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Green Meeting, Ukiah

[Sep 17]

We, Greens, meet every 3rd Sunday rotating between Ukiah, Willits, the Coast and Boonville. Our next meeting will be Sunday, September 17th, 2-5pm at Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah, right where Occupy used to meet.  It’s free to attend no matter where you are from or going.  Based on real ethical values, Greens are in 156 countries around the world including the USA. The California Greens are active in 35 counties and we just started again in Mendocino. We have a great opportunity to unite with many ideologies to be a voice for non-voters, independents, Peace and Freedom, protest voters, Earth First!ers and Native Peoples and Peace activists. We need a 3rd party voice where you can participate without stigma or judgment.  Join us Sunday September 17th 2pm at Alex Thomas Plaza!

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