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Where Are They Now?

Wendy Emal gave me a map she had hung in the high school library in 1999 with arrows pointing to the places different students were headed. If anyone out there knows where these students are now please con­tact me at or call 895-2146. At the time W.T. Johnson was headed to Lassen Community College, Sarah Olson to Chico State, Adolfo Espinoza, Justin Allen, Eduardo Carrillo, and Jeremiah Hatcher to Santa Rosa JC, Cameron McFadden to CSU Mon­terey Bay, Michael to UC Davis, Victoria Gowan to CSU Northridge, Jim Pugh to Caltech, Ryan Aday to Woodbury College, Ada Fernandez to CSU Domin­guez Hills, Nick Birch, Kristy Charles, Heidi Mize & Josh Mize to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Manual Men­doza and Henry Logan to Mendocino College, Fernando Espinoza and Liz Jimenez to Sonoma State. Caleb Andersen, Frankie Avila, Alberto Barragan, Ben Coakley, Sandra Guerrero, Juan Malfavon, Nick Martinez, Courtney Rodriquez, Lily Sparks, Victor Rossi and Victor Ruiz were headed to the world of work. Yadira Mendoza was headed to Guadalajara Mexico and we know that she was just appointed to the School Board.

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