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Ecstatic Dance

[Mar 11]

Ecstatic Dance Mendo offers a 3.5 hour embodied movement journey one Sunday per month in Willits. The event gives the community an opportunity to gather and experience the healing powers of Dance. Beginning with “Movement Resonance,” a contact improv class from 10-11am with Basin Herbertson and Leece HIllegas, and from 11-1:30, Ecstatic Dance with DJ Dragonfly! From 1:30-1:45 we will close with a Sound healing from Audrya Chancellor and Sara Bassindale. Before it was called "Ecstatic Dance" there was Dragonfly. His mixes are constantly taking us to the ecstatic edge of now on a magic carpet ride across the world of sound. All genres, tempos and cultures weave with deep bass, gossamer groove and beckoning beats for an inexplicable, soul-crafting session on the dance floor. Breathe deeply, go deep, dance hard. It will take place at the Willits Center for the Arts, 71 East Commercial St., Willits, Ca., 95490, March 11, 2018. Families Welcome. $15. Sponsored by MEC.

Facebook: Ecstatic Dance Mendo


Phone: (707) 972-1601

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