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Letters (Sep. 6, 2017)

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As cannabis stumbles toward legalization in California, it seems like almost everyone's grown ganja this year. New plants appeared where there once were none, greenhouses mushroomed, and many older patches seemed to double or triple in size. For now, water trucks continue making their daily pilgrimages, and ramshackle fences strain to shield our eyes from the glorious green bounty, but as harvest time rolls in all indicators point to an unprecedented surplus of Cali-ka-zowie this year.

It seems inevitable the price will be dropping, the question is how low. There may be strong incentive for sellers to get to market early this year, to try and beat the rush. Fast reliable trimmers could find themselves at a premium, and may demand better rates. After the glut sinks in, frustrated sellers may find themselves taking bigger risks, such as out-of-state commerce.

It's going to be an interesting fall.

Mike Kalantarian, Navarro

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Dearest Editor,

A situation has come up here in Covelo that just irks the hell outta me.

For a while my family’s life had been smooth-sailing. But all that has been put in a choke-hold, so to speak.

The reason for this is that Eugene Allen Lincoln Jr. (aka Bear) got busted in Little Valley with 8,886 marijuana plants! Bear and my sister Sonya are going to court in Ukiah to answer for those mass amounts of marijuana gardens.

One of the stipulations of Bear’s court dealings involves a ban on smoking weed. This “no smoking weed” clause not only affected him, but in the process the family has to put up with his “loss.” (Like it’s our bleeping fault!)

Dealing with his trying times, Bear has moved into our late mother Lucille’s house, which, upon arriving, he self-righteously claimed as his own.

Through Bear Lincoln’s “reign” over my mom’s house, he won’t allow my sister Tina over to our mom’s house. He banned my niece Deborah from ever going over there again.

And Deb told me that bastard Bear Lincoln doesn’t want me over there either! WTF?

The only time I go over there is to do a little laundry. This psychopath must stay up late at night just thinking of ways to screw over anyone who tries to make life better for themselves!

And get this chickenshit move from Eugene Allen Lincoln Jr.: since his forced abstinance from his addictions, his paranoid and delusional mind is bent on trying to upset my living conditions where I have happily spent the past seven years of my life.

Bear does not have the pull. Bear does not have the power. Bear does not have the authority. Also Bear does not have the right.

So he is just wasting his precious time trying to screw up whatever he thinks I have going for me.

He is a drowning man grasping for straws.

If and when Bear gets out of the pen he will have to deal with any recrimination brought up by his “I am the landlord and your rent is overdue” mentality.

I was wondering just how long it was going to take for Bear to return to his usual shit-faced attitude.

Lately he is driving a dark ash-gray PT Cruiser. Even a first grader can figure that one out!

Just because he has abstained from smoking the stuff, in no way does it mean he has to abstain from “reaping the rewards of the harvest.”

I truly sympathize with Brian Gregory [Bear’s defense attorney]. This good looking man is giving it his best. What more could you ask for? Bear Lincoln screwed up his own life with his insatiable greed. (I guess he didn’t know that greed was one of the seven deadly sins.)

Now with his “woe is me” mentality, his goal is set on singling certain people out and screwing them over! When Bear gets his paws and beady eyes on this letter I’ll be no doubt on the top of his hit list. We’ll see,

As such,

Eric Lincoln, Covelo.

PS. Bear Lincoln ruffled up the wrong tailfeathers this time. So be it.

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TO: City of Ukiah, Mayor Brown & Council Members

300 Seminary Avenue, Ukiah Ca. 95482

On 8-30-2017 I made a verbal request to see public records at the City of Ukiah main office, I was given a form "Public Records Information Request." I informed the staff person that the request was not allowed or legal under the California Public Records Act. She stated that I must complete the form to be able to see the Records that she had. (She was polite but firm.) I completed the form under protest and viewed the file, paid for the copies I needed and went on my way. The City of Ukiah has an illegal policy and practice in place, requiring  written request for Public Records. The Act plainly does not require a written request. This should be made very clear at the front desk. I would hope the City Council would discontinue this illegal practice  forthwith, by taking action at the next City Council meeting.

Lee Howard


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Dear Editor:

As I have commented previously it seems every few days there are new research reports on climate change and it is not possible to discuss all of them. One issue that has come up is what role, if any, does climate change have an affect on Hurricane Harvey. One of your readers, Bill Pilgrim, cites two articles in the Guardian regarding this question. One by Michael Mann "It's a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly" and one by George Monbiot "Why are the crucial questions about Hurricane Harvey not being asked?". Both articles make a strong case that climate change did affect the severity of Hurricane Harvey. No doubt President Trump and his supporters will continue to keep their heads stuck in the sand and continue to deny the reality of climate change. I would comment that the Guardian is by far the most informative news agency about  climate change. NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York scientists reported July 2017 was statistically tied with July 2016 as the warmest July in the 137 years of modern record keeping. Last month was 0.83 degrees Celsius warmer than the mean July temperature of the 1951-1980 period. Only July 2016 showed a similarly High temperature. All previous months of July were more than a tenth of a degree cooler. The monthly analysis by GISS is assembled from data acquired by 6,300 meteorological stations around the world. The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) has released its Global Climate Report for July 2017 which uses gridded maps to reflect temperature anomalies and percentiles which represents a merger of land and oceans. The average global land and ocean surface temperatures for July 2017 was the second highest at 0.83C (1.49 F) above the 20th century average of 15.8C (60.4 F). The most notable warmer than average included but was not limited to the western contiguous U.S., southern South America, Middle East Mongolia, China and Australia. Also discussed were the warmest oceans and sea. Then there was a very detailed discussion of various affected areas. which would require a full page to discuss. My next climate change letter will center on what is happening in the Antarctic ice shelf and why these events should be of serious concern.

In peace and love,

Jim Updegraff


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I've never understood why "Buses Only" has to be in Spanish for the little darlings but now. I do.....

Even the "teachers" & "administrators" have a difficult time with "clases" (sic)"

Your tax dollars at work?

Best regards,

Chan Lee

Horticultural Consultant to the Stars


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