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Visiting Friends In New York & Philadelphia

Later this week I’m flying to Philadelphia to visit friends that just moved there from Brittany, in France.  Then I’ll be driving up to New York with another friend from Philly to spend the weekend with a bunch of gals I went to Fordham with.  We all turn(ed) 50 this year and we’re gathering to celebrate.

Philly — My friend from France is actually an American who has lived in Europe for many years.  Her (French) husband recently got a job in Philadelphia and they moved this past summer.  I’m excited to see them and their two girls.  It’s a short visit but it will be good to see their new home and catch up in person.  We’re email pen pals, so we do try to write at least once a week.  So far she sounds like she’s enjoying being here – though the bread and the wine aren’t the same!

New York — In the late 1980s I spent one semester at Fordham, in the Bronx.  I made some great friends there.  We lived in a dorm called Martyr’s Court; we were six to a suite.  Three bedrooms with a shared bathroom and living room.  Three of my suite-mates are from Rochester, one from New Jersey and one from Long Island.  One of the women from Rochester lives in France and can’t join us, but the rest are still on the East Coast and will be there, plus another woman who was herself away while I was there.

I’m not sure what all we will be doing besides catching up, drinking wine and eating; we are tossing around a few ideas so we’ll see – and I’ll report back when I return.  I’m excited to see everyone – I last saw them just over a year ago – and excited to find out what they have been up to.  Most have grown children now, some are empty-nesters.  Some of us don’t have children (I was “having” our vineyard when my friends were having kids).  It’s the weekend of the New York marathon, and at least one of us is cheering on some of the runners; we’ve talked about doing the 911 walk and going to Sleepy Hollow for the Jack O’Lantern Blaze.

It’s a short trip and I’ll be home Monday afternoon, hopefully in time to enjoy some of the rain we are expecting.

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