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Keevan Labowitz from Kenya

I found a note in the faculty room at AVHS and think it deserves a broader audience. These are excerpts not the entire text. “What’s up music lovers!? So I am currently living in Kenya trying to help out a new organization that I started. I mainly work in Manyatta, the largest slum in Kisumu. It is home to over one hundred thousand people. The poverty is maddening. I have organized a small group and our organization is going to be called Manyatta Youth Resource Center. Pretty solid but there are plenty of challenges that await our future, mainly money. One thing I did to get some kids together was I gave a hip-hop class, which eventually expanded into a reggae session as well. I talked to them about how hip-hop can become the voice for the voiceless and that it doesn’t have to focus on violence. I work mainly with aspiring musicians. I am trying to fund raise to buy a sound system that my musicians can use to perform. Owning this system will be a huge income generator, because they can make up to $50 a day putting on events for people. I am trying to get two speakers, an amplifier, 3 microphones, and a power generator. My target is $1400. I guarantee you that this system will change their lives.” For more information e-mail Keevan at You can also send a donation to P.O. Box 191 Yorkville, CA 95494.

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  1. student* March 12, 2012

    hehe Keevan is my teacher! We <3 Kenya:)

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