION” AND “SERVICE”.

    The prophet Habakkuk saw our day and spoke of this perversion of justice.

    “Therefore the law is powerless,
    And justice never goes forth.
    For the wicked surround the righteous;
    Therefore perverse judgment proceeds.”

    I will never forget Aaron Vargas or his family.

  8. For real? June 24, 2010

    I agree that Aaron was wronged by a very vile man, and in the end Darrell McNeil got what he deserved, HOWEVER…… cannot go around killing people when you feel like it. It is wrong and there are consequences to suffer for an action such as murder. Everyone needs to realize that Sgt Van Patten was called to investigate a murder, not a molestation. I find the comment totally absurd that law enforcement/Sgt Van Patten in particular, in any way works to protect pedophiles…….focus your anger in the right direction………..

  9. get a clue June 25, 2010

    @For real – Sgt Van Patten actually defended the pedophile by stating that the sexual abuse was consensual. It is not his job to investigate molestation also? Would the police not want to try and find other victims? The Sheriff’s Dept said they were seeking out other victims but they really weren’t. Some victims contacted them after McNeill’s death but they say they never heard from any victims. McNeill’s computer could have led them to other victims and to other people who were involved with McNeill abusing children. Mendo County law enforcement protected McNeill for decades. They never even questioned him after reports were made, not even after pornographic photos of his victims who found in his home and were brought to the police. If your child or grandchild was sexually abused because law enforcement did not so much as question the abuser when reported, you’d be angry at the system too. Our society, in general, protects pedophiles. It isn’t “going around killing people” when you defend yourself and your child from a terrorists who law enforcement did nothing about for decades.

  10. Spencer June 25, 2010

    While I empathize with the emotion behind Ms. Vargas’ letter, I simply cannot understand the point she is trying to make. I don’t think it’s fair to personally attack Sgt Van Patten (who works for MCSO, not FBPD – the entity responsible for investigating and alleged molestation, had it even been reported by Vargas). Van Patten’s job was to investigate the crime committed by Aaron Vargas – not the alleged crime(s) of Darrell McNeill. What good would it have done to search a dead man’s computer for kiddy porn? No charges can be brought against a dead man. It seems to me that the majority of citizens do believe Vargas had been molested by McNeill (myself included), but does that give Vargas the right to take the law into his own hands? Legally speaking, NO. I can understand wanting to give McNeill everything he deserved (gunshot to the gut, dying slowly and painfully as his own wife looked on helplessly), but Vargas should accept the fact that once you decide to take the law into your own hands, you got what’s coming to you, and 9 years isn’t bad. (Face it; he’ll only serve 5) Believing Sgt Van Patten and Judge Brown are in favor in pedophiles is just ludicrous!

  11. Lee Como June 25, 2010

    I am gratified at the harpers wailing about “It’s the law, you just can’t do that!” and the from the NAMBLA underground with a fierce agenda defending child rape, sadistic abuse and murdering the souls of the innocents ones. Reminds me of the dueling banjos of the movie “Deliverance”. At least we have made them uncomfortable and their “way of life” somewhat threatened. So just for those with their obsequious pandering I will offer this.

    The murderous assault on the bodies and minds of these children by Darrell McNeill is no different than the Van Patten’s and the Ronald Brown’s use of the “bar of justice” as a foreign object to continue the assault on Aaron Vargas and for similar motivations. Sociopathic individuals universally seek employment where they have a position of legal and civil authority over their victims even down to the BTK killer in Kansas who was a city yard policemen.

    I offer the former case from my home state of Missouri to illustrate for those interested enough to read it. This is not unlike the Fort Bragg situation and the corrupted police and justice system. Skidmore still lives under the stigma of the “vigilante justice” and “you can’t take the law into your own hands” bleatings by the ” we govern by the rule of law, one of which is do not murder people, under any circumstances” legal beagles. The parallels are compelling.

    Notice that Van Patten, the DA and Judge Brown all have equally impotent counterparts in the Skidmore story. Don’t you think Darrell matches well with Ken Rex McElroy. Skidmore has come to Fort Bragg.

  12. kay fogleman October 20, 2010

    This is for Linda,Aaron’s grandmother. God bless you and your whole family.To say the sentence of 9 years was unfair,is a understatement ! I want you to know that I write Aaron and receive letters from him.My heart and prayers are always with him. I hope you don’t mind but I told Aaron to think of me as his grandma.

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