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Threads Of Life

I remember sticking my hand in the plaster of Paris, and my teacher sticking a pencil through the top. It was a gift for Mama, from me, by me; some­thing to cherish the rest of her life. Many of my works of art express one moment in my life; a unique subjec­tive snapshot. “Threads of Life” presented by Molly Johnson, will show us how to express such moments through quilting. The AV Unity Club will host Molly Johnson and some of her quilters at our regular meeting on Thursday, November 5, at 1:30, in the Dining Room, at the Fairgrounds, Boonville. Our hostesses, Susan Hopkins, Alice Bonner, and Miriam Martinez will provide yummy pumpkin desserts, with coffee and tea.

VOTE on Tuesday, November 3, at the Fair­grounds in Boonville. Many of us, who formerly voted with an Absentee Ballot, now will be voting at the Fairgrounds. Check your Sample Ballot for your pre­sent Polling Place, as many have been changed.

The Community Library is OPEN and accepting book donations. The hours are still Tuesday 1:30 to 4:30 and Saturday 2 to 4. Come in and browse the shelves, and maybe pick up some gems from the sale table. There will be a Library Booth at the upcoming Holiday Bazaar, featuring some outstanding hard bound books, children's books, and sets.

This year's Unity Club Holiday Bazaar will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2009 in the Apple Hall, at the Fairgrounds, from 10 to 4. Many crafts, jewelry, baked goods and Holiday presents will be available at reasonable prices. Santa Claus will be there for photo­graphs with the children. As always, the greatest Raf­fle in the Valley will be held, awarding many lucky people with gifts from our local merchants. So, mark your calendar, and come to Boonville on November 3rd to VOTE, November 5th for the Unity Club meeting, and December 5th for the Holiday Bazaar.

— Miriam Martinez

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