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  1. Rick Weddle September 4, 2017

    Notice how groups of People in the neighborhoods, on the ground, act IN CONCERT to help each other, FOR each other, and function amazingly well, being their own First of the First Responders. It’s great when the officials finally show up, if they are indeed prepared to help. The World’s – and History’s – Most Expensive, Most Powerful, Most Bloody, Most Educated Empire So Far, has so far shown no noticeable leadership in the preparedness, nor evacuation, nor even information relating to Severe Weather and High Water Events,…in the very throat of what’s been Severe Weather and High Water CENTRAL, for centuries. Like when Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, the first kitchens and clinics on the scene, functioning with all four feet, were Rainbow gathering folk, in the Delta, and Missisippi, and a couple ‘nother places. Live, before the foto-ops.

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