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Sheriff’s Log

8/13 7:59pm A Philo family dispute required the media­tion services of law enforcement.

8/16 9:42am An unidentified 46-year old man piloting a white 2001 Dodge Van was arrested, cited and released for driving on a suspended license.

8/16 12:58pm A verbal dispute between a landlord and some tenants caused neighbors to think a fight was about to break out.

8/16 3:01pm Marijuana was found growing near mile­marker 7 off Highway 128 northwest of Navarro.

8/17 8:13pm Deputies stopped a pedestrian on Highway 128 in Philo for a little chat.

8/18 4:36pm A Philo resident spotted a trespasser at the Jim Ball winery in Philo.

8/19 9:32am A Boonville resident complained his medi­cal marijuana had been stolen. (Maybe the thief was in more pain. Ever think of that? Huh?)

8/19 6:36pm A passerby called from the Yorkville Mar­ket to say she thought another transient possessed a sus­piciously large amount of, medicine.

8/22 6:24pm A Boonville resident reported that his blue 1997 Volvo had been stolen, perhaps by a nostalgic hip­pie, from where he'd parked

it at the AV Market.

8/22 9:11pm A Navarro resident complained that another customer in the area of the Navarro Store was making too much noise.

8/23 12:56am Lance Konrad Fabian, 22, of Comptche, was booked into the Mendocino County Jail for driving under the influence of alcohol.


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